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The Adopted


Hannah P.O.V.

"Any other secrets?" Juliet asked.

I could feel my mouth get dry as a knot formed in my stomach. The band was by no means a bad thing, but what if they said they didn't want me to tour? The band is my life, but I've never had a family like this before. I would have to choose, the music that has given me a platform to reach so many people and help as many of them as I can while doing something I absolutely love or being with a new family, a family that has already tried so hard to make me feel like this is home.

"Well," Why was my mouth this damn dry, "I guess there is one more thing...I'm in a band." I looked around for a moment, but not much changed on their faces.

"Really? Thats so cool! If you need a place to practice, you are more than welcome to use our practice room here, maybe we can talk to a producer for you too, see about maybe recording something?" Jinxx looked so excited as he ruffled my hair. I laughed a little bit, but it hurt my ego a little that he didn't recognize me.

"We actually have a record deal, we tour from time to time, I'm the lead singer for Open Graves." I told him. He looked pretty shocked by that.

"Really? What's the longest you've ever toured?" CC asked after waving me down to look at him.

"We did a 16 month world tour."

"Holy shit, who headlined?" His mouth was gaping open.

"We did?" My ego was really hurt now. Ashley threw a pillow at me to get my attention.

"You headlined? A world tour? For 16 months? Bullshit, we haven't even headlined a tour that long." I was offended that he would think I'm lying. I pulled my phone out and found a video I had taken on stage after headlining Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany.

I watched as my phone was passed around from person to person, each time watching their eyes widen and my drop open slightly. Ego mended.

"How many people were at that?" Ashley finally asked. I looked at Storm, she shrugged.

"I don't know, 85, maybe 86,000. We flew in for about 4 hours to do the show from LA after kicking off our tour here, did the show, then flew to back to the states." I took my phone back as it was passed to me. I was scrolling through old videos and old photos now.

"Oh my god, thats where I know you from. This whole time, I knew you looked so familiar, I was at that show. I did a modeling job a few days earlier and got called in to take a picture with a few of the bands while they were there for publicity! I took a picture with a guy from Open Graves, Josh? Jeremy? I don't remember." Ella looked so excited to have recognized me.

"James, he's great. I'm sure he'll remember you when he sees you." I laughed.

"'I hope he doesn't remember you too much':Jake." Stormed signed to me, silently and rolling her eyes smiling.

"The whole band is gay." I was looking directly at Jake now, laughing,

"Okay, signing to her what I was trying to be quiet about defeats the purpose of covering my mouth." Jake leaned over and pointed at Storm.

"The whole band is gay and you toured world wide and you played in front of 86,000 people and you're only 15?" Sammie asked. I nodded at her.

"Holy shit, that's absolutely insane." Jinxx told me.

"It was absolutely amazing. Not our biggest show and certainly not our best, we were so tired."

"Not your biggest? What the hell is your biggest then?" Andy had a dumbstruck look on his face.

"We headlined a show in Rio for about 112,000 people. It was unbelievable and sold out in under 24 minutes. It was so humbling." The look on all of their faces was absolutely priceless.

They asked me questions for another 20 minutes before they were satisfied, I just couldn't believe that no one besides Ella recognized me or my music. I got a text from the guys, band practice and an announcement at 9:30 tonight.

I told everyone about it and we all agreed that we all could use a shower and some time to gather our collective shit together before anything else, so we all went our separate ways for the time being.


This is my first hand written chapter of this story that is NOT from five years ago, so I apologize if the writing style is a bit different, but you know, evolution and all


I've been to a concert with about 115,000 people, it was hectic, you couldn't even hear the music over everyone's screams

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

it really is, that was actually the biggest concert I've ever been too and it was WILD

BVB'SBitch BVB'SBitch

OoF, 112,000? That is a LOT of people in one place.

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

Well its better than a bag of dicks tattoo

BVB'SBitch BVB'SBitch

What other secrets? O.O

Mezzy18 Mezzy18