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The Hard Rocker and the Grunge

Chapter Four

Andy’s POV~

I watched her walk away just like that. She has gotten so cruel over the years, I don’t even know what I did.

I heard a knock on the front door and I opened it to find Scout leaning against the doorway. She invited herself in and sat on the couch. I smelt cologne on her and it wasn’t one I wore as I sat next to her. I decided to ignore it and ask about it later. “Andy?” she was waving her hand in front of my face while chuckling. When I finally realized what was happening I felt her straddle my lap and start grinding. I put my hands on her hips and went in for a kiss. She started undressing herself keeping her bra and shorts on, I was pulling my shirt off and I moved her to where she was was laying down on the couch. My phone was going off and Scout just rolled her eyes and turned it off. She went to pull my boxers off and the doorbell went off. “I’ll get it” Scout said while pulling my shirt on. She slammed the door with a smirk on her face. “Let’s get back to where we left off” “Who was at the door?” I asked while squinting my eyes. “Oh just...a solicitor” she sent me her all too famous fake smile. I ran my fingers through my hair and I sighed heavily. “Scout I think you need to go” Then I slipped my jeans back on, “I forgot my parents should be home soon” I left up the stairs to my room with Scout hot on my ass. “You want me, your girlfriend to leave” she seemed pissed now. “Listen Scout, I’m just not in the mood tonight”. She came up to me with tears in her eyes.” Do you not love me anymore?” she was getting loud now “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay” I kissed the top of her head and lead her down the stairs and kissed her on her way out.


Ashley found me just standing in the middle of the buses, “Dude come on” I was pulled out of my daze I followed him while wondering what I had done to Taylor and why she wasn’t as excited to see me here. Ash and I were heading to the bonfire and a couple of other bands were there too. Looking around I saw the guys from Asking, Motionless and Taylor's band. She sent me a sad smile and got up to walk towards me until she got a glimpse of Scout who was once again leeched to my side. She then walked over to Chris and sat next to him and smiled a genuine smile. I got jealous and was about to do something until Scout pulled us over to where an empty log was. I sat down and she sat in my lap and placed my arms around her waist, I kept looking at Taylor and Chris laughing with one another, I wish I could have made her that happy.


Hey guys, I totally forgot I started a story and that I needed to upload! I can't promise it will be frequent because in all honesty,it could be another couple of months or weeks before another chapter. But I will promise I will finish it and I hope you guys enjoy what I've got so far!


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