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Andrew of Lea


Princess Emberlyn has reached the age of eighteen and the king has a line of suitors for her to choose as her husband.
But during the celebration, she gets kidnapped by the evil vampire Lukan and is being kept in his vast and torturous castle. He wants to turn her into his Undead Queen by the next Blood Moon in three days. King and Queen have a line of knights and brave princes ready to rescue their daughter. The king places his hopes on Prince Peter, a royal son yet a coward. The queen, however, gives her blessing to a newly inducted knight with a mysterious past, Andrew "Andy" Biersack. Follow Andy into the castle filled with traps, monsters, and other unknown horrors in order to save an innocent princess from a life of darkness and death.


Andrew 'Andy' Biersack

Andrew 'Andy' Biersack

A recently inducted knight in the kingdom of Lea. Has a unknown past.

King Jareth

King Jareth

King of Lea. Emberlyn's father



Manservant of Lord Lukan. A ghoul

Lord Lukan

Lord Lukan

The vampire lord of the forest of The Dark Elms

Prince Peter

Prince Peter

Prince of Frell. Brought to Lea in hopes of marrying Princess Emberlyn. A coward.

Princess Emberlyn

Princess Emberlyn

The daughter of King Jareth and Queen Josla. The princess of Lea.

Queen Josla

Queen Josla

Queen of Lea. Emberlyn's mother



Lord Lukan's witch


  1. 1

    The kingdom of Lea prepares for the princess's birthday and another royal event

  2. 2

    The knighting ceremony

  3. 3

    The celebration begins in full swing

  4. 4

    A dance ensues and Princess Emberlyn does a bold move

  5. 5

    Princess Emberlyn and Andy have some time alone

  6. Author's Note

    Just explaining why the chapters are late

  7. 6

    It's time for Princess Emberlyn to choose her prince

  8. 7

    The castle is being attacked and the princess gets kidnapped

  9. 8

    Queen Josla sends for help


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