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Rebel Love Song


Kang Minah, everyone in South Korea knew the name. She's the youngest daughter of one of the most influental and well off families in Seoul.

But her birth is a secret only family members know, she's the illegitimate daughter of her father and his mistress he had for years next to his wife. This makes her the black sheep, and everyone makes her feel like an outsider and unwanted, a mistake that didn't deserve to live.

Now, 17 years later her long-forgotten mother showed up, not to see her daughter but because she needed money. She wanted 12 Million dollars plus 8% of the stocks from the family's company as compensation for having to retire as a model due to her pregnancy. When Minah's father refused to pay she threatened him that she would go and reveal their secret in front of the whole nation.

Her father ended up giving the woman money, not wanting her to tarnish his reputation so close for him to get his hands on the Kang Group, this left a hole in the wallet of the Kang Family. He decided to sacrifice his youngest and least valuable daughter and arranged the marriage with the son of another wealthy family before anyone would find out that they lost such a huge amount of money.

Will Minah escape the claws of her "family" and find true happiness?




27 Years old. Singer of Black Veil Brides. Plans to propose to his longtime girlfriend Juliet. Will his proposal be accepted?

Ashley Purdy

Ashley Purdy

34 years old. Ashley is the womanizer of Bvb and also a huge pervert (in a fun way). Will he change when he meets the right woman?



33 years old. Drummer of Black veil Brides.

Jake Pitts

Jake Pitts

33 years old. Lead guitarist of Bvb.



32 years old. Guitarist of Bvb.



17 Years old. Ran away from her own wedding, not wanting to be a doll anymore and let everyone trample all over her. Will she escape her grandfathers men?


  1. Chapter One



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