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Down at the Whisky

Bad Hangover

The next day, I woke up with sunlight feeling groggy with a huge headache. I noticed that I wasn't at home, I was in a king size bed while at home I slept on a seedy bed and absolutely not comfortable.

I sat up in bed, rubbed my eyes and looked around. The room was large, the walls were cream colored except for the one on which was the bed, it was black. There was an open notebook on which some song lyrics were scribbled on the floor as well as clothes, including mine and several pairs of shoes scattered all over the place.

I got up and picked up my clothes when the door opened suddenly. Surprise I began to scream, turned in the opposite way and I heard the door closed behind me.

- Sorry! Excuse me! I didn't know you were awake! Shouted a male voice through the door.
- No it's ok ! I replied putting my pants on.
- I promise that I don't see anything !

Once dressed, I opened the door and found myself a few inches from the owner of this apartment, a big smile on his face.

- Do you want something to eat? He asked.
- Uh, excuse me but ... Do we know each other? I answered steel feeling groggy and scratching my neck nervously.
- Wow! You really got wasted last night! He exclaimed.
- Huh?
- You and your band played at the Whiskey last night. There was fight during your set, do you remember that?
- Er, yeah, vaguely. There's a guy who stopped it, right?
- Yes it was me. And after your concert we met. And we drank a lot.
- I do believe you. I confessed. But how did I get here?

He smiled at my question and continued the story of our previous day's adventures.

- You wanted to go home, but you staggered so much that I brought you back home, it was very close. Besides, you have fallen several times on the road, you have vomited too ...
- And I woke up naked ... Wait, did we have ...? What happened ?! I asked almost panicked.
- No no, calm down! I reassure you nothing happened, I slept on the sofa! He replied, showing the sofa unfolded.

I sighed in relief at this good news and smiled stupidly for a few seconds. We looked at each other like two idiots when I remembered something very important.

- Shit ! What time is it?
- 1pm around that.
- Shit ! My job! I shouted panicked as I headed for the front door.
- Lacey you can't go to work like this! Take a shower, eat something.

While he lectured me, he held me by the shoulders as to hold me, shaking me like a snow globe. I looked at him with big eyes, sighed and finally give in to his request. He smiled proudly and guided me to the table where I sat down while he brought two cups of coffee.

- Can we smoke here? I asked.
- Yes of course.

He got up to bring me an ashtray before sitting down. I let my eyes wander around me. It was a nice apartment, big enough, with reds, blacks and cream colored but messy. A man's appartement in short. The only things that were tidy were a guitar that sat on a tripod, CDs and sheets where lyrics seemed to be written on them. We could easily guess that he was living in the music area.

I was about to start a conversation between the two of us when I felt my phone ring. I sighed loudly and answered.

- Lacey, I'm tired of your incessant delays! You're fired !
- What? No, no please, I need this job!
- I don't care ! You didn't come, you're fired! Shouted my boss at the other end of the line. I don't have that to deal with your shit! I'm tired, it's been three times that you didn't come without warning ! Without adding all your delays! You used your last chance!
- But ...
- There is no "but " ! The discussion is ended! He shouted as he hung up.

Disgruntled by this news, I took my head in my hands, sighing. I prayed internally to not let a few tears escape from my eyes while the man who stood in front of me got up and took me in his arms. Unconsciously felt reassured but I was so pissed against myself!

- Hey, it'll be ok ... He said trying to reassure me.
- I just got fired, how can it be ok ?! I exclaimed.

He looked me straight in the eyes and I felt the tears running down my face. I give in.

- It's nothing ... Remember what my band and I had proposed to yours last night?

I looked up, my eyes still full with tears, makeup running down my cheeks, astonished and confused by what this man had just told me. He smiles at my lost look.

- I'm in a well known band and we offered you to go on tour with us in a few weeks.

It only took a few seconds for my brain to understand what it had just said and once the information digested, I opened eyes as big as a flying saucer. He smiled again and stifled a laugh at my reaction. I couldn't help but escape a smile and hugged him. I finally pulled away from his grip and looked up to meet his blue eyes.

- By the way, what's your name already? I asked timidly and shamefully.

He laughed softly, hugged me again and answered in his deep voice, "Andy, my name is Andy."



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