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Boys, Tours, and alcohol (ON HOLD)

So... we're together now..

I pulled away from Ashley trying to catch my breath and hoping no one had seen that. I didn't want them to know yet. This could go either way. Ashley smirked and took a step towards me only to walk straight into my hand. "Sorry, Ash. Not today." I told him playfully. I loved teasing him. Ashley continued to grin and pulled me into a hug. I decided to tease him even more. I buried my face into his neck with my chin on his shoulder. I nipped his neck a little and I felt him shudder. I smirked even though he couldn't see it and I ran my hand under his shirt and up and down his back. He shivered and I knew I was getting to him. I removed my hand from his skin and stepped away. He looked slightly pissed that I had teased him. "Damn it. Stop teasing me, Alice!" Ashley muttered with a glare at me. I smirked. "I'll tease you as much as I want, Ashley. What are you going to do about it anyways?" I asked him with a devilish grin. He rolled his eyes. "I could show you but I don't think you'd be happy to do so right here. I also need to get ready for our show tonight." Ashley replied and I knew what he meant. "Well then go get ready for that show! I'm going to look around a bit. Maybe meet some other bands I like or something." I told him before kissing his cheek and walking off without even turning around. I could feel his gaze burning into my back as I walked off. I couldn't help but smile slightly before I walked right into someone. "Ouch! Sorry!" I said before I looked up and realized it was Andy. He stepped back. "It's fine, Alice." He mumbled awkwardly. I couldn't take it anymore. "Cut the shit, Andy! I can't stand seeing you and my brother not talking to each other. Just kiss and make up whatever I don't care. I don't care if you don't talk to me. Just stop being pissed at each other. It's getting annoying." I told Andy with a smartass tone. He widened his eyes in surprise. "I would never not talk to you! And also I am not kissing Jake. I'll try to get him over it but WE ARE NOT KISSING. It was just awkward to talk I guess." Andy replied. I rolled my eyes. "Whatever. I'm going to forget it happened then and we can get on with our friendship. Now go get ready for your show!" I said before shoving Andy playfully.


Again I know it's short but hell I haven't got time to write long ass chapters. Hope you enjoyed and the next chapter is going to be a bit interesting and longer I promise. Bye bitches. -Vale


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