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Down at the Whisky

I remember Halloween

A quick little advance to the Halloween show. It's October 31, tonight we're doing a concert in Seattle. It was cold and raining.

We were in the boys' bus, Andy and I were kissing each other, Sheena win against CC and Jinxx at poker. Suddenly, Jake tumbled into the bus, fully soaked with two plastic bags. We turned to him wondering what was inside.

- It's Halloween! He shouted, raising his bags.
- Are we going to do something special? Jinxx asked.
- We're going to dress up ... As MISFITS! He shouted.

They stared at Jinxx with a questioning look, but I already knew their answer.

- Oh come on! He begged.
- But of course you silly ! Exclaims Andy standing up.
- And what do we do? Sheena asked to our group.
- We're dress up too. Elena suggested.
- PREUM'S ZOMBIE! Sheena shouted.
- DAMN IT! Jura Amy. Well, I'm doing ...
- PREUM'S SALLY! Exclaims Elena.
- But ..., Amy cried.
- Preum's la Catrina. I added.
- OH ! Amy complained. I'll do Lily Munster then, she concludes. "

In the afternoon we went to the city to buy costumes, make-up and fake blood.

- My love ! Andy said as I entered the box of the guys. You can help me with makeup please.
- Of course, I replied with a smile.

Once his makeup finished, I took out my camera and photographed him, before kissing him and returning to change in the dressing room. Roxanne was putting on Sheena's zombie makeup. I change myself. I put on a fitted black dress and put on my heels of the same color before settling in front of the mirror to tie my hair in a bun, completing it with a barrette surmounted by a red rose. I then do my makeup.

Our intro came to an end and we went on stage. At the end of the set, we met the boys dressed and made up like the Misfits in the hallway.

- I'm going to get my camera! Don't move ! I exclaimed, running to the lodge.

When I came back, I saw Sheena fight with Andy.

- It's my bottle! It's for the concert! He shouted.
- Bullshit ! You have already started drinking it! Sheena answered, pulling the bottle of Jack Daniels with all her strength.
- Elena leave them! There's some on the bus. I say.
- Oh yes ! She realized, letting go of the bottle.

Then she went to the bus. During this time, I took some pictures of the boys.

- On stage ! Shouted the manager.

CC went up, followed by Ashley and the others. I grabbed Andy on the way. He kissed me, but I held him back.

- Have you already started drinking? "

He shrugged.

- Two shots. I have to go, I love you. "

He kissed me again and disappeared. I gasped.

After the concert, we went out into the street to scare the children who went door-to-door. Andy and Ashley had prepared rotten eggs to throw on the houses.

- RUN ! Andy yelled running after swinging an egg on a window.

Roxanne and Dennis held Jessy by one hand and brought her door-to-door to collect candy.

- Oh ! But here is a pretty little ghost! Exclaimed a little old woman opening her door. Here are some lollipops.
- What do we say Jessie? Roxanne asked.
- Thank you ! She exclaimed.

The old lady looked up at the parents.

- Oh, you dress up yourself too!

Dennis and Roxanne looked at each other and gave a knowing smile.

- There is no age to celebrate Halloween, isn't it? She asked.
- Absolutely! Dennis replied with a broad smile.

When we returned, Roxanne went to sleep Jessie and joined us in the guy's bus. As with our (bad) habit after the concert, we drank a lot. Halloween night brings bad jokes, but also very good ones.

The evening gradually faded and the girls went to bed, Dennis drunk crumbled gradually before going directly into his bunk. CC whispered something in Roxanne's ear and she giggled. We still continued the evening more calmly in the small lounge of the bus. After a while, CC got up and picked up the TV remote. He went to Dennis's bunk.

- Dude. Hey ! Wake up.
- Hummff ??
- An important phone call for you from Metal Hammer.
- Hmm ...

He took the remote and put it in his ear.

- Hello? He asked.

A general laughter took us.


He pulled the remote from his ear and looked at him anxiously. Then he laugh with us.

- Best prank ever! He exclaimed. Bravo, all my respect, but it's not good to do that in a moment of weakness.

Roxanne came to kiss her husband, still laughing.

- My idiot husband.
- I love you too, Roxy.

However, Dennis had already prepared a surprise for CC. When the latter, tired went to bed and put his head on his pillow a big "CRUNCH CRUNCH" was heard. CC raised his head immediately bumping into the top bunk and groaning in pain. Dennis got up in the opposite bunk and made fun of him by pointing at him.

- What's this shit ?! CC asked, opening his pillowcase.
- AH AH AH AH ! Continued Dennis. I put crisps in your pillowcase!
- My joke was funny! Your's, it's just boring!

CC then swung his pillow in his mouth to silence him.

- Stop, there are people who want to sleep. I said, half asleep in Andy's arms.
- Yeah for once ... He added tired.



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