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Down at the Whisky

Moving in

Black Veil Brides, the girls and I met again the following week in a studio to repeat. The first dates of the tours had fallen. The tour will begin with two dates at the Whisky-A-Go-Go. Then follow San Francisco, Las Vegas and many other dates all over the country.

After the rehearsals, I decided to go see my landlord to tell him that I decided to leave my apartment in a week. We filled all the papers together during the afternoon and in the evening I was already packing my things in boxes. The rather packed, the rather I will leave.

While I was busy putting everything away, we rang the doorbell. I opened the living room window and recognized Andy's car. I saw him in front of the door waiting.

- Hey handsome! I said.

He turned around and looked around for the person who had named him that way.

- Up !

He raised his head and waved.

- Do you recognize yourself when you are called "handsome"? What a little pretentious you are! Alright, I open you.

He take the stairs two at a time and opened the door of my apartment without even knocking, went straight to me, grabbed me by the waist and kissed me with passion.

- I missed you.
- But we see each other just an hour ago. I say, laughing. Don't you think you're exaggerating a bit ?
- Mmmm no ... He purred in my neck.

He let go of me and saw my boxes.
- Are you still tidying up ?! But you're really obsessive! He cried.
- No. I say jokingly.I'm packing my things to give back the apartment next week. It's useless for me to pay for an apartment when I will not live there for a year.
- Yes it's true you're right. He confessed. Besides if you want to store your things at home, it would be with pleasure.

I shrugged at his answer, took a box and put it in his arms.

- Right now ? He asked.
- Let's say I give you the stuff I don't need for a week. I'll drop the rest just before the tour.
- Alright chef!

He dropped a kiss on my lips and went down to put the box in his car and then went back up and took another box.

- Actually even if you want to move everything and come to my apartment for the week, it doesn't bother me you know.
- It's a little early I think ... Excuse me.
- You have trouble getting involved ...

I shrugged again.

- Don't worry, I'm the same.
- Well, it doesn't look like it ...
- In fact, I was a kind of womanizer and is often give in to carnal pleasure ...
- Ah, I understand better Ashley's reaction the other day.
- Yes, but you really interest me for what you are. You don't let yourself go, you're a strong girl, with personality ... And this body ...

He kissed me passionately in the neck and I laughed.

- Perverse.
- Oh very ... he purred. And you who make me languish ... You drive me crazy ... I love it ... Then he resumed in a more serious tone. You know, it's really rare for a girl to resist me for more than two days.
- And braggart!
- No, I'm lucky that's all. Since high school I have all the girls I want. Besides, it was my favorite subject in high school, after the music.
- You're not reassuring me ...
- Frankly, if I didn't care about you, I would have gone looking for another girl less fierce ... You can ask confirmation to Ashley, it's my best friend since high school, he knows me each over than better than anyone and we're kinda the same.
- I'll not miss it then.
- And I bet you too in high school you were courting everywhere.
- Not really, no...

We sat on my bed and began to discuss our youth. I told him that in high school, I was often the source of mockery on the part of my classmates because of my musical taste that was different from theirs. I remember that for that I was called gothic while I was wearing classic clothes not to say the same that the girls of my ages. Today when I think it, this childishness makes me laugh, even if at the time it gets on my nerves. Then we talk about a less serious subject and he told me a story with his first car.

- My first car was a gray Ford Tempo of 84 and the whole right wing was screwed up because once I fell asleep and I ran into a slider! I think I'm a little narcoleptic. I laugh now but it's true that at first, I was scared shitless... I could have died.
- That's ... I whispered my head resting on his shoulder. And you let me ride with you ?! I exclaimed at once. You're irresponsible! I said before starting again more seriously. You know, I don't have my driving license.
- Seriously ?! But why ?
- Because in France we can't have it before 18 and at 18 I knew that I would come live here quickly, so I found it useless.
- Ah, you're French. It's sexy.
- You didn't notice?
- How sexy you are? Oh yes! No seriously, you have a slight accent but you speak very well our language. Now I can identify the origin of this cute little accent. You teach me a few words?

I laughed at his answer thinking it was a joke but he harassed me to teach him bad words and insults in French.

- How do you say « fuckin' cunt » in French, sweetheart ?
- To complicate the things you have chosen something that hasn't equivalent in my language! I say, laughing.

- To complicate the things you have chosen something that hasn't equivalent in my language! I say, laughing.

In the end, I spent my afternoon teaching him to say "saloperie de putain de bordel de merde d'enculé de sa mère" and other subtleties.

- I went to France before and it was rather nice. He admitted. I can't wait to return, the audience was really on top!
- I admit that I can't wait too to return to my country and speak French, but I'm also eager to discover the most beautiful cities in the United States.
- And you come from Paris? He asked.

I laughed at his question, it was always the same question that fell when I announced to people that I was French.

- You Americans, you all think we all come from Paris. This is the first question my ex boss and my landlord asked me. Imagine if all French lived in Paris, it would mean that Paris is huge or that France is sharply shrinking! I laughed.
- Where do you come from? He asked me surprised.
- South of France. Nice, more precisely.
- Never heard of it...
- It doesn't surprise me Cannes and Monaco steal the limelight and you Americans are such pillocks in Geography when it comes to locating cities outside the Americans one.

We kept talking all night long about our lives and before I knew it, I fell asleep huddled against Andy. I felt the blanket land on me and his arms hug me before sinking into Morpheus's arms.


Don't take it wrong I have nothing agains American and there geographic skill.

Anyways, I hope you like my story so far !


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