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What was that?

Alex's POV

Well, that went well, meeting the other band we where touring with. Black Veil Brides they where a good band, i heard a lot of songs from them. Not bad at all.
I looked out of my bunk. They where all out side, we where at a gas station? Why didn't anybody wake me up? I sighed and left my bunk. I took some clothes on, a pair of skinnies and a black tank top. It reminded me of that clothes the other guys was wearing the other day when we met Black Veil Brides. Sweet guy probably... Kellin said to me that Andy said to him that he was gay... But i couldn't get that to match. He didn't seemed gay at all? But besides... How does gay looks like, i didn't knew him. Maybe Kellin was saying the truth.. Maybe he was gay... I sighed and shook my head. just not he flirted with me, so I do not care. Shit, i sound like one who just hate gays... Damn...
I walked out of the bus to see the others and the boy standing with Jake and Jinxx, leaning against Jake. I smiled and shook my head. I could see it know... He was gay. And a cute one.
What?! No! God, what was that. I was not gay... I took a deep breath.
I walked over to Kellin and whispered in his ear that i needed some money.
He gave me some and i went over to the little shop to buy some candy. When i came back all of them was mostly gone... Except this... Ethan was his name. He sat and listened to music on his Iphone. I think, he got earphones in his ears so...
But where was the others. They just left... I looked over at Ethan and he looked at me with a weak smiled and with a weak little voice he said. "They where going to a place to sing practice i think... If you are wondering were they are..." I nodded "Okay" i said quickly. Nothing else, i really didn't knew what to talk about when i was near him. He was gay... What did they talk about.
I looked at the candy i bought, looked at him and at the candy again. I walked slowly to him and sat down beside him. He looked at me with a weak little smile. "What do you hear?" i asked with a smile back. "Let it be by The Beatles... It's a good song you kno'" he answered. I nodded. Yeah, that was a pretty good song... "Yeah, it is a good song... So did Black Veil Brides really adopt you?" i asked, just coming out of my mouth. He looked down at his Iphone and nodded. "Yes they did, as a brother" i answered. As a brother of course. I smiled and nodded. I didn't got to say anymore when i heard a loud noise coming from behind, made by CC and Ashley running towards us with Kellin right behind. And they others longer away, just walking and talking. I smiled and laughed, and so did Ethan... I looked at the guy sitting beside me, Ethan, not a bad guy at all, maybe a really good friend. Just a friend. I think. Cuz i wasn't gay. I was a straight model. I just broke up with my girlfriend. I was a straight up dude. When they all came back we all took places in the buses again and drove to the venue, where the first concert would take place.


Well, this was the first POV of Alex. Give a comment if you think there could be a bit more drama in this story to make it better, and i will see where i can put it in XD
Hope you enjoy the chapter as much as i did, writing it xD


That black butler reference!!! Love this story please update soon!

LeGinger13 LeGinger13

That black butler reference!!! Love this story please update soon!

LeGinger13 LeGinger13

@Jinxx's Bitch

Oh please do! Lets get this done!

@Jinxx's Bitch
may i help with the beating of Kellin?