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Mirror, mirror

Ethan's POV

It was late at night, i couldn't sleep, i looked at my phone's display, it said 2:00 am. I let out a sighed and rolled over to the other side, trying to find a way to fall asleep, but nothing happen. This was the same thing happening through the last years of night, it was annoying, really. I didn't got one night sleep all these years at this castle. I was 15 when i got left and now I'm 17, god dammit, three years... Yeah three years.
I checked my phone, checked my messages, no one it said... Surprise! Acutally not. I didn't really got any friends. But i always wanted to get a message, one day, from a friend maybe, or my mom or my dad, just one text message, it would mean so alot to me if there stood one message. But there didn't, everyday i checked, hoping that one day there would be one, but that one day never came and i began to lose hope. Now i just check to see and i'm not hoping for anything anymore, now i just thinking it would be great if someone texted me.

The bell rang and it was time to get up and hoping for being adopted, but for me it was just another day with no people wanting me, just looking at me with disgust in there eyes when they saw me in the line. I never hoped for the best anymore, now i just took i as it came...
I stood out of bet, got my black clothe on, i just couldn't fit anymore, i was really skinny, i couldn't nearly fit a xtra small t-shirt. I looked at myself in the mirror, straigtned my long black hair and put a little line of eyeliner and then i was ready.

I walked down the stairs with the others standing on the line, yeah there was acutally a line to keep, not coming to close to the adopters. Really wierd if you asked me, but that is what it's like. We all stood there, ready to be adopted, or not me actually. I was just really tired, i got red eyes because i didn't got my sleep. I looked like a mess, no one would ever adopt me, i knew that from the very first beginning, cause that was what my mom said to me. We waited what felt like hours but was actually five minuts before five guys came in and looked around the room. My eyes widned, Black Veil Brides was in the room, Oh My GOSH! I acted like crazy inside of my head but at the outside i just stood straight and looked right in to... Nothing acutally, until CC stood right infront of me looking me deeo in the eyes with a crazy smile.

"Hey guys, take a look at him, his perfekt!"

He yelled at them, they came running over and took a look at me, they smiled and Andy took a arm around my shoulder, pushing me into his side, holding me tight. I could smell his perfume, Oh it was goood... Yeah if you didn't i'm gay, not that i'm in love with BVB in that way, of course not, they got girls. But i couldn't help but thinking that they where smoking hawt.

"We are adopting him"

I heard Andy say, and then it all hit me, i was getting adopted, by my fav band, awesome!!


Sorry, the short start xD I wasn't sure about this story, please leave a comment below and subscribe for more xD


That black butler reference!!! Love this story please update soon!

LeGinger13 LeGinger13

That black butler reference!!! Love this story please update soon!

LeGinger13 LeGinger13

@Jinxx's Bitch

Oh please do! Lets get this done!

@Jinxx's Bitch
may i help with the beating of Kellin?