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Children Of Denial- A Wild Ones FanFiction


Hey, I’m the Insurgent. I’m the Lead Singer of Children Of Denial. The bassists name is The Exile. She’s the oldest and 19. I’m 17. Our guitarists are twins. They’re called The Virtue and The Valiant. Then there’s our drummer. She has depression big time. Also she is a part of the MCRmy. A Killjoy. She’s called The Griever. Also our Merch Gurl. The Phoenix. (That’s me- the author) I am blind in my left eye and struggle with eating. I’m severely malnourished but I can’t seem to keep much food down. Anyway you’ll read more about everything in the story!!! (All of the characters who are not real are made by me.)


Black Veil Brides

Black Veil Brides

I could say so much but this description is supposed to be short. You know who they are.

The Exile

The Exile

19, Bassist for COD, was abused by her foster parents, father killed mother

The Griever

The Griever

18, drummer for COD, is depressed, cuts a lot, is about same talent as CC

The Insurgent

The Insurgent

17, lead singer for COD, malnourished and blind in left eye

The Phoenix

The Phoenix

16, merch girl for COD, loves BVB, is bipolar, insecure, has a crush on CC, can play the drums and guitar but not well

The Valiant

The Valiant

15, plays rhythm guitar for COD, twin to Virtue, (on the left), is the older one by a minute,

The Virtue

The Virtue

15, lead guitar for COD, twin to Valiant, (on the right), can never find his suitcase, comes up with awesome solos


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