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Rules? Why rules... Well, i have live with rules my hole life, but i thought, when i was getting adopted by Black Veil Brides... It would be paradise... But guess not.
I looked at them, waiting for them to continue.

"First rule, you still have to go to school everyday, Jinxx is gonna drive you..
Second rule, is no sex at the house.
Third rule, keep bed time at 9:00 am.
Fourth rule. i hope you don't do... But no cutting."

I looked silenced at them and a smile came to my lips.

"First rule i think will be hard to keep but okay, and second.. Don't worry there is not many here in this town that would have sex with me. Third is hard.... Man... But okay. And fourth.."

I sighed... Cuz i was cutting, god dammit. I could still do it in the park.. When they didn't notice. Yea that seemed like a good idea.

"Fourth i can keep to"

They smiled at me and Andy gave me a tight hug. I smiled big and hugged him back. I couldn't believe i was hugging Andy Biersack. He whispered in my ear.

"We will help you through anything, just ask. Welcome to the Family"

They all came up and hugged me, like a big group hug and then they let go of me.

Andy and i went to my room. I walked slowly in and turned to see Andy right infront of me, looking down at me. Smiling down at me. I smiled weakly back.

"Soo... What do you say to your room?"

I raised my shoulders and looked around in the black room i was standing in.

"It's my style, much better than I'm used to"

I smiled at him and he smiled back, nodding. He looked around and then back at me.

"So, why no girlfriend?"

I sighed and laughed a bit. I raised my shoulders Again. I wasn't sure if i was ready to say it. I mean, i was going to live with them. So they may should know i was gay. I sighed. Yup, they had to know.

"No.. Um.. I don't like girls so.. I'm gay... Please.... Don't send me back, don't hate me."

I gasped as Andy's eyes turned towards me with a scent of chock. I knew i shouldn't have told him, now he was going to send me back. Now he hated me. Just like anybody else.
But as i thought he was about to go pack my stuff, he pulled me into a big hug. I was a bit surprised. wasn't he just a Little uncomfortable about this. I think not.

"Ethan i would never hate you just because you are gay... And neither would the others."

I looked happy up at him, but then my heart suddenly skiped a beat. The others. Couldn't we just wait a bit with the others.

"Can't we wait, telling them?"

Andy smiled and nodded. I smiled back and hugged. He let go of me and left the room. Well...that went well.
I yawned tired and went to bed.


Well... I'm back... Hurray! :3
So here is your update, hope it is usefull. :3


That black butler reference!!! Love this story please update soon!

LeGinger13 LeGinger13

That black butler reference!!! Love this story please update soon!

LeGinger13 LeGinger13

@Jinxx's Bitch

Oh please do! Lets get this done!

@Jinxx's Bitch
may i help with the beating of Kellin?