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Doll (rewritten)


"I can be anything you want me to be doll"

"If i'm a doll, play with me"

Trigger warning: mentions and acts of self harm, suicidal thoughts/ tendencys , eating disorders, and depression will be mentioned all through out this story. read at your own risk.


Dailey Caspers

Dailey Caspers

Dailey is a quiet girl, she is depressed and lonley but constanly surrounds herself with the wrong kinds of people. she smokes to calm her anxiety but never anything more, sadly her parents didnt believe this. she was with friends one night and something finally happend to push her parents over the edge and send her away to this ¨school for bad girls in need of dicapline¨. she is 15 in this story and on her freshman year.

Elias Uribe

Elias Uribe

Elias is a calm and quiet girl but can bring joy to anyone she comes across, shes had a very difficult life but shes a fighter with lots of hope, she is also extremly brave and will stick up to anyone hurting the people she loves. she was sent to this school by the state after getting caught shoplifting food and medication for her sick mother. she is gay and 15 in this story.

Mr. Beirsack

Mr. Beirsack

Andrew is an average english teacher, he is very stern with his students and does not tolerate and miss behaviour. but when he sets his eyes on dailey he cant help but become infatuated with the little girl. Andrew is 25 in this story.

Tyler Mathers

Tyler Mathers

Tyler is a very angry depressed hormonal teenage bitch of a girl. shes sarcastic, tough as nails and never trusts or lets anyone in. but she is also very loyal and caring when given a chance. she doesnt have any other friends outside of Dailey and Elias. and she will beat the absoloute shit out of anyone that even goes near them in a bad way. she was sent to this school for asaulting a teacher at her old school in newyork. she is 16 in this story.



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