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A Handy-dandy Guide to Writing Real Person Fiction

Lesson #8

This is going to be a short chapter, but an important one. The issue has previously been alluded to, but it deserves special attention.

Women are NOT weak.

1- If you are considering writing a story in which your female protagonist is rife with mental health issues (self-harm, parasuicidal gesturing, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, etc.), and intend to have your male character save her from those issues: STOP. Rethink your entire plot, and try again.

2- Women are not helpless, they do not require saving. The only way to effectively combat personal problems is by dealing with them personally. It is ok to have a supportive partner, but not one that becomes a problem-solver for your character. That is not a healthy relationship. Love is based on respect, a connection, and all that bullshit, not on necessity/desperation/pity.

3- If your female character is weak all the time, it will become her defining personality trait, and you will fail to establish what she is like when she is well. She will just be a big gob of nothing.

4- No one likes a weak, spineless protagonist. It is utter shit to read.

5- Writing about mental health issues in such a manner romanticizes them, and there is nothing cute, romantic, or sexy about depression, having anxiety, drug addiction, having an eating disorder, or being so miserable and foolish that you engage in self-harm. However, if your protagonist engages in unhealthy coping mechanisms and does not learn, you are absolutely responsible for romanticizing those types of actions, which is unethical.

6- Keep in mind that many readers are underage. Your characters are promoting lifestyle choices and modeling future behavior for them, whether you like it or not.

(a)- Does your character smoke? Great, you are making it sound, at the least, like an appealing trait, if your character is likeable. Just because Andy Biersack does it doesn't mean it's cool. It means he's cool, and also that he has an addiction to smoking cigarettes, a character flaw. He's only human, and can't be controlled (no one should try), but you can control what your OCs do. Don't model negative behavior.


ana: Sorry wrote this one without you, but I figured you would be on board. -SP


@Red Phoenix77

You can't on this platform. Any chapter you post on this site will always become the next chapter in the story. To my knowledge, you are unable to rearrange them, and that's unlikely to change, as this site is abandoned by the designer (thus all the technical problems). If you are wanting to re-post chapters in order, you will either need to take down every chapter after the one you want to insert, then repost them after posting it, OR you could tack on the missing chapter to the end of the chapter before it, if your browser will allow chapter editing (some will not).

I'm also on Wattpad, and that platform has the capability to rearrange chapters.

Best of luck!

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah

I see what you mean about losing chapters , one of mine has disappeared for no readily apparent reason . How do I make sure it goes back in the correct spot when I re - post it ?

Red Phoenix77 Red Phoenix77


You're welcome! Glad you liked it. ana can't log in to this site anymore, but I'm sure she'd be glad too.

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah


ghoulbaby ghoulbaby

Lesson five got me wet, haha! I'm a sucker for proper grammar and punctuation and the like, and while I know I should proofread my stories to ensure this I just get lazy! But yes, thank you for giving the basics!

ghoulbaby ghoulbaby