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Down at the Whisky

Thank you Cincinnati !

The next day we met the others at the concert area for the rehearsal.

- I fucked your aunt! Ashley yelled to Andy.

His sentence echoed throughout the empty room, all the others turned with an expression of disgust mixed with astonishment. Andy lowered his head, jaded.

- Your aunt's a cougar? Elena asked.
- No, she's my age. He replied.

They all opened their eyes like tennis balls and some opened their mouths slightly.

We to the rehearsal and then we settled in the backstage. During our set, I saw Loïs and Megan in the front row in the pit. I smiled at them before handing Megan a pick that she took with a smile.

Suddenly, the rhythm of the drums stopped, we all turned to Elena without stopping to play. She waved to us that she had no more drumsticks ... So I approached Amy and Sheena.

- I'm going to make a mini solo and make the audience scream ...

The audience didn't make a sound anymore to listen to my improvised mini guitare solo and then I take my microphone in my hands.

- It's a rock concert tonight, isn't it ?!
- Yeah! Shouted the audience.
- Okay! I need your help ! You're going to scream the two words of rock, okay?
- Yeah!
- And I'm sure you know these two words that are "hell" and "yeah"! So I want to see horns in the air and hear you scream! Here we go: hell yeah!
- HELL YEAH! They all shouted in heart.
- Oh no ! I heard nothing, louder! I say, pretending to sulk.

Sheena motioned to me that Elena had picked up her drumsticks.

- Are we playing rock or what? LOUDER COME ON! I cried in my turn.

The audience screamed again and Elena rolled a drumbeat and we picked up the song again.
We finished our set with "Killed by death" as usual before presenting ourselves and finishing on a:

- Thanks you Cincinnati! You've been amazing ! See you !

When we got back to our lodge, we called Elena.

- Stop throwing your drumsticks in the air like that! Exclaimed Amy a little upset.
- But I like to throw them!
- Yes, but you never catch them! Sheena exclaimed.

Elena's eyes filled with tears. We looked at each other uncomfortably, then she burst into tears.

- I didn't want to bother you! Now you are angry with me!

The boys then passed by to join the scene and stopped when they heard Elena sob.

- What's the matter ? Jinxx asked.
- I'm good at nothing! Elena yelled in tears.
- No babe, said Amy kneeling.
- Yes, she's right, we didn't want to hurt you. Sheena added.
- Don't worry, it's really not serious. The important thing is that we managed to get by without people realizing that there was a problem. I finished stroking her shoulder.
- That is true ? Elena asked, raising her head. Do you still love me?
- Pff! Exclaims CC. But of course ! Look, I'm boring and I do a lot of mistakes on stage, but the guys still love me!

The others looked at each other in silence.

- Right guys? CC asked them.
- I never said that with those words. Said Jake.
- The same. Added Jinxx.
- Andy? Asked CC.
- Sorry ? I was miles away. He said smiling. You were saying ? "

CC turned to Elena.

- I know they're joking. They are messing around all the time.

Elena stared at him sadly.

- Roh, come on! Said CC taking her hand to lift her up before hugging her.

We all stared at this rather embarrassing moment in silence.

- It's better ? He asked Elena.
- Yes thanks.
- Well ... We have to go, I think. He concludes by letting her go.

They crossed the corridor before disappearing. We went back to the lodges. Once the door closed, we all looked at her with a smile.

- No seriously, CC? Amy asked.
- What? Said Elena.
- Oh, come on! She continued.
- No, no. Certainly not. Replied the drummer.
- By the way, there's Andy's mother and cousin in the audience, I added to cut the conversation.

They asked me, then, how was my evening the night before, how was his family and if I was going to present mine to him.

- I do not know. We'll see when we'll be in France.

Roxanne and Jessie came to join us. They sat on the couch.

- So what are you talking about here? She asked.
- Lexie will introduce her parents to Andy! Said Elena.
- Oh, it's serious then!
- Yes, it looks like ... I murmured with a smile.

At the end of the set of Black Veil Brides, we heard them enter the box opposite. They came to join us a few minutes later.

- Oh my God, my mother is shame on me. Said Andy, hiding his head in his hand.
- Why ? I asked.
- She had put horns on her head and she screams : it's my son!
- Are we going to see the fans? Asked Ashley in a hurry.

Neither one nor two, we were in the lobby. Andy's and cousins and mother approached me.

- You didn't tell us you played the guitar too! You sly little fox! Loïs tells me.
- Yes, the opportunity to talk about it didn't come up.
- Ah! Here it is ! She exclaimed, seeing Andy farther away.

She took him in her arms and kissed him on the cheek.

The evening ends at the hotel. When we went to sleep, something surprised me a lot.

- Andy ... are you ... sober? I asked.
- Huh? Oh yes, from time to time it doesn't hurt.
- You didn't drink because of your mother?
- Okay ... She's proud of me, I don't want to disappoint her. She always supported me for everything I did. I wanted to show her that not all rock bands are like Mötley Crüe.
- Oh ... Ok ... It's cute to protect her ...

A silence was heard.

- Good night, rabbit, I love you. I murmured in his ear.
- Me too. He said, squeezing me closer to him.



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