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Return of the Legion

We Are the Fallen Angels

Ivy's POV
Once on the roof, I look down over the edge. It's a long way down if there were to be a slip. For a little added security, I decide to try something.

I walk to The Destroyer and call out to The Prophet for some help, "Hold her upright."

He does as I've asked without question, as I undo her belt and loop it through The Destroyer's before relatching it. Seeing Ava was nearly unconscious at this point, I sigh. If she slips even just a fraction, that belt isn't going to hold her.

"Mystic, I need your belt," I call out, and immediately he obliges. I wrap it around The Destroyer's chest, then take the one around The Prophet's waist. I wrap that one around Ava and loop the belts together, before turning to The Destroyer and saying, "Take care of my sister. If anything happens to her, I'll kill you myself."

"He won't," The Prophet answers, "Like you and Ash, seems he's linked to her. Ava will be safe with him."

I nod, before returning to The Deviant's side and looping our belts together. He smirks at me before asking, "You ready for this?"

"Not really, but the Wild Ones are counting on us. We can't fail them," I reply, taking in a deep breath and clinging to him.

"I won't let you fall. Trust me," he whispers, grabbing hold of my hips and pulling me closer.

"I do trust you," I murmur, my grip tightening and my eyes clamping shut as he takes off.

I feel him do a bit of a roll, midair, so I'm laying across him, and my eyes spring open in surprise. He smiles up at me and shouts over the wind, "Told you I wouldn't let you fall!"

Laughing, I call back, "Are you sure you can fly like this?"

He looks up in front of us with a shrug, then back to me and says, "The don't call me The Deviant for nothing! Now hold on!"

He flies faster, racing between and around the tall buildings that surround us. The strong winds blow my long side ponytail in every direction as I release a laugh, enjoying the entire experience.

Slowly I release my hold on him, stretching my arms out, as if they were wings, while his hands grip my hips and lower back securely. He laughs up at me, causing me to look down at him. He looks so breathtakingly handsome right now that I hardly notice the people below, looking up at us in awe.

"Looks like we'll be coming in for a landing soon!" I call out, as he looks up and nods.

"Hold on tight! Might get a little bumpy!" He retorts, shifting his hold on me as he straightens out and lands, running into the landing, slowing down as he goes until we've come to a complete stop.

Setting me back on my feet, he smirks and asks, "That wasn't so bad, now was it?"

"Not bad at all, Deviant," I reply, a little breathlessly, smiling up at him.

His wild eyes soften at my words as he takes hold of my hands, kissing them and whispers, "Ashley. Call me Ashley."

What little breath I had in my lungs, leaves in a rush at his soft, kind words. He...He wants me to call him by his given name?

I nod, coming back to myself as I whisper, "Ashley."

His smile widens at the name and he hugs me tightly, lifting me off the ground again and spinning us around. I can't help but laugh at his antics, but it's cut short by his lips on mine.

"Enough tonguing her, Deviant," The Prophet states as he lands nearby, "Save it for when we get back to base."

"Fine," Ashley replies, laughing and shaking his head as he releases me and undoes our interlocked belts, playfully grumbling, "He never let's me have any fun."

"Not in the middle of a battlefield," The Prophet shoots back with a smirk as a wall of people come racing towards us.

"Are they the true Wild Ones?" I quietly demand, staring at them in awe.

"Yeah. Looks like we got our numbers. There's more than I thought there would be here," The Prophet replies, smiling joyously as he looks back at me, "All thanks to you and your sister. Thank you, Ivy."

"Don't mention it. We just did our job," I say, brushing off his thanks.

"Whether it was your job or not, you still helped change how these last battles are going to play out. Now we stand a chance at winning this war," he counters, though I barely catch it over the familiar sound of my sister's screams, as The Destroyer comes in for a landing.

"Ava!" I call out to her, getting her attention, as he lowers them to the ground, "Calm down!"

"Calm down?" She demands, staring at me as if I'd just grown two heads and a tail, "You're fucking insane! What is happening? How is he flying?"

"They're fallen angels, just like dad, just like us," I offer.

"Like us? We're not fallen angels!" She shouts, trying to pull away from The Destroyer, but the belts restrict her movements.

"We're related to The Prophet and Eve, so trust me, we are...Well, we're half," I explain, walking over to her, resting my hand on her shoulder as I wave my hand in front of the belts.

Like snakes, they untangle themselves, the two that belong to The Prophet and Mystic falling to the ground around them. I raise them up to my hands, then pass the one to The Prophet.

"Exactly as she said, you're half, otherwise she wouldn't have been able to do that," The Prophet states, taking hold of the belt and wrapping it around his waist again, "Only humans with fallen angel blood, or those who are fallen angels themselves, are given gifts like these."

"I can't believe it," She denies our explanation, "I don't have gifts like that, so maybe she is, but I'm not."

"We're twins...It would be awfully hard for me to be half fallen angel and you to be full human," I retort, giving her the 'You're just being ridiculous now' look.

"Ivy's right," The Mystic says, walking over to us, "And you do, they just haven't been awoken yet. You're sisters life hasn't been in mortal danger, like yours has. Only then will your abilities come out."

"Huh?" Ava and I murmur together. That confuses me even. I have to go through something like what Ava went through to...

"It's another gift. Your abilities don't awaken until you or someone you love is in moral danger. Because you had the gift to save her, her abilities remained dormant," The Prophet explains, "This allowed you two to lead normal lives, up until now. We'll explain more later, but for now we have to run."

I look over my shoulder, following The Prophet's gaze, and spot another group of people heading our way. These guys don't look overly friendly either.

Ashley grabs hold of me, as The Destroyer grabs Ava and together we fly off.

"Ashley!" I scream, "What about the others!?"

"The Prophet, Mystic and Mourner will get them to safety. For now, we have to find a bigger vehicle," he replies, searching the city below.

"There!" The Destroyer calls out, pointing with his chin to a parking lot.

Following his motion, I spot a large truck with a trailer on the back, sitting behind a warehouse. Ashley smirks and shouts, "You're a genius, CC!" then dives towards it.

Once back on the ground, we race for it. The Destroyer pulls out a man and apologizes before helping Ava in. Ashley gets in the passengers side, then pulls me up and into his lap. The Destroyer takes off as Ashley slams the door.

"Hold on, ladies and Deviant!" The Destroyer shouts, barreling through a fence, onto the highway. He takes corners as quickly as he can, until we reach the others.

Screeching to a halt, Ashley swings open the door and helps me out. He gets out next, then helps Ava. We help the new Wild Ones into the covered trailer, then we pile back into the truck as bullets start flying at us.

"Go! Go! Go!" Ashley shouts as he tries to protect us from oncoming bullets. One takes out the window beside us and lodges into my shoulder, causing me to cry out.

"Ah! Fuck!" I scream, as we take off. I grab my shoulder with my other hand, right over the bloody wound, releasing a hiss through my clenched teeth.

"Ivy!" Ava cries, grabbing hold of my uninjured arm.

"I'll be fine!" I roar as I focus on the bullet and draw it out of its originalentry point. Once it's in my hand, I sigh with relief, leaning back against Ashley.

"Baby, are you okay?" He demands, resting his hand just below my wound.

I release a shaky laugh as I reply, "I will be. Destroyer, just get us home."

"Working on it," he says, driving like a madman, until we reach the desert. About three miles in, he stops the truck and gets out.

"What's he doing?" Ava hisses, watching as he walks towards the trailer.

"Knowing him, he's probably worried about Ivy and is getting Mystic," Ashley answers, just as our door is pulled open.

"Oh, shit," The Mystic whispers, looking at my blood covered arm. He then touches it and a familiar burn radiates through it, only more intense this time as my muscles and skin repair themselves. When he removes his hand, all that's left is a pink scar and smeared blood.

"Thanks," I breathe, the pain now gone, and The Destroyer gets back in the driver's side with a grim look in his eye.

"What is it?" Ashley softly asks, looking over at his friend.

"A few of them didn't make it," he whispers, as we take off again, everyone back where they belong.

"We'll celebrate them tonight and have a feast in their honor, as well as for those we could save," Ashley replies in a sad voice.

"Celebrate?" Ava and I inquire, looking at each other.

"You'll see," The Destroyer whispers, as he continues driving deeper into the desert.

The Prophet's POV
A young girls head rests in my lap. She had long blonde hair and soft, fair skin, tainted by red blood. She couldn't have been more than 12, but sadly she didn't make it.

I look around at the shaken Wild Ones, some sobbing for their fallen brothers and sisters. Five in total lay dead, more injured.

Why couldn't I sense the sympathizers sooner? Why couldn't I stop this? I couldn't see this...Was this God's will or just a sick twist of fate?

We may never truly know...Either way, we will send them off with a celebration of their short lives, just like we have for so many others. May they one day rise from the ashes and reap the rewards of their sacrifice.




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