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Down at the Whisky

Love at first fright

A week had passed and I spent most of my time with Andy or the girls. They helped me cheer me up because even though I hated being a waitress with that bastard boss, it made me some money to pay the rent.

Andy and I were pretty close together and we became very friends. I spent most of my time at his home talking about music, our musical experiences and the tours he had with his band before. He even made me listen to their albums. I told him that honestly their first albums weren't my cup tea but on the other hand the last were much better, more worked and somehow professional.

That day, I decided to spend the afternoon with him. We repeated our songs while talking about this and that as we used to do. After some shared songs, a silence settled between us. He looked at me and came closer to me, looking me in the eyes when the front door opened in a big crash, letting a guy with long, black hair and quite tall, in.

- Hey man! We rehearse ?! He shouted, causing Andy and I to jump. Oh ! He said when he saw me. You made it! He added to Andy's attention.

The latter lowered his head at the same time disappointed and annoyed.

- Dude, can't we rehearse another day? He asked. We're all with a bad hangover and I really don't want to rehearse.

Indeed, the day before my band and his band had spent the evening at the Rainbow where we had spent the evening drinking like a fish and mess around . That's why I came at Andy's house to sober up because knowing the girls they probably hadn't finished partying.

- Ok, I got the message. Ashley said winking heavily.
- No Ash, there's no ... He winked exaggeratedly. I just want to have peace there.
- Oh ... Yeah I understand. Ashley said a little disappointed. You were in a really bad shape last night. Anyway, I'll leave you then! No nonsense or protect yourself! He said, turning back.

And the door closed.

- He's always like that. Apologized Andy . What do you want to do ?
- Yes, I noticed. And to answer your question ... Humpfff ... I breathed. Why not watching a movie?
- I'm fine with it. Come choose.

He got up and opened the furniture under the TV. I chose The Hangover and leaned against him as he put his right arm around my neck. I put my head on his shoulder and his fingers played with my hair. From time to time, I gave him a little look and he then turned his head smiling at me.

The more time passed, the more I lay on him. Until I found myself completely lying on the couch, my head resting on his thighs. His hand rested on my belly. Not a word had come out of our mouths since the beginning of the film, only a few laughs were escaped here and there when there were comic scenes. I felt his hand caressing my stomach shyly and gently.

After a moment, I put my hand on his and we smile at each other. The film was forgotten and we looked at each other's eyes. I slowly put his hand under my shirt, our look not breaking.

After a moment that seemed like an eternity, he approached me. His mouth a few inches from mine where I could feel his breath crashing against my lips. It was impossible for me to detach my eyes from his bluish look. My hand then caressed his cheek and whispered a weak:

- Go ahead.

He smiled and didn't ask twice. His lips rested on mine and I felt my heart explode in my chest and deliver in me that reassuring warmth that I hadn't felt since my arrival in the United States. You know, this inner explosion that we feel in moments of great joy, those moments that change our lives.

This kiss lasted an eternity and it wasn't to displease me. It was hot, languid and intense. Probably the best kiss that I have been given so far. Then he stopped, caressed my face and whispered a few inches from me, without taking his eyes off me:

- I wanted it so much.

I didn't answer but smiled tenderly before grabbing his head in my hands to force him to do it again.

♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎

In the evening, he suggested taking me back at my home . Suggestion that I had of course accepted. On the way home we were listening to Faster Pussycat, the windows open, the wind in the hair and with sunglasses on. He parked at the parking of my condo a good twenty minutes later.

- Thank you for bringing me back. Do you want to take a coffee?
- Mmm no ...
- A beer ?

He smiles.
- You take me by the feelings.

He got out of his car and took my hand in his. I opened the door of the hall and we went up the third floor that led to my apartment. I opened the door and turned on the light. I lived in a one-roomed apartment of 215 ft² , the walls were normally white but tending towards gray. I had them covered with frames, concert and movie posters. My bed was stuck in a corner, next to a stack of books and normally one of my guitars and my amps, but since I was too drunk the day before, I deduce that my material was still in Sheena's van.

Andy looked at my apartment without saying a word, probably a little embarrassed. I handed him the promised beer, which was already open and took a sip of mine.

- Are you embarrassed?
- A little ... My apartment is so big next to yours ... But in any case yours is much cleaner and much tidier.
- Thank you.

I took him by the hand and we sat on my bed.

- Anyway, soon you will not live here anymore ... he murmured.
- Are you talking about the tour?
- Not only...

I stared at him then, a look of incomprehension plastered on my face.

- What does it mean ?
- I don't know ... Forget it ... He said before taking another sip of his beer.
- Andy, are we ... a couple?

He swallowed and replied:

- I don't know ... But I would like ... he whispered weakly almost in a sigh.

I put down my beer and turned to him to straddle his legs. He smiled. I took his beer from his hands, took a sip and then passed it to while him kissing him. He drank, kissed me back and put his hands on my thighs and caressed them slowly. I finished pouring the rest of the bottle into my neck and he began to lick greedily. His hands went up on my hips, grabbing my shirt that he began to slowly go up. He looked at me in the eyes as if to ask my approval. For only answer I kissed him and he continued. He began to kiss and caress my belly. I finished removing my top and he laid me gently on his back.

- It's a little early perhaps ... I murmured then to his ear making me realize that we hardly knew each other.

He stopped, kissed me and lay down beside me, resting his left arm on my belly.

- As you feel. He told me.
- You're not angry ?
- No Lexie. We have all the time. He smiles.

After a moment, he sat down and told me it was getting late. I walked him down to the entrance of my condo, kissed him for a long time, then he got into his car and headed back to his apartment.



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