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The Hard Rocker and the Grunge

Chapter One

Chapter One

People always called them the strange couple, since birth to senior year. Andy was the tall emo boy in the halls yet Taylor was the shorter Girlish type figure, everyone wondered how their relationship worked out. Their mothers were best friends so it was only expected for them to be friends as well, Halloween’s spent dressing up as dynamic duos, from Batman and Robin to Joker and Harly Quinn they were both in for a world of change.

Taylors POV~

“He hasn’t been to school in days”, I say quietly to myself as I walked down the dark halls looking for my best friend. I pulled out my phone to send another one of the many “where are you” texts he’s been ignoring for so long. Just as I was about to give up a pair of hands covered my eyes, “Guess who?” the familiar voice of my best friend said, playfully thinking I put my index finger and thumb to my chin, “hmm, let me guess..is it Batman?”, Andy then removed his hands from my face and turned me towards him engulfing me into a hug; but not one of those “i’ve missed you” hugs, it was something more sincere than that. “Where have you been?” I said, giving him a stern look, “That’s what I came here to talk to you about” he looked the other way.

That was the last day I would talk to him...


Hey guys! It's Jess, so I've been planning out this story the past few month now, and I know the way it's going to go and all that already!! I i'd very much appreciate if you just give this story a chance, even though it's cheesy as hell. But enjoy turtles!!!


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