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Down at the Whisky

La French Riviera

A few weeks later, we went on a European tour. After dates in England, Scandinavia, Germany, Belgium and Paris, we made a brief stop of two days in my hometown, Nice, to play at the Nikaïa. Roxanne and Jessie had returned to California for several reasons: Jessie had school and we couldn't afford to take them around the world for reasons of space and budget
On the road, we stopped on a highway area for a break. Andy grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear:

- We are eclipsing?
- Where do you want to go ?

He nodded to the bathroom. I gave him an expression of disgust.

- Come on, otherwise we'll have to wait tonight at the hotel and it's too far!
- No ... I said as he held me in his arms and kissed me everywhere.
- You will give in ...

Then he whispered something in my ear, I smiled and actually, I gave in. When we came out satisfied but the bus was no longer on the area.

- Oh shit. I said calmly.

Andy panicked then. He searched in all his pockets for his cell phone.

- I left my cell on the bus! Do you have yours?

I touch my pants.

- Uh ... No ...
- OH MY GOD, WE WILL DIE HERE! He shouted in English in the middle of the parking lot.

Everyone was watching him. At the same time, an American with an unusual look who have a fit in the middle of a parking lot, it mustn't be very common.

Then he got up calmly and went towards two girls rather cute.

- HEY! What are you doing ?
- I'll ask them for a cell phone!

I followed him while walking, but not too fast, just to see if he could make himself understood. Well, obviously, that wasn't the case ... Then I heard him say:

- My girlfriend is French ... Hum ... She'll explain what I need.

But I don't think they understood either. He turned to me and called me. So I went to explain to them our disastrous situation.

After negotiating some credit, I passed the phone to Andy, who dialed Dennis' number in extremis. Meanwhile, I was talking to both girls.

- He's a little strange your boyfriend. They pointed out.
- You obviously saw him screaming in the middle of the parking lot ... I said, rolling my eyes.

They nodded to me.

- Even ... He's wearing making up ...
- It doesn't shock me, sorry. I have always known him like that.
- He's not gay?
- Haha, oh no! I say laughing. He is the most hetero guy on hearth, I assure you. Besides, I thought he would hit on you.

They exchanged glances that says everything.

- Okay, they do a U-turn. Andy said, handing the phone to his owner.
- On the highway ?! I asked.
- Way to talk ... You know them ...
- Well, that's what worries me.

The girls were watching us. He kissed me.

They thought you were a fag. I said quickly, articulating as little as possible.

He burst out laughing and kissed me with passion. He thanked them then they took the road again.

About an hour later, the tour bus arrived. Dennis went down furiously and started to yell at us, followed by others.

- No, but the worst thing is that it took half an hour to realize that it was too quiet. Added Jinxx rub it in.
- We don't mean anything to you ?! Andy snapped, pretending to cry.
- Well, we'll get on the bus, we're running late. Cut Dennis.

We arrived in Nice two hours later. We put our things in the hotel and then as we were in the day-off, I proposed to the group to walk around town. I assure you that strolling around the city with eight so crazy Americans, it does not go unnoticed, especially in the tramway.

- Well, you make us visit, right Frenchy! Said Jake getting out of the tramway.
- Don't worry. I replied.
- It's funny, this place is all red! Said Elena.
- Yeah, it's nice especially in the evening with the sunset. It gives darker shades, it's really beautiful. I replied. I called my friends who are still living here and my brother to tell them I was here.
- Your parents don't live here? Andy asked.
- No, and they will not come to the concert tomorrow. I warned them, but it is not even worth the wait ...
- Do they disappoint you? Jinxx asked.
- A little. I mean, I live more than 12 000 km from here during almost 9 months, they ask me if I come back soon in France, I tell them that yes, I stay two days in Nice, but they don't even move.
- It is far ? Asked Ashley.
- Two hours away ..., I whispered.
- Okay, parents who don't even want to drive two hours to see their daughter they haven't seen for 9 months, it's worthless, I don't even want to meet them. Said Andy to close the debate.
- At least I have my friends and my brother ...

My cell phone rang, it was Mégane:

- Yop?
- Lexie!On fait une soirée chez Clément et Marie, ramène ton groupe et de l'alcool, 21 heure !

And she hung up on me.

- Well, let's go? Amy asked walking in one direction.

We followed her even if didn't know where she was heading. Andy took me by the hand and I quickly took again the front of the small troop. We did the Fnac and some clothes shops and the shop of my piercer / tattoo artist.

- Hey! I say, entering. Megan?
- Lexie?
- Tu bosses ici maintenant ?
- Je répare l'ordinateur de Mar. She explained.

She got up from her chair and came to embrace me.

- Oh mon Dieu ! She exclaimed. Tu tournes avecBlack Veil brides! She shouted.
- Eh bien, oui. I said confused.

I introduced her to Amy, Elena and Sheena.
- Et je te présente ...
- Andy, Jinxx, Jake, Ashley and CC! She cut me off.
- Comme tu dis. I murmured.
- We're super at ease when you speak French. Jake said.

The others nodded.

- Excuse me. Said Mégane in English before introducing himself.

Then she turned to me:
- Bring them to Marie's place tonight. By the way ! I have my place for the concert tomorrow! Clément, Marie, Lucas, Julie, Pierre, Billie ... We all come to see you.

- All oh them ?! I exclaimed.

We talked for a few more minutes before going back to buy alcohol.

In the evening, we went to Marie and Clément. We climbed the three floors and all excited CC began to pound on the door like a madman. Marie opened and had a bug seeing CC.

- Hey! I said, running my head next to the drummer.
- Oh my God ! She yelled, hopping there. Come in !

Jake and Jinxx put all the bottles on the mini garden table (as they lived on the ground floor of a building). I looked around, I went to greet Julie and Lucas when Billie grabbed my arm.

- Thank you !
- What? I say jokingly.
- To have brought the Black Veil brides!

Then he rushed on Jake. I kissed Pierre on the cheeks who pull a face a little, I knew he didn't like Andy, even without having met him.

We all settled where there was room, that is to say a little anywhere. Billie spoke to Jake about the admiration he had for him, he took several pictures with him besides. I chat with Lucas, my best friend, who had missed me terribly since I left. I told him about L.A and the other cities I had seen since the tour. He listened to me passionately. The others were talking with my friends.

We drank bottles on bottles. At one point, Billie got up and came to sit to my left. He started talking to me about Los Angeles, how much he would like to go there. Then he talked about us about how close we were before I left, how much I missed him. I had not calculated right away, maybe because of the alcohol, but he was getting closer to me. Then he tried something that didn't really looks like him: he tried to kiss me.

- Hey! Hey! What are you doing here ?! I exclaimed, pushing him away.

Neither one nor two, Andy turned around and grabbed him by the collar of his lumberjack shirt. Everyone froze on the spot. I had never seen him under that face yet. Lucas even dropped his cigarette. Andy stared at Billie in the eyes without saying a word. This moment, however, seemed to last an eternity. Then he let go before refilling himself a glass of Jack. Billie went back to roll a joint.

"Well," I whispered. "Billie, this is Andy, my boyfriend ... "

Billie didn't answer, got up with him joint and sit next to Elena. Andy put his arm around my neck and kissed my cheek.

- Alright ! Blind test? Propose Lucas to bring back the good atmosphere.
- I approve! Said Elena, highly drunk.

The others approved. Lucas got up and took the computer on his lap. We played until we were too drunk to continue.

- By the way, you're not going to sleep here, huh! Then said Clément.
- No worries. I'll take them back to the hotel. I say looking for my words. The tramway will soon open right?
- In an hour. Replied Julie, a little desperate.

I watched Elena laugh with Billie, she had her hand on his thigh.

When the time was past, I got up:

- Come on guys, we're going to sleep a little bit.

I took Andy's hand to pick him up. Then we all left. There was no risk of being assaulted by being so numerous. In the tramway, the few users looked at us with disgust. The oar stank of alcohol. I dragged them to the exit and we walked a few more minutes before arriving at the hotel. I pushed the door to our room and dropped Andy on the bed. He grabbed my arm and made me fall on him before starting to kiss me passionately. Then he fell asleep.

Laughter sounded in the corridor. I left the room. Jake was jokingly pointing at CC. The latter was on the floor and tried in vain to push his magnetic badge in a door that was obviously not the one of his room. I turned around and lay on the bed, dressed, Andy in my arms.



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