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The Hard Rocker and the Grunge

Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Andy’s POV~

“Thank you Florida!” I ran off the stage alongside my bandmates. Warped tour was always one of the best tours we go on, “Good job baby” my girlfriend Scout told me as she went to kiss me. I moved my head and just smiled at her and told her a brief thanks. The band was getting stuff of the stage as the next band could set up, the band was a bunch of middle aged men and a young girl, almost around my age.
The crowd was getting riled up, I’m guessing they’re a popular band? I stayed to the back side of the stage as music started playing, that was when the girl came walking onto the stage seductively. I got to listen to half of the song before Scout came whining about wanting to go back to the bus.

Taylors POV~

“Don’t bless me father for I have sinned” I whispered seductively into the mic. The crown went wild as I started singing the words to “I’m going to hell” one of our most popular songs. “Please forgive me father, I didn’t mean to bother you…” I sang as I went to the crowd to get to the barricade. “ The devil's in me father, he’s inside of everything I do” as the music got louder I looked to the side of the stage to see a man being dragged away by a girl, but I didn’t think much of it, while using the mic stand I sang the rest of the song. After the set was finished and I announced our meet and greet time, we ran off the stage and jumped up and down.
At this point my eye shadow and eyeliner was running down my face so I headed towards the bus to freshen up before the meet and greet. As Ben and I approached the bus door a tall man with semi-long hair and studs on his scalp came up to talk to us. “Hey, I happened to see your guy’s set and I thought you guys rocked, oh by the way; my name is Chris” he winked to me, my face was a bright red shade at this point. He infatuated me to a great extent. “I know who you are, I’ve listened to your band since high school, you’re one of my biggest inspirations for getting into the music industry” I looked to Ben to only realize he was already in the bus. “Well then, I guess I’ll see you later, Miss Momsen” he then grabbed my hand and kissed the back of it like when Jack kissed Roses hand on Titanic. I internally screamed for being awkward before getting onto the bus to freshen up.


Hopefully you guys like this chapter! Have an amazing day guys!!
Bye turtles <3


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