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Down at the Whisky

First gig

The following Wednesday, we went on tour. The girls and I had our own bus, like real rockstars. It was a huge black bus with tinted windows fully equipped. It was a sort of a rolling house.

- Look girls there's even a living room with a TV! Sheena screamed as she ran across the bus.
- Oh yeah ! A kitchen ! We'll be able to set it on fire! Exclaims Elena.
- Hop hop hop! Calms down ! Amy shouted, emphasizing the last word.

Elena and Sheena froze and stared at her with big eyes.

- I take the top bunk! She said throwing her suitcase on it.

Elena and Sheena then literally fought for the last free top bunk. At that moment, Jake got on our bus and stood next to me, arms crossed.

- We're not even gone yet the mess begins already? He asked.
- No, they're fighting for the last bunk upstairs. I replied.
- Oh no, seriously! He groused. It's a kid thing to fight for that!
- And Andy, CC, Ashley and Jinxx, what are they doing? I said seriously.

There was a short silence and he replied:

- They fight for the top bunks! He cried before running into his bus.

Once Sheena had put Elena on the floor and climbed onto her to access the divine bunk, the atmosphere finally calmed down. Our driver then boarded, greeted us and introduced himself:

- Me it's Jack. And you're not the first band I lug on the road so one of two things: first we don't mess around when I drive!

We looked at each other in silence.

- And two: we don't disgust my bus!
- Oh no don't worry we have Lexie to cleaning everything, she is completely obsessive. Said Elena with a big beta smile.
- Hey! I said offended.
- That's pretty true. Said Amy.
- But ... I started.
- You have already put your clothes by shapes and colors! Cut off Sheena.
- Gnagnagna ... I mumbled.
- Well, then we can go! Jack said starting.

We relaxed during the trip which actually didn't last very long because the Whiskey-A-Go-Go was at L.A but hey, this city stretches over 62 miles so we have to get there. Arrived in front of the Whisky, the queue was already stretching to the corner of the street. Jack, the boys' bus and the trucks loading the equipment parked behind the room and we all went down.

Andy approached me and took me by the hand. We entered the room while roadies were just beginning to unload the truck. Jinxx, he was stuck to the latter not stop offering their help.

- Dude, give us so space! Shouted one of them.
- But give me at least something to do! Jinxx replied.
- Well, take the this other there if it makes you happy.
- Yeah all right! Jinxx said.

Once the equipment installed, came the turn of the scales then at 6pm, the opening of the doors. We were in our dressing room dressing and putting on makeup when Ashley opened the door wide.

- Ah! Shouted Amy, her breasts bare.

She took the first thing that came to her hand to hide with.

- What do you want ?! She asked angry.
- No nothing, I got what I wanted.

Then he closed the door with a smile on his lips.

- I have the feeling that this tour is going to be long ... Sheena says.

7:55, we knock on the box. It was the manager:

- On stage in 5 minutes girls!

He closed the door behind him when it was reopened a few seconds later, letting the boys appear.

- We just came to wish you good luck! Started Jake.
- We know it's not easy for a band to do a first game. Jinxx explained.

Andy then took me in his arms.

- Yeah well it's not like it was our first concerts we did others before. Sheena indignantly. We're not beginners!
- Come on girls, let's go! Yell the director.

We all headed towards the stage. The sound of the crowd was terrible. And it was worse when the lights went out and our intro started. I then turned toward the girls and went into a circle, putting our arms on the shoulders of the others before shouting:

- Hey! Ho! Let's go!

Sheena was the first to ride, followed by Amy and finally Elena. As I was learning to make my entrance Andy held my hand and stole a kiss.

- Go hop hop hop, get to work now. He finished tapping my butt gently.

I pulled out my tongue and climbed on stage. The intro ended and Sheena threw a huge drum roll announcing "Creatures Of The Night". We rock it and I started to sing. I must say that at first, the audience seemed rather skeptical but obviously they were rather receptive to the texts of our songs. At the same time, musically we're pretty close to the music of Black Veil Brides even though we were more Heavy Metal.

The audience began to shake their heads at the rhythm of the guitars, howling and making the sign of the Devil with their hand that I gave them back. Amy and Elena ran and jumped the length of the stage.

- Well, this will be our last song for tonight. I'm sure you know it ...

I began to sing the first verses of "Killed by Death" from Motörhead to capella with a soft voice.

"If you squeeze my lizard
I'll put my snake on you
I'm a romantic adventure
And I'm a reptile too"
At these words, the audience screamed and the girls started the music like an explosion.

- Thank you ! Thank you for welcoming us ! I say at the end of the set. Sheena on the drum !

She got up in her seat and threw her sticks and jumped over her drums to join me in the front of the stage.

- Amy and Elena on the bass and the guitar! I continued.

We went in line, taking each other by the shoulders.

- And Lexie on the guitar and vocal! Elena shouted.

They applauded and we saluted them as in the theater before leaving the stage. Technicians went on stage to remove the drum and our amps before making the last scales for Black Veil Brides.

Meanwhile, the guys congratulated us on this first performance.

- I filmed your cover of Killed by Death! Said CC showing us his camera in his hand. Soon on Youtube!
- On stage in two minutes guys! Cut the manager.

A last kiss of Andy before he goes on stage and a roar from the band as a war cry: "Fuck!". And then they launched "In the end". We stayed on the side of the stage during the whole show, well Amy and I stayed I because Sheena and Elena had gone back to the dressing rooms to take a shower.



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