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Down at the Whisky

The proposition

As usual, in our concerts, there were thirty people in front of the stage who were listening to us, (in the good days), the heavy guys, the perverts who shouted at us to get naked and the people who didn't care, those who were leaning on the bar or sitting between pals around a table. I think he was a part of this last category.

We had just started our fifth song, I believe, when a guy came on the stage. He tried to catch Amy, the lead guitarist, then failing, he had thrown himself at me. Then Amy, Sheena and Elena stopped everything and tried to separate him from me. I saw Elena's nose bleeding and I threw myself on this guy, ready to crush my guitar on his head but this guy then appeared and held it. At first, I thought he was going to try to beat me too, but no. He stopped me and he looked me straight in the eye.

"Never do that to your guitar." Then he turned to the guy and approached him. "Dude, if you do it again you will have to deal with my friends and I."

He pointed to a group of four guys sitting around a table covered with empty bottles. My attacker came down and this guy told us to continue our song and he went to join his friends. So we took the set again. In the end, the bar was pretty emptied. We were repacking our stuffs when a waiter brought us J├Ągermeister shooters from the five guys at the back table. We looked at them, raised our glasses and emptied them. We finished packing our stuff when they came to talk to us.

- So, how good were our J├Ągermeisters? Asked one of the guys.
- It's always better when it's free. Sheena replied

He laughed at his remark and they all start to introduced themselves:

- I'm Jinxx. Said the smallest.
- I'm Jake! Said another.
- CC. Continued another of the boys
- My name is Andy. Said my "savior". And it's Ashley. He finished showing the one who had approached us.
- Thanks for everything. I replied with a smile and started the conversation.
- You're welcome and don't forget to treat your instruments with respect.
- You know, I could have done it alone, it's not the first time it happens.
- Do you usually fight on stage? He asked me.
- Usually? I wouldn't say that but I have already been involved in fights.
- And you already won? He asked with a big smile.
- More often than you might think. I replied also smiling.
- Girls. Started Jinxx. So we're a band as you might know, a bit like yours, and we're going on tour.
- So ? Amy asked.
- Well, we're looking for a band to do the first part. And we liked what you did tonight.
- So ? Add Amy.
- Don't you make the connection in your head ?! Yelled Sheena. They want us!
- Ah ! Exclaims Amy, shaking her head slowly up and down, seeming to understand.

The five friends laughed at the slowness of our drummer.

- And what is the name of your band? I asked curious.
- Wait, you don't us? Andy asked.
- We should? Elena said, raising an eyebrow.
- Well we are a well known band in this music so... Anyway, it's okay, we're ....
- WE ARE... Ashley cut Andy, taking a step forward and opening his arms like a rockstar. THE BLACK VEIL BRIDES ! He finished in an extraordinary scream.

All the people in the bar turned around and they all took different poses a few seconds as to be photographed and some girls approached them asking for autographs while we looked at them with a odd look.

- Alright. Ashley suddenly said, breaking the improbable poses of his colleagues and the book signing. So for the first part proposal?

Elena, Amy, Sheena and I looked at each other with a shrug, but deep down we were all agreed: we couldn't miss such a chance, it was our ticket to a possible glory.

- If you don't decide, we're going eh. Ashley said in a false serious tone, taking a few steps towards the exit.
- Of course we accept! Sheena replied energetically. How does it work?
- Well, we get in touch in the week, we repeat for a week and the tour starts the next week. Jinxx explained.
- And of course you agree to follow us all over the country, in Europe and Australia. Andy smiles.
- WHAT? Exclaims Amy.
- Ah you too are afraid of the plane. Ashley said relieved to find a person in the same case as himself.
- No, I'm just happy with the prospect of traveling around the world.
- Ah ... he mumbled disappointed.

We all laughed at his remark and we sat around a table drinking, chatting and laughing all night long. Sheena and Ashley threw themselves into a Jack Daniel's shooters battle and ended up laughing for everything and nothing. Amy told CC and Jake how she had sent a drunk guy to the hospital at a concert and they stared at her with star-studded eyes. Jinxx explained the origin of the BVB to Sheena. And Andy approached me. We talked about each other and looked at each other in the eyes. We were inches from each other. We drank and laugh for nothing. I couldn't even remember what we had talked about and still today I don't remember it ...



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