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Down at the Whisky

First autograph

After finishing on "Rebel Yell" in singing by all the crowd throughout the room, the guys came out of the scene and we head straight for the lodges.

- What first crazy concert! Exclaimed Jake.
- Not complaining that it's over, I started to feel tired. Andy added.

We remove our makeup and change before going out into the hall to greet the remaining fans. Elena goes to the bar to order a Jack Daniels where a guy approached her. The boys as for them were taking pictures and signing autographs. A lot of girls seemed to be spinning around Andy, but he didn't take his eyes off me, as if to make sure I didn't have to be jealous.

- Can I offer you a drink?

I turned around and saw one of the guys who was in the front row and whom I had obviously caught his eye.

- Yes if you want. I replied with a smile.
- What are you taking?
- A beer.

We began to discuss about the concert, then he asked me to take a picture with him and to sign his ticket.

- And here, my first autograph. I say proudly.
- Thank you. I'll be back to the concert tomorrow, maybe we could meet again.
- Yes don't hesitate. I say before I go find CC.

He was a little apart, obviously alone.

- It's always the same girls have. He groused. By the way, I'll be you, I'll watch Andy.

I didno't answer. After an hour, the hall had visibly emptied. There were only four girls and one guy left talking to Black Veil Brides. Elena was still talking with this guy and she seemed to be already drunk.

- Lexie, Elena! Come on, we go to the bus! Jake cried.

Elena said goodbye to the guy and staggered to me. I took her by the arm and we joined the guys to the parking lot. Elena started to fall asleep on my shoulder and I decided to ride her up to her bunk but stopped me when I got on the bus ...

- Oh fuck ! I shouted with huge eyes.

I saw Sheena kissing Amy on the bench in a compromising position. They froze.

- You don't say anything to anyone! Amy said to me.
- No, no. I just put this thing down. I said, pointing Elena down on my shoulder. You know, I have nothing against it, it's even cute. Er, I'm going with the guys. See you tomorrow !

I got out of the bus at high speed before getting into the guy's and I noticed that the four girls who had stayed after the concert had been allowed to board the bus.

- Uh ... I started seeing Andy with two girls on either side of him.
- Come and sit down ! Dennis, their manager, said happily showing me a lot of bottles on the table.

I sat next to him and he started talking to me but I didn't really listen to him, I think.

- And you see, tomorrow my wife and daughter are coming from North Carolina where she was with her family. They will follow us on the tour because you see, it's difficult for me to be separated from the two women of my life during a whole tour ... Well, besides I have a picture of my daughter, here it's me who took it in our garden, look how beautiful she is her mom's arms. And that's our dog, it's a golden retriever, a female, she's still small, six months now I think. Roxanne wanted a Rottweiler but I said no because when I was little I was attacked by a Rott. Well he didn't bite me but I was very scared and I went home crying, which is normal when you are eight years old ... Then having a Rottweiler while Jessie is stil a baby girl is not the best ... It's the neighbors who will keep the dog for ... Hey, are you listening to me ?!
- Huh? Yes, sorry. Well, that's good! I say pouring myself very large glass of whiskey.

Dennis looked at my glass and me, then my glass, then ...

- All of that ? Asked he.
- I need to drink, can't you see it ? I said a little maliciously.

He looked at Andy who was visibly very drunk.

- Yes, yes.

After a while, Jake threw the girls (or should I say groupies) out of the bus.

- Well, maybe it's time to go home.
- Oh no. Said one of them, her head resting on Andy.
- Well, yes get out. I want to sleep a little. Ashley said getting up with a hint of annoyance and to avoid Andy from doing a possible mistake.
- Good evening and don't hesitate to come back tomorrow evening huh! Andy told them as they were leaving the bus.

The rest of the band gave him a disapproving look.

- What? He asked completely drunk.
- You screw up, man. Jinxx whispered.

I got up annoyed, staggering a little.

- Oh ... Andy whispered looking at me.
- As you say ... I replied disappointed. I'm going to sleep. Good night boys.

I got off the bus and climbed into my bunk.



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