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The Hard Rocker and the Grunge

Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Andy's POV~

That night while I was sitting in my bunk I was questioning myself as to why I was with Scout. It's not like I didn't know she cheats on me while I'm on tour, but I guess that's what I get for taking a cheat back so many times.
Someone who would never have done this to me is the person I abandoned so many years ago to be with Scout. My God, I miss Taylor so much; I'd do anything to go back to that lonesome week in high school.


The guys and I had an early show today, the crowd was amazing as always. So after we were going to see a few bands before the meet and greet. A lot of the bands playing warped are new to me; like The Pretty Reckless, but that chick has a unique set of vocal skills.
Ash elbowed me to look at the girl I saw on the stage once before, she was wearing a leather jumpsuit with pumps, her black eye makeup making her eyes pop in every right way; and the way she let her body flow to the beat of the music was almost mesmerizing. She said her thanks as the set was over and she then ran off the stage and out of my gaze.
As Ash and I turned away to see another band the crowd started shouting a name, a name so foreign yet familiar at the same time caught my attention, but as I turned my head to look, no one was there.
"Damn dude, did you see that babe on stage?" I knew that sentence. He was about to sexualize her and make her seem like a sexual need. "Yeah, she might even be hotter than Scout" I said in the same tone of voice as he did before me. "More like definitely" Ash smirked.

Taylor's POV~

They were all chanting my name but it was the same routine every day. As we all walked to the meet and greet tent I saw two familiar faces one, I never thought I'd see again; the other I was sure I'd never want to see again.


I pulled up outside his house not sure of what to say, I reached my shaking hand up to the door only to be greeted by a brunette with only a shirt on, Andy's shirt to be exact. "Uh, is Andy here?" I asked, "Who wants to know?" She smirked. I was confused, I had never seen this girl in my life yet she acts as though she hates my guts. "Listen, I just need to ask Andy why he left me at school" I lowered my head. She chuckled a bit which made me angry. "What?" I asked rudely.."Don't you see that he's done with you?, I mean really... who in the world would really want you in their life?" She slammed the door in my face and I stood there dumbfounded by what she has just said to me. Minutes later I got a photo of Scout on top of Andy sucking his face. That's when I cut off all communication and changed my number, to hide from the one I loved.

I saw them walking hand and hand and I knew that I would have to stay clear of them, so I headed over to the motionless tent where thankfully Chris was.

Andy's POV~

Scout had disappeared once again, so I was left all alone. But I didn't mind, it gave me more time to go out and look for that girl. I wonder where she could have run off to. After a few minutes of walking I finally saw a familiar head of long blonde hair that belongs to that girl. As I got closer I realized she was talking to Chris an old friend of mine. "Ahem, hi I'm An..." my sentence was cut short when I came face to face with her blue orbs. "Hi, Andy" Taylor uncomfortably said.



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