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The Adopted


Jinxx P.O.V.

After Sammi and I signed all the papers and planned to pick Hannah up tomorrow morning, we went to meet the guys for dinner. It was just the guys because all the other girls had previous plans. As we were waiting in the parking lot for them, Sammi attacked me in a hug.
"Oh my god Jer! We're going to be parents!" She squealed. I laughed and spun her around.
"I know, but it's going to be hard work raising a deaf child." I said, setting her down.
"Yeah, I know, but she's 15. She's been doing this all her life. We'll be the ones learning new things." She smiled. I couldn't help but smile and kiss her.
"Oh come on guys, keep this G rated." I heard Ashley's voice call out.
"Whatever, Mr. Forever-Alone!" I yelled back. He scoffed as all 4 of the guys reached us.
"Yeah. Yeah. I still get laid more than you." He challenged, walking away.
"Says you." I muttered as we all walked into the restaraunt. We were all seated and began talking after ordering.
"So we adopted a girl today!" I announced happily.
"Cool, is she invisible too?" CC asked.
"No, but she is deaf." Sammi countered. The guys all looked pretty shocked.
"Woah, deaf? You can't be serious?" Ash said. I nodded.
"Yeah. She's 15 and has a pitbull service dog named, Riley. A couple was there when we were and they made a huge scene over the dog. We felt bad for her and decided to talk to her. She's really nice and all and even loves the band-" I explained before Jake cut me off.
"Woah, She's deaf, but listens to music? How?" He quizzed.
"She explained it to us, since she talks too. She can feel the beat through vibrations and can understand you by reading your lips, but if you don't get her attention, she won't know your there and won't respond." Sammi explained. They all took a moment to think about what we just told them.
"Well I for one can't wait to meet...." CC faded off.
"Hannah. Hannah Feguson." I grinned.
"Well I can't wait to meet Hannah." He cheered. Everyone agreed and decided to bring them and there girls over to our house after lunch to meet her.

Hannah P.O.V.
I gave Riley her bone as I took one last look at my clock. 9:10. Right on time. I grabbed my guitar case and snuck out my window to go to band practice. No one knew I did this except the producer and my bandmates, tours were especially hard since every time we went out on the road, I essentially had to run away from the orphanage. Now, don't get me wrong, my band is not a 'teenage garage band'. We are a fully signed metal band. We are actually really popular in the rock community. We know almost everyband out there except Black Veil Brides and Metallica. I've even met Nikki Sixx! I smiled at the memory as I walked to the studio.
As soon as I opened the door, I was engulfed in a gigantic hug by my girlfriend, Storm. Storm and I have been dating for almost 3 years and she's my everything. Plus, we've done it all, been on tour together, since she's our manager, gotten strange looks from homophobes, beaten up homophobes, she even learned sign language so now she talks with her words and her hands ALL the time. So yeah we've done a lot.
"Guess what?" I said excitedly.
"What?" Her lips read, and she signed to me.
"I got adopted!" I said. She did a wierd dance and kissed me.
"By who?" She asked when we pulled away.
"I'll take you to meet them in a day or two, but I don't want to tell them we're dating yet. I want to drop the whole 'homosexual' bomb when I get there opinions on the matter." I explained. She smiled gently and nodded. She pecked my lips once more before talking.
"Of course, beautiful. Anything for you." She smiled and tucked hair behind my ear. Yeah, she took on the more dominent role in our relationship.
"Now come on, You've got work to do." She smiled. She took my guitar and my hand and led me to the sound booth. Our bisexual drummer, James, was already waiting for me.
"Where is Cole and Ryan?" I asked. He looked up and smiled.
"Probably sucking face in the back." He smiled.
Everyone in the band was either gay or bisexual, Ryan being our gay bassist and Cole being his loving partner and our rhythm guitarist. I laughed and plugged in my guitar.
"What song?" I asked our producer John Feldman. He was pretty busy with a lot of other bands, but somehow always got us in at night time. He can't do sign language and since he was on the other side of the soundproof glass, he wrote me a note on the white board. I couldn't read his lips through the glass that well, but I could just barely see the sign he wrote.
'U guys only have to write 2 more songs and record 3, so whatever song you have written for the album now.' His sign read.
I nodded and signed to Storm 'Under and Over It?' (Under and Over It by Five Finger Death Punch). She appeared to ask everyone else, who shrugged and nodded. She gave me the thumbs up and I got set up. I took my socks and shoes off so I could feel the vibrations better, and ran through the song about 5 times.
'Sounds great! Come back tomorrow and we'll edit it.' John's new sign read. Storm said something before everyone smiled and started cheering.
'Congrats on getting adopted. Text everyone when your available to come back to record again, until then we'll edit what we have.' He smiled. I nodded at his remark.

The guys and Storm could come whenever. The guys were all over 21 and Cole was Storm's legal guardian. So with hugs goodnight and Storm not wanting to let me go. I drug my tired ass back to the orphanage, showered and went to sleep at the early hour of 4:30 AM. I have to be up and ready by 7:00 AM. Great.



I've been to a concert with about 115,000 people, it was hectic, you couldn't even hear the music over everyone's screams

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

it really is, that was actually the biggest concert I've ever been too and it was WILD

BVB'SBitch BVB'SBitch

OoF, 112,000? That is a LOT of people in one place.

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

Well its better than a bag of dicks tattoo

BVB'SBitch BVB'SBitch

What other secrets? O.O

Mezzy18 Mezzy18