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Intergalactic Prison


I watched Andy’s handsome face contort with anger. “Cryo? Are you serious?” He set down the food he had been scarfing. “Kama, what the fuck is going on?”

I noticed the pause before Kama replied. “Andy, (Y/N) has hardly eaten anything, should we not wait for her?”

Andy turned to look at me, irritated, and I gave him an apologetic look before trying to get something fruity-tasting down rapidly. I silently watched him also return to eating, looking rather sullen.

After managing half of something cheesy, I didn’t want anymore, and offered Andy my tray wordlessly. “Aren’t you hungry?” I shook my head. It was true, I wasn’t. I was too preoccupied, too anxious. “Thanks.”

I held my legs closer to my chest and concentrated on my drink, making an effort not to stare at Andy as he ate. He really was incredibly attractive, even when he was eating gooey food.

I wondered if his music was any good. Though, once I considered it, I hoped that there actually wasn’t any on the ship. I figured that Andy was so insanely gorgeous, his music might very well be awful. I really didn’t want to deal with the awkwardness that would result from that. Being alone in the middle of space with a sexy man, and having to either lie to him and tell him he was an awesome rock god, or come clean and tell him his stuff sucked? Yeah, better not to know and have to manage the fallout.

I found I kept wanting to look at Andy, just watch him. It went so far as imagining taking his food away, sitting in his lap… Would he like that? Was he available? Had he mentioned anything like that? I stared into my drink, pretending Andy wasn’t angry at me all of the time, focusing on his smile…

The urge to look, to get closer, to touch, was really strong. Though I had no way to know for sure, I had the feeling in my gut that I’d never been so attracted to anyone before, never just wanted to hang off of someone like an ornament. In a flash of awareness I realized I was getting wet over some famous musician that seemed perpetually pissed at me, and felt my face heat up.

I noticed Andy had become still, so I allowed myself a glance over at him. He was holding the last bowl of foodstuffs and looking a bit sheepish. “Are you finally full?” I tried for a smile.

Andy looked over and when he smiled back I actually got butterflies. Ridiculous! “No, I mean, well, yeah. I was just thinking that you should have some more, really. I mean, you barely ate anything, right? I was worried about your intestines.”

Something in the back of my head told me it didn’t work that way, but I was touched by Andy’s concern, even though I really didn’t feel like eating. I mean, we were moments away from discovering our doubtlessly twisted, horrific fate. Why the fuck did it matter if I ate well? I grinned wider, though. “I’ll share it with you.”

That seemed to make Andy happy enough, as he passed me my spoon and leaned closer with the bowl. He smelled really good. “Alright, but no cheating. We’re talking like spoonful for spoonful, here.”

I looked at him with a little defiance as I took my spoon, noticing where our fingers touched briefly. “Or what?”

Andy’s eyes seemed to glaze a bit. “Then you’ll have to take it all. Swallow the whole thing.” He blinked, looking disoriented. “Um, eat it all by yourself, I mean. I, uh, won’t help finish it.”

Some alarm bell went off in the back of my mind yet again. My instinct told me that Andy’s behavior was being influenced or manipulated, making it erratic, but I wasn’t sure in which direction(s). I’d probably tell him, but I wanted to have more ground to stand on before I made him panic.

Another part of me was acutely aware that Andy had just told me I’d have to ‘take it all’ while spacing out and staring blatantly at my tits. If he was having some kind of augmented reactions. Shit, I might be having them as well. I’d have to be very careful not to manipulate Andy, take advantage of him. Though...

I frowned as I matched him for the first spoonful of what turned out to be tapioca pudding. Without speaking, we started making it a game where we were matching our spoons at exactly the same pace, making us giggle. My favorite part was watching Andy’s spoon when it made it to his mouth. He had incredible, pouty lips. I’d love to feel them wrapped around my bowl of cherries-

I accidentally fucked up my spoon coordination because I was staring at Andy’s mouth when he started smiling, and I hit the side of the bowl, making Andy laugh. “Oops.” I felt my face heat up, as I lightly smacked Andy’s spoon with mine, embarrassed.

Andy tsk-tsked me. “No need for violence, now. Just get back into formation, and we’ll get through this together, (Y/N). Space-pudding for the win.”

I snorted and we finished our food. It was time to get some answers.


Parapraxis- a slip of the tongue or pen, forgetfulness, misplacement of objects, or other error thought to reveal unconscious wishes or attitudes.



Interesting... I just may, as the dogs in my apartment complex won't stop barking and it's ruinging my concentration for writing.

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah

@smutty pariah
They're a (and I'm quoting here) post 80's revival electronica techno goth rock band. Check out alibis or play with fire.


Forgive me, I am old, and don't know who Birthday Massacre are either, though they sound vaguely familiar.

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah

@smutty pariah
It actually was! XD honestly, I would rather listen to Birthday Massacre but my headphones were dead so musak it was @.@


Glad you liked it! I'm not really familiar with Taylor Swift's stuff, but I hope it was fitting! :D

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