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Return of the Legion

The War Room

Ava's POV
The Destroyer took me through a crowded tunnel only for us to emerge in a dark cavern somewhere. Around me, Wild Ones were lighting torches, to reveal we were in a cave-like structure.

"Where are we?" I whisper, looking around in awe.

"Welcome to the mountain," The Destroyer replies, with a lighthearted chuckle, "It's our home away from home."

"Home...?" I murmur, remembering the fight I had with Ivy. I hope she's okay.

"What is it?" He asks, watching me with concern.

I shake my head and tell him, "Nothing. I'm just worried about Ivy."

Just as he's about to respond a long, thin flame reaches out high above us, lighting all the torches along the walls.

The Destroyer laughs again and says, "Thank you, Jinxx. I'm sure she'll be alright. The Prophet and Deviant are with her, probably distracting the enemy, so we could get out. Even doing that, I don't think there's a safer place for her."

"What do you mean?" I inquire, watching him solemnly.

"Well, knowing The Deviant, with her being his Eve so to speak, he won't let anything happen to her. And The Prophet...Well, he wouldn't do anything to put any of the Wild Ones in jeopardy," he thoughtfully explains with a shrug of his shoulder, before wrapping his arm around me, "Not to mention, those two are as thick as thieves. The Deviant is The Prophet's right hand man, after all."

I had no idea they were all so close...Ivy, I'm sorry I ever doubted you. If you're out there, please come back to me safe and sound.

"She's still mortal. Because of me, she never got to do the binding, did she?" I whisper, following the group further into the cavern to a wide open area.

He sighs deeply, a serious look in his hazel eyes, "No, she didn't, but if The Prophet and Deviant have anything to say about it, she'll be fine. Besides being immortal doesn't mean you're indestructible."

"That's what The Deviant told me," I quietly reply, looking down at the stony ground in front of me as we continue walking.

"Hey," he whispers, pulling me closer to his side, "She'll be just fine. They won't be far behind us, I'm sure. Besides, have you met Ivy? That girls got more spunk than anyone I've ever met, except maybe Eve and Ari. And speak of the Devil."

"Huh?" I hum, following his gaze to a purple, blue and green haired woman.

"Hey! Ari!" He calls out, waving with his free hand. The woman turns around with a frown that quickly turns into a large grin.

"CC!" She squeals happily, moving through the crowd to get to us, "It's been forever!"

He smiles, hugging her as she reaches us, and says, "Tell me about it. When did you get back?"

"Just last night. Wanted to see Jinxx before I was sent out again," She replies, then turns her attention to me as she pulls away, saying in a suggestive tone "And who's your friend here?"

"Your great niece," he replies with a laugh, "Ava, meet Ari. Ari, this is Ava."

Her blue eyes light up with recognition as she looks at me again, "You're...You're Eve's granddaughter?"

"Y-Yes," I nervously reply, looking up at her as I bow my head slightly.

She looks up at The Destroyer with wide eyes, as if she's seen a ghost and hisses, "When? How?"

He looks around and says, "Not here. Let's go somewhere a little more...private."

She nods, mocking his motion, before she takes his hand and leads us to the wall of the large room and down a long hallway. Before entering the hallway though, she grabs one of the lower hanging torches. At a break, she makes a left, then stops before a blocked opening.

She turns to The Destroyer, who's sighs and looks around again, before punching the doorway, knocking the bolder out of the way. We head inside the dark room and she lights two more torches while he pushes the bolder back into place.

The small room is decorated with old furniture and decor. It almost reminds me of the museum we went to on a class field trip years ago.

"What is this place?" I whisper, clinging tightly to The Destroyer's side as I continue to take in every detail of the room.

"The war room," he says, "Get used to it. You'll be seeing it a lot more now that this has happened."

"Do we even know what's happened?' Ari demands, setting the torch she was carrying in a decorative holder on the far end of the room.

"Only Andy knows at the moment," he offers.

"He had another vision?" Ari inquires, arching an perfect eyebrow.

"Yeah," he answers, pulling out a chair for me, then pushing it in when I'm seated and taking the chair beside me. Ari takes the chair on the other side of the large wooden table, and looks at us expectantly.

"So, explain," She demands, leaning back in her chair.

"Remember Alex and Beth?" The Destroyer asks, to which she nods, listening intently, "Ava's their daughter, and her twin sister Ivy should be joining us soon."

Her eyes widen in surprise at his words, before she whispers, "So the prophecy...?"

"It's coming to pass. Ava's The Rebel," he replies, "Ivy's The Priestess and has already discovered her ability. She's already pretty good with it too."

"What's her ability?" Ari asks, leaning forward, smiling in wonder.

"She can manipulate metal," I offer, finally speaking up, "She turned a tire iron into a figurine of an angel earlier."

"Oh, that is fascinating," Ari comments, her smile growing.

"Yeah, and then she turned the angel into a giant bullet when Andy picked it up," The Destroyer adds, "And speaking of bullets, she removed two from Ava earlier when we were on a mission and then one from her shoulder. When we got back, she removed numerous bullets from new members."

"What happened?" She demands, her eyes nearly popping out of her head.

"We were ambushed a couple times. It was like they somehow knew what we were planning," he explains as a flame sneaks in through a crack and he calls out, "Alright!"

He walks over to the bolder again, moving it out of the way, letting The Prophet, Mystic, Mourner, Deviant and Ivy in.

I leap from my chair and crash into her, grateful to see she's okay, but she seems...distracted. There's a distant look in her eyes as hugs me back.

"Ivy? What's wrong?" I quietly inquire, pulling away to look at her.

Her eyes stay fixed on the spot in front of her as she silently shakes her head. She walks past me without a word and I watch in confusion as The Deviant gently takes hold of her shoulders, a worried look in his eyes, as he leads her to the table.

He helps her sit down, carefully pushing in her chair for her and sitting beside her. What happened to her out there?

The Destroyer closes the makeshift door again, then takes hold of my hand, pulling me towards the table again. He helps me sit down again, then as he sits he asks, "So what exactly happened?"

The Deviant holds tightly to my sister's hand as tears fill her eyes. He then pulls her close, resting her head on his chest, circling her with his large, black wings. Whatever happened has left my sister in a catatonic state.

"Is she okay?" The Mourner asks, looking at The Deviant's wings.

"She will be," The Prophet states, "She just needs time to process everything."

"Process what exactly?" The Mystic demands.

The Prophet sighs deeply before explaining everything in great detail. It's no wonder she's in a state of shock. She just went through hell trying to save the Wild Ones, by buying us time. I would probably be the same way if that happened to me, and to find out that the real head of F.E.A.R. has returned? How is that even possible?

"Excellent question, Ava," The Prophet says, looking directly at me, "William Control, the founder of the Church of F.E.A.R., is an immortal, like us. The only difference is, he can't die the way we can."

"What does that mean?" I ask, meeting his icey blue eyes.

"He can only be killed one way, but we didn't have the means to do it, until now," he replies, "You and Ivy are the key to this."

"How?" I demand, fearing the answer.

"You two, and only you two, have special gifts unlike anything we've ever seen," he offers, "It's these gifts that will bring him down for good."

"But how? We don't even know what my gift is?" I snap, slamming my hands on the table and standing up, now glaring at The Prophet, "Enough with the riddles!"

"We're going to learn what your gift is tonight. We're doing the binding. This means momentarily, Ivy's going to die, and at this point, I'm willing to bet you can save her," he says sternly, "The Deviant will start it, and aftet you revive her, The Mystic will lead the binding part of ceremony. Once we know your ability, we'll start training and planning tomorrow."

"Prophet, we can't do that to Ivy right now. She's too far gone," The Mourner whispers, looking at my sister, who's still hidden behind The Deviant's wings.

"Then work your magic, Mourner," The Prophet orders, and suddenly, The Mourner's attitude shifts.

Setting his jaw in a hard line, he glares at The Prophet, but follows his orders without question. Walking around the table to The Deviant, he nods.

The Deviant watches him like a hawk, the room becoming more tense by the second, as he unfurls his wings. My sister hasn't moved a single inch from where she was when he hid her. It's actually quite terrifying to see her in this state.

Taking a deep breath, The Mourner places his hands on my sister's head, then she slowly begins to come back to herself. Once she's completely back, he releases her, and she looks around with a questioning glance.

The Deviant carefully places his wings back around her, allowing her head to poke out this time and he whispers something I can't hear to her.

She nods in silent agreement, then he helps her onto to table, following after her. She lays in the center and nods to me, a small smile creeping onto her lips, as he pulls her into his arms again.

"I trust you," She whispers, as The Deviant quietly starts chanting something, in a language I can't understand. The light in her eyes slowly begins to fade, then she becomes motionless and her body falls limp...She's really...No...

"Ava!" The Prophet snaps, pulling me from my panic.

I nod, gently resting my hands on her chest, praying that I can save her.

'You can, daughter of Eve: The Divine,' a male voice says and it's like no one else in the room can hear it, 'I give you the gift of lightening. Use it wisely.'

Suddenly volts of electricity spring through my palms, into my sister's chest, and she jumps, taking in a deep, yet weak, breath as I remove my hands. The Mystic begins the next chant, in the same odd language and my sister cries out in agony.

"Wha-What's going on?" I breathe, stepping back from the table as tears spring up in my eyes.

"It'll be okay," Ari whispers to me, wrapping her arms around my head and shoulders in a motherly fashion.

Ivy finally settles as their chant comes to an end, but her breathing is still labored, as she lay in The Deviant's arms. Tears fall from his eyes as he brushes her hair back and kisses her forehead, whispering sweet nothings to her as her breathing begins to even out.

What the hell did I just witness? What did I...just...do?



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