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I Didn't Want to Get Married


Though I had initially had my heart set on riding one of Andrew's Drum stallions, when I heard about poor, old Danzig, my heart went out to him! As it turned out, he was an impressive beast in his own right. Though short for a Shire, perhaps just over 16 hands, he was still incredibly well muscled and sleek, especially considering his fairly advanced age, and given his breed.

I had taken a liking to the handsome, old devil. I almost wondered if I didn't want to marry Andrew for access to his stables, but quickly banished the thought. I knew I would surely join the ranks of so many other rejected women before me, and there was no point in entertaining such thoughts.

"My lady, are you alright?" Andrew looked concerned. "You scowled with the utmost displeasure. Have I done something to irritate you yet again?" We were sitting on a bench in his father's stable.

He had that inkling of a smile as he spoke. It made me smile back, against my will. "No, not yet. Not recently, anyway. You're just very fortunate to have such wonderful creatures. I love my mare, of course, but I'm only permitted one horse. You see, I'm a woman, and have no need of such things. Means of transportation needs to be strictly controlled, you see."

Andrew's eyes twinkled. "Tell me of her, if you would, while we wait for our mounts to be saddled."

I smiled, thinking of Courtney. "She is a Warmblood, an Oldenburg, but shorter, rather delicate for her breed. Her name is Courtney, she is black as midnight, and she has a level head, even through her heat cycles. She brooks no nonsense and will strike any stallion that advances on her when she’s not receptive. She's smart as a whip, I trust her with my life." I nodded.

An understatement, really. Courtney would defend ponies and smaller horses, guard animals from predators, and other things Andrew would never believe if I told him. So I elected to keep those things to myself, rather than start an argument.

Andrew smiled, and I was glad we were sitting down. Damn- he put the sun to shame! "She sounds like a good mount for you, (Y/N). Not unlike you, suitably spirited!"

I hadn't thought about that! "I suppose she and I will both be used for controlled breeding!" I laughed. Andrew blushed and exhaled sharply, as though I had punched him in the gut, before joining me with a deep chuckle, shaking his head.

Curious, I looked at him. "Have you ever been with a woman? As in-"

"-(Y/N)!-" Andrew was totally scandalized.

I was desperate to know more about sex before I actually had to have it, and Andrew seemed like a probable slut. I figured I’d take advantage of this opportunity and learn something. I shoved him lightly. "-It's ok, calm down! I won't tell anyone we talked about it! I just... I figure, you probably have, and I want to know what to expect. No one will talk frankly to the unwed daughters of aristocrats except other daughters of aristocrats, and none of my friends are married yet!"

I jabbed him in the ribs. "I've heard that sex is painful and bloody. So why do people want to have it?"

Andrew's face was totally red, his mouth hanging open, and he just stared at me for a minute, before looking at his hands. "I'll talk about this, but you can tell no one, (Y/N)."

I nodded. "I swear."

Andrew cleared his throat. "You've been very forward with me, so I will be with you as well. Um… Quite a few women have… attempted, or offered, to-“ he fiddled nervously, so I poked him in the side again, “-er, engage in acts of a sexual nature, while visiting my family, when trying to negotiate a marriage. I always told them it would make no difference, that I wasn't ready..." I knew he was a slut!

I tried not to look too excited, and instead to look sympathetic for poor Andrew and his terrible woes with all the women throwing themselves at his shaft. "But, let me go back a ways. My father, when he felt I had come of age, took me to a brothel, and I've gone a few times since then." I was even more excited then! Andrew was a total man-whore! He probably knew everything about sex! Suddenly I felt very warm again and had trouble focusing.

Andrew paused, clearly embarrassed. "Please don't tell anyone about this next part?" I patted his arm and nodded reassurance for him to go on, curious. "I am not a fool, (Y/N). I know from my tutors that when a man and woman have intercourse, a child can be made, a baby. I didn't want a child out of wedlock, either with a harlot or to force me into a marriage. That’s a real responsibility, an entire new life in this world.” Hmm. Where was Andrew going with this? I was confused.

"When I went with my father, the Madame at the brothel said it was all part of the ladies’ job description, so to speak, but I just didn't see it that way. She was kind, so she told me to tell the, uh, lady of the night, my preferences. And, so, um, I did, and she taught me other things. Later on, some of the visiting women that, frankly, were exceptionally forward, and couldn't be dissuaded... Umm..."

Andrew sighed, adjusting his hair. "So, um... I have given women, eh, I guess what could be called a form of carnal gratification, and received it in turn, but I have not lain with a woman, urm, in the way you are thinking."

I nodded. "So... Do you mean you've had oral or a been given a hand job, and maybe... fingered some vaginas? Or did you actually have anal sex?"

Andrew turned white, but grinned, looking shocked and somewhat horrified. "God! You are worse than a drunken man! How do you even know about those things? Why does it matter? And you? What's your level of expertise, my lady?"

It was my turn to blush. For some reason I didn't want Andrew, presumed master of cunnilingus, knowing I had never been kissed. But he had been so open with me, it wouldn't be right to hold back. Especially since I wanted him to spill his guts on the subject matter. "Nothing, nothing at all. Unless you count the kissing of hands and holding of arms, which happens often."

Andrew was about to respond when a stable hand approached. "Sir, my Lady, your horses await."


The mare is named in memory of Courtney Campbell. I may not have known her personally, but I have great respect for her work. I wanted to do some small something to contribute, and pay homage, to her legacy.

Musicians Opposed to Bullying- please check it out



Glad you dug it, bro.

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah

Oh my god, these two are my favorite couple ever. I'm sad it's over because I just loved how they talked literally so bluntly with each other! Andrew stayed so mortified! Ah! <3 <3 <3 <3

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The very best comic books! High-end graphic novels! Mwahahaha! ;3

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah

@smutty pariah
OMG stop! I love both of you! We already discussed this!

Smutty Pariah = comic books
Anathema = book series

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Both > just one, right? ;3

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