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love is never real(Ashley purdy love story)

brown eyes

I was walking down elmson steet,and I was remembering the night I ran away.
*flashback too a year ago*
"mom i'm home''i yelled
"hello bitch, so i see you still alive,what a drag.'' mia,my twin sister, yelled.
then my mom came runing in, and smacked me acrosted the face so hard i went flying to the ground.
"what did i tell you aboet yelling" she said in a deathly calm voice.
''sorry mame''i said from the ground.
'' no sorry not good enough, if you want to get off without a beating, tell me the truth have you ever cut?" she smirked
''no''i said
''lier'' she yelled
that night she beat me so bad i blacked out.
when she finlley leved me alone
i got up and walked out the door and i have NEVER looked back.
*end flashback*
i feeled a body conent with mine.i looked up and saw the most beautiful brown eyes.
''i'm sorry'' said brown eye
''it's okay'' i said
'' i'm ashley'' brown eyes, i mean ashley said
''i'm leann........................''i said.


i'll update soon i promise. ( cliff hangers)



@Emily Parker's Ritual

thanks for loveing it. i'll up date again soon, i have no more ideas, if you have some it would greatly helpful.
chapter 2 brown eyes is out!!
Holy shit!!! Update!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! o.o
Update Pretty Please!!!!!!! I Love It!!!!!!
Dreaming_Corpse Dreaming_Corpse