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I thought you hated me.

It was morning, and it was school time, the part that i hated the most. And this morning was just worse than others, i was so tired, and so unhappy that i could just lay down and kill myself. But i didn't because of them. Because they kept me alive, and they have done that all these years now. I wouldn't let them down now.
But going to school was a big part of the rules. I knew that. And i knew that they would be angry if i stayed home. But besides... I couldn't go to school, i hated that school, and it maked me so unhappy. More than i allready was, thinking about going to that school. I sighed weakly. Rolling out of bed, i took some clothes on. Black skinnies and a Jack Daniels t-shirt.
I went down the stairs. In the kitchen was only Andy. Sitting with a cup of coffee.
The others was surely still asleep. I walked over to Andy and sat at the chair beside him.
"Goodmorning Ethan" Andy said with a happy voice. "Goodmorning Andy" my voice was more weak.
I looked at him for a pair of few seconds and then began. "Andy.. Can i stay home from school today... I... I can't go today... I'm so uncomfortable" Andy looked at me, straight at me and shocked his head. "Ethan you know it is..." He didn't finished before i broke in "one of the rules... I know, I know... But it's just... I hate that school, and i don't wanna go... And I'm so unhappy..." Tears began to travel down my face. Andy pulled me in to a hug. "Oh Ethan... I get you... But you have to.." I pulled slowly away and looked sad at him. "I don't want to Andy... I really don't want to." He looked at me with a pissed look. "Okay fine! If you don't want to then don't do it, but it was one of the rules Ethan... And breaking the rules have consequences" I looked at him, and gave him a quick nod. Andy was mad now, i could feel it. And when Andy was mad... Nothing should get in his way. So i moved from the chair and walked up to my room.

Not long after i heard a nock on the door. "Come in!" i said. The door opened and Andy's voice came. "Do you want some breakfast..?" i turned to look at him. I nodded weakly and stood up. Walking behind him down the stairs.
"The guys are making breakfast" Andy said. All the noise came from the kitchen, so yeah... They made breakfast. All the guys turned and looked at me. They smiled happy and said "Goodmorning Ethan!" I smiled big "Goodmorning guys!"
"Well someone is not in school today ha'?" I nodded weakly "Um.. Yeah, i didn't felt so well this morning, so Andy..." I didn't finished up before Andy broke in. "Leave me out on this!" i looked at him with a chocked look.
The guys turned to make there breakfast leaving me alone with Andy.
I looked at him with a childish look. He just shocked his head at me. "School tomorrow Ethan, no excuse." He said a bit angry. I nodded weakly and sighed. Andy turned around and walked over to the guys. I turned around and walked to the door. I took some boots on and a jacket. But before i could go out i heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw Jake standing looking at me. "Where are you going?" he asked a bit worried. "Just.. Going for a walk… Thinking for myself" he nodded weakly. "You know… Andy… It isn't that he don't like you.. Not at all.. He loves you… But i just think.. It's hard that.. We have adopted one… If you understand" he said. I nodded with a weak smile. "I understand…" he nodded and walked slowly away. I walked out of the door. Just walked down the streets. Thinking. Jake maybe was right, maybe it was hard that they have adopted me… But then… Maybe i shouldn't even be here… Maybe i should just leave them alone. It was better for them. Tears began to rolle down my face as i thought about it. Then i should live on the streets.. Like many other kids. I stop as i was at a park. I sat down on a bench and looked around. There was not many people around. They were home… Surely eating breakfast with there family. A family i wouldn't get at any point of my life.
Hours passed and it was beginning to be late. I had been out in many hours. But it was the point. I should keep me away from them, It was the best for them. But i was beginning to be hungry. I laid a hand to my stomach as it maked a sound. Saying it was hungry.
I sighed and laid down on the bench. I closed slowly my eyes to see people pass by me. Looking weird at me. I just lock it all away. Didn't think about it. It was time to start a life with no mercy. I heard my phone call. I looked at it, it was Jake. I ignored the call and turned the phone off.

Andy's POV.
I was beginning to be really worried. Ethan has been away for hours. Jake said that he just was going for a walk after i talked to him… A bit angry.. Oh god. He was surely really sad and now he didn't want to come home anymore.
Jake came in with the phone in the hand. "He didn't took it" I sighed and was beginning to panic. He was gone. He was away and he would never come back after i have talked to him. Was i really that to hard to him. "It's my fault" Jinxx looked at me and laid a arm around me. "No it's not my friend. We are going to find him, don't worrie. We are going now right guys?" "Yes of course" Ashley stood up and walked to the door with CC and Jake behind. "Come on Andy" Jinxx said and took me with them.
I walked with Jinxx down the streets, and the others took the darker places.
We had come to a park. It was beginning to get dark… But i could see something laying on a bench… And i knew who it was… It was Ethan. "His there JInxx" I nodded in the way to the bench and Jinxx's face lid up. "Let's go" He said and walked over.

Ethan's POV
I was beginning to get sleepy when i heard voices not long away from where is was. I opened half my eyes and saw Jinxx and Andy walking in the way i was. I opened my eyes whole. I saw Andy's smile. It was so big. And happy. "Ethan!" i heard Jinxx's voice. They ran over to me and Andy took me in his arms, hugging me tight. "Don't ever do that again Ethan, you scared the hell out of me" He said with his soft voice. I laid my arms around him and cuddle me into his chest. "Oh Andy" i gasped. "I'm so sorry… I'm such a hard work… I thought you where better of without me…" Andy hugged me tighter "Ethan you are not that hard work… We are better with you. We love you, don't ever go again." he said. He took me up, bride style. "Let's get home Jinxx… We can call the others when we come home." He walked with Jinxx by the side. "Hey Ethan… You alright boy" Jinxx said weakly. " Yea… I'am. Thanks Jinxx" i said. "You welcome… Just don't do that again.." i nodded. "I promise"
We came home and Jinxx quickly called the others to come back home, cause they already found me. I was sitting on Andy and laying in to his chest. Half asleep. Not long after Jinxx had called. The door slamed open and i heard a lot of noise and Andy tried to make them shut up because he thought i was asleep. I opened my eyes. He looked down at me with a smile and sighed. "See… Now you have waked him" Ashley came running over and sat down on the knees in front of my face. "Hey Ethan boy." CC sat beside him with Jake to "Hey boy… Hows it going… You okay" i nodded weakly and they smiled. "Good, you never do that again, understand?" they all smiled as i nodded again. "Now, get some sleep." I smiled and closed my eyes again.
"I think i will carrie him up to his room" Andy said and lifted me up. "Goodnight" everybody said. But didn't expect a 'goodnight' back.
Andy opened the door to the room and laid me in the bed. Laying the blankets over me. "Goodnight Ethan…" he whispered. "Goodnight Andy" i said and rolled over.
I heard the door close after Andy walking out. The dark getting to me. And i was asleep.


Well, here is one chapter more, hope you like it. xD


That black butler reference!!! Love this story please update soon!

LeGinger13 LeGinger13

That black butler reference!!! Love this story please update soon!

LeGinger13 LeGinger13

@Jinxx's Bitch

Oh please do! Lets get this done!

@Jinxx's Bitch
may i help with the beating of Kellin?