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love is never real(Ashley purdy love story)

love </3

i came home after my date fith date with my beautiful, sweet, loveing boyfriend josh. i went to my room and found a note on my bed. it had beautiful green writing on it, it said "josh" i knew it was from him he loves the color green. i opened the note and cryed. the note said
we just aren't ment too be.
i never loved you leann.
i was in love mia.
i used your emo fagott ass.
i still can't fathom that i kissed you.
you are the uglyest thing i ever saw.
i will NEVER love you!
i HATE you.
your ex,
i read that note seven times before it really hit me. that was the FIFTYTH BOYFRIEND in five years to use me too get to my twin. that was the last time i cryed and beleved in love. that was three years ago.


know my feels, but she meets ash in the next chapter.



@Emily Parker's Ritual

thanks for loveing it. i'll up date again soon, i have no more ideas, if you have some it would greatly helpful.
chapter 2 brown eyes is out!!
Holy shit!!! Update!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! o.o
Update Pretty Please!!!!!!! I Love It!!!!!!
Dreaming_Corpse Dreaming_Corpse