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Take Me Away


Catalinna is in a band with her best friend, Kate. Cat and Ashley used to be like bestfriends. Unil Ashley wanted something more than friendship. But Cat rejected him, and turned him into the player he is now. Fastforeward five years. Ashley is in a band too. Both bands end up on the Warped tour. What will happen to Ashley when Catalinna gets to him. Can she convince him to pick up where they left off? On the other side, Kate thinks she's falling for Andy, but is unable to commit. Maybe it has something to do with her locked drawer of razors, pain killers, and diet pills. Or the reason she hasn't eaten anything in a month. Follow Cat and Kate's journey through abuse, hate, pain, stupid ex's, drunken mistakes and more. Don't worry, there are plenty of good times too. These girls are broken. Can the boys put them back together?


Catalinna Rezno

Catalinna Rezno

O.o I'm Catalinna. Peoples call me Cat. :3 Meow. I'm a shuddering 5'5. Nuthin special. Average weight. But average I am not. I'm the main badass for Lethal Relativity. I sing vocals. I can also play the piano. I'm originally from Cali, but moved to Miami after my bestfriend made things... complicated. I have "Sink or Swim, Decide Now, The Tide is Rising" tattooed on my right wrist. I also have "Don't Take This Out on Me, You're the Only Thing That's Keeping Me Alive" tattooed in cursive on my left side, you can see all of it when I wear a crop top. Well, bye bitchaz.

Kate Valentino

Kate Valentino

Hey there! My name is Kate. I play bass in Lethal Relativity. I'm a midget at 5''. Don't try to take advantage of me though. I know how to fight. That's how I met my bestie. I got in a bar fight with some chick who was like 6'4 or something. Cat stepped in. Any hoodles, I am a bit of a dork. And I love Spiderman. I have a spiderman tattoo on the back of my neck. I am random, and I love music. Well, adios for now you fuckers. XP

Maddiline Thorn

Maddiline Thorn

Names Maddy k? Me and Cat don't really get along. It sucks because I have to play rhythm guitar for Lethal Relativity. Alright, so we sound pretty cool. I still want my own band. As far from Cat's massive ego as possible.

Maria Lopez

Maria Lopez

Drummer for Lethal Relativity.

Olive Westen

Olive Westen

Hi. I play guitar for Lethal Relativity. I try to just keep to myself, and do my own thing. I'm kind of a loner. But in a good way. I depend on my bandmates. After all, we're all in this together right?


  1. Were going on a WHAT?!?!?

    This is just the beginning.

  2. Is that who I think it is?

    Well, I suck at describing. But did you know you can't buy 190 proof alcohol in Florida? I had to google it.

  3. So Call Me Maybee :3

    Well, we met Ashley. And get a hangover. ALL AT ONCE!

  4. Life Has Been Hell Without You

    Well. This chapter is kinda mushy, with small sexual parts. They're not screwing each other .... yet.

  5. Batman Vs. Spiderman

    Well. Bras, and Andys a perv. And the show.

  6. Choking on your Alibis

    Well, I'm Mr. Brigtside. Naw. That'd be cool though!

  7. Aftermath.

    1 Ashley + 2 Bad guys = Scary situation + Cat = To the hospital we go!

  8. I'd Fall For That.

    Hospital beds were built for two!

  9. Who Let The Dog's On Stage?

    Are you here for a night or your usual extended stay?

  10. Multi-Happenings

    I'm low on gas and you need a jacket VERSUS Let's do it baby!


OMG I LOVE ITTTTTT must update asap this is amazing...XD

Ravens tail 7 Ravens tail 7
Haha XD ok I'm dying with ash! WALK STRAIGHT
BVBgirl355 BVBgirl355
Blahhhhh I want more :(
BVBgirl355 BVBgirl355
BVBgirl355 BVBgirl355
Brenneka translates to fire warrior. Or Loramendi translates to mountain flower. Tora translates to tiger. Laila translates to child of darkness. And that's about all the outlandish names I got for ya.
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