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Another Ferguson


I take off down the street as the gang that I just stole from rushes out the door. I quickly turn down onto the main street and swing myself up a street sign. With my body wrapped around the pull I push off onto a tree that is nearby and jump on taxi that is waiting for a passenger. The driver sticks his head out in annoyance and I shout a quick apology as I run right through moving traffic. As I dodge cars, I take a risk and look back. The gang leader is glaring daggers at me and I quickly reach the sidewalk on the other side. I climb up yet another pole and pull myself up onto a roof. I roll onto the roof and quickly spring to my feet. The gang has crossed the sidewalk and is running toward me now.
I run across the rooftop and search the surrounding area for a place of sanctuary. There! I see a stage that has a crowd of people in the audience all screaming wildly. I make my way toward the stage with the gang out of sight. For a moment I stop to rest and lean against a wall with my breath coming in pants. I hear a crash off to the side of the roof and see the gangsters clambering onto the roof top. I take off again, sprinting toward the stage.



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