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Down at the Whisky

First Interview

Revolver: What is the story of the band?

Sheena: Well, basically we were three: Elena, Amy and I, we have been friends for a few years now, we met in high school. In short, we were looking for a guitarist and a singer and Lexie is a product two in one!

Lexie: I came to the United States about six months ago, I believe, and Amy came to post ads in the bar where I worked. I called her right away to tell her that I was a guitarist, we talked and we realized that we had a lot of affinity, especially in music. We had the same interpretation of what the band should be. So, she didn't really stuck her ad. (Laughter)

Revolver: Lexie, where are you from?

Lexie: France, born, raised and proud to be!

Revolver: How did you meet the Black Veil Brides and how did you get their first part?

Elena: We were playing at the Whiskey A Go Go in L.A and they were in the room. They came to talk to us after our set and they offered to play for them in first part.

Revolver: Have you ever released albums?

Sheena: We have a 10-song EP. Basically, it was a very traditional recording, but with the tour, our label reissued it so that it could be sold at the end of the concerts. It's soberly called Backbite, like our band.

Revolver: By the way, why Backbite?

Elena: We're rattlesnakes and we bite people. (Machiavellian smile)

Revolver: I imagine this is your first tour, how is it going?

Amy: Pretty good I would say, we are well surrounded.

Elena: Yes, the Black Veil Brides are handsome males. We are very lucky, especially Lexie ...

Amy: No, that's not really what I wanted to talk about. The guys in the band are used to big tours because they are pretty well known, so it's nice to have them on hand for advice.

Revolver: Isn't it hard to be surrounded by boys in the time ?

Lexie: For now no, everything is fine, we share many similarities ... They all are crazy and are very nice!

Sheena: You also need to know that we don't really live with them. For example, they have their tourbus and we have ours. Well, that doesn't stop us from spending a lot of time with them.

Revolver: When will a real album be out?

Sheena: Soon I think. We have a few spare songs that aren't on the EP and that we play sometimes, and being on tour doesn't stop us from composing.

Amy: We'll probably record during the tour break, before the festival season.

Revolver: What's surprising is that it looks like there is no leader in your band.

Elena: Well, you ask to meet the whole band so everyone is talking. I don't know, I find this question stupid.

Lexie: Then yes it's true, we do everything together, it's democratic.

Revolver: Let's focus on your music. What style would you rank in?

Sheena: I would say heavy metal ...

Elena: I agree.

Amy: Plus one.

Lexie: It's true that it's pure heavy metal: short songs, highlighting the bass, heavy scratchy guitar sounds and all the desert imagery and 70's heavy metal style ... But I admit that I would really liked doing something a little more 'Blues Rock'. Maybe one day ...

Revolver: Thank you girls! A word for the end?

Elena: Give us your money !!! (general laughter)

Amy: I hope readers will not take Elena seriously!

Lexie: Don't go to the bathroom while we play!



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