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Down at the Whisky

Réunion de famille

A week later, we arrived in Cincinnati, Andy's hometown, it was a day off. We got off our bus, Andy approached me and took me in his arms.

- Ah! It's been a while ! He exclaimed.

Then he began to sing the song of the "Bengals", the city's American football team. The passers-by stared at us, then some of them began to accompany him in his song followed by the rest of the band who stated to know it by heart after earring earring their singer singing it at each match. My band and I stared at each other with an eyebrow raised, slightly disturbed because of what we see.

- That's crazy how they can be patriotic around here. Elena said, looking at the crowd of people around us.
- Sure, I'm not a North Carolina bastard. He said, taunting her.
- It's so low I can't hear anything. she said falsely annoyed.

We went up to the hotel to put our things. While I was going to take a shower, Andy's cell phone rang. He picked up and I locked myself in the bathroom. When I went out, he hung up and smiled at me, staring at me.

- What? I asked.

He got up without saying a word, still this expression on his face. He took me by the waist, stuck to me and kissed me. I felt his hands move slowly and my towel dropped to my feet. Of course, you know the rest.

Later, we were lying in the bed, he held me in his arms caressing my still wet hair. He laid a kiss on my shoulder.

- It's my mother who called me earlier. He began.
- Oh?
- She learned that I was coming to town, she will come to the concert tomorrow.
- She's cool your mother.
- Yes very. She called my entire family for a meal tonight. She invited Ashley too.
- Ah ...
- I thought it would be a good opportunity, well if you want it of course, to introduce you to my mother ...
- Yes, why not. I said, shrugging my shoulders.
- I'll tell her to plan another plate. It makes me happy that you accept. I love you.
- It makes me happy that you tell me all the time "I love you" in French. I love you too bastard, I say before kissing him.

He smiled and stood up. He got dressed and took my arm.

- What? What do you want now ?
- Come on, I'll show you around the city.

Neither one nor two, we were already in the street, hand in hand. We walked for a moment and then he stopped. He pointed a building in front of us.

- It was my high school. I spent my time in the music hall singing or playing a little guitar. The teachers sometimes let me skipped their classes to practice. I'm a little nostalgic now. Do you mind to went and see?
- I don't mind. It's a bit cold here ...

We crossed the street and he pushed open the big door. The main hall was empty, our footsteps echoed on the floor. I had never been to an American high school, but it was exactly like in movies: long endless corridors, hundreds of lockers against the walls, pictures of sports teams hanging on the wall, trophy windows...

At that moment the bell rang and the corridors were suddenly filled with several hundred students.

- Come on, we're going to the music department, I want to see my teacher again. Andy said.

He made me turn in several corridors then approached an ajar door. In the room, a man was sitting on his desk with a guitar on his legs. Andy knocked quietly.

- Yes ? Asked the teacher, turning around.

Andy pushed open the door and put himself in the frame without saying a word. The man looked at him for a long time, squinting before saying simply:

- Biersack? "

Andy smiled then, the man smiled back. He got out of his desk, put his guitar down and hug Andy.

- My favorite student!

Andy laughed.

- You're the only one to say that!
- I don't doubt it, but you were a great student in music.
- Unbelievable ! I said surprised.

The teacher let go of the singer and saw me behind him. He came to greet me.

- I imagine you are Miss Biersack? "

I started to laugh.

- No, just his girlfriend for now. I said.
- So you calm down Biersack?
- Well ... Yes somehow.
- Arf, you've changed since high school. And obviously in a good way, he says. So, do you continue singing?
- Yes, yes, I sing in a band. We're on tour and we play tomorrow night in town, that's why I'm here, I haven't really been back in Cincinnati since I moved to Los Angeles.
- That's very good, you were already very promising in this area. It's really fantastic that you have succeeded.
- Thank you, a little luck and a good teacher. You seem having class, I think we'd better leave. Andy ends up seeing two students enter the room.
- Thank you for stopping by! I will come tomorrow if I have the opportunity then.

We came out and a few meters away:

- Andy ?! A girl started.

He turned around and the girl ran towards him. She was small, thin, with long brown hair, her face looks like him.

- Have you recognized me since all this time? He asked the high school girl.
- What a question ! But you better anyway, I remember when you had that weird haircut, she replied with a laugh.
- We all make mistakes. But you were terribly young at the time?
- Well it was just four years ago, you know, I was only 11 years old, but it's not prehistory either ...
- Ah, here's my girlfriend, Lexie. He said suddenly introducing me.
- Nice to meet you. I said, shaking her hand. Even if I don't know who you are.
- I'm Megan, his cousin. She explained, smiling at me. So we'll see you tonight!
- Yes, obviously. I say a little uncomfortable.
- Perfect ! You are so cute together. So tonight then! She concludes before running back to her class.

Then we went back to the street, we walked a long time. He showed me where he and his high school friends liked to hang out. Then, in the evening, we went to the driveway of a house. He knocked on the door and a cheerful woman opened.

- Andy! She said, taking him in her arms. I missed you.
- You too.

She let go and saw me.

- You must be Lexie! Oh, I'm so happy kids! She said, taking us in her arms.
- It's ok mom, calm down.
- Oh, but I'm happy to see you! Anyway don't stay there, enter and settle down.

The house was certainly not huge but big enough to accommodate a lot of people. Andy took my hand and led me to his old room. The walls were covered with posters of Kiss, Mötley Crüe and Twisted Sister. He closed the door behind me and kissed me. He told me a little about his childhood and his family.

- Andy! Ashley, Megan and Chris are here! His mother said through the door.

We went out of his room to join everyone in the living room. I followed Andy's mother in the kitchen.

- You need help to prepare the meal Mrs. Biersack? I asked.
- If you want, you can help me prepare the pumpkin pie. Oh, and call me Loïs.
- Okay, Loïs. I said, turning to the task.
- You know, I'm happy for you two. It's good that Andy has settled himself with someone.

Suddenly, a head passed through the kitchen door.

- Hello my love !

Loïs turned around.

- Ah, Pete! You're finally here! Let me introduce you to Lexie, Andy's girlfriend. "

He came in and came to greet me.

- Pete has been my husband for over 22 years now. She explained.

Once we had prepared everything, we sat down around the big table in the living room. There was Pete, Loïs, Ashley, Megan, Chris (Megan's father and Loïs's brother) and Regan (Loïs's younger sister who seemed to be the same age as Andy). All this was very strange, even uncomfortable enough, but they were all pleasantly kind. Ashley sat next to Regan and spoke to him without taking his eyes off her chest.

- Dude! Said Andy to the bass player.

He turned to his best friend.

- It's my aunt that you hitting on. It's pretty uncomfortable.

Ashley went back to tease his plate, a little disappointed. Regan smiled.

- No, but I'm kidding. You do what you want. He caught up.
- Ah! Ashley shot back to Regan.

After the meal we stayed at Loïs's place to chat on the couch. She took pictures of her baby son.

- Oh no, mom! He exclames.
- What ? Lexie is the first of your girlfriends to stay long enough to see them!

He curled up in a corner of the sofa, ashamed, hiding his face in a pillow.

- Look how cute he was. She said, showing me a picture of him naked in the bathtub.

I started to smile a little sadistically perhaps.

- He has grown well. She added.
- And everywhere. I concluded.

Andy lowered his pillow to kiss me, his face red with shame. We slept there, in his old room, I was happy of that evening.



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