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Seeing the new house.

Ethan's POV

I couldn't set it straight... Was i really gettin adopted by the black veil brides?
Andy, Jinxx, Jake, Ashley and CC, really, oh god! I could die happy right now, i wouldn't fight back if i was about to die, cause i was happy, for the first time of long time!! HAPPY!

"Go up and pack your things boy"

Andy spoke.
I smiled big at him and nodded.
I ran up to the place where i slept i began to pack my things in a horrie, Black Veil Brides, was standing downstairs, waiting for me, to drive me home to there place, i was going to sit in there cars... OH MY GOSH, i wanted so bad to drive on Ashley's moterbike! IH!
I ran down with two bags where all my stuff were, but when i came down they all five were gone. I began to panic, didn't they wanted me? An old lady came to me with a soft smile.

"The guys have to leave for practice, but they left you an adress for where they live"

So they were going for practice, leaving me with two bags and an adress so i could go home self? Well... That was a good start..
I sighed and nodded, graped my two bags and the adress and began to walk the way home to Black Veil Brides, or my new family actually.
Twenty minutes past and i was still going, i couldn't find my way home and my back hurts alot with all my baggage... Why didn't they left me a car so i could drive home or they could wait for me like family does, family before anything, wasn't it like that? I think so, but they maybe didn't knew it.
I was beginning to get angry, about all this, how could they just treat me like this, i just came in to the family and this was already happening.

Finally after a bit of time.... I found that street the house should lay on. I walked down the street and stopped infront of a big house, i gasped, it was here, that big house was where i should live. It was beautifull, really beautilfull. I smiled for myself and walked towards it and walked inside it.
It was huge in side, and also really beautifull.
I walked around the house and found a room that matched the room they told me on the letter, was mine.
I walked in to the room, it was a darked wall room, with one huge window over the street, there was a big bed and a gadarobe, where i put my clothes in.
I began to pack all my other stuff out and when i was done i sat on the bed.
I was alone again, it was like nothing had change.
But just then, i heard a door slam open and alot of laughter was spreading around the house and then my name reached me.. It was Jinxx

"Ethan! Come down here, we have to talk"

I jumped happy of the bed and ran downstairs, almost falling, but Ashley caught me and smiled down at me.

"Chill dude, sit down"

He pointed to the coach in the livingroom and i sat on it with Andy on me one side and Jinxx on my other smiling down at me. Andy began to talk

"We have to get some rules in here"


Rules... Yeah... What is that XD
Well i promised you an update, here it is, its short, but there will come more today (Danish time) XD


That black butler reference!!! Love this story please update soon!

LeGinger13 LeGinger13

That black butler reference!!! Love this story please update soon!

LeGinger13 LeGinger13

@Jinxx's Bitch

Oh please do! Lets get this done!

@Jinxx's Bitch
may i help with the beating of Kellin?