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Jinxx's Dark Side

"Where's Jinxx?"

DJ and Cheryl huddled in the back holding eachother crying.

"Guys. This is andy freakin' Biersack we're talking about! He's going to be fine." Jake said optimisticaly.

"Shut up Jake! You don't know that! He lost a lot of blood! Stop being an idiot!" DJ spat back at him, DJ has always been an angry crier.

"Jake..." Cheryl started. "DJ is kinda right. Minus the idiot part!" Cheryl glared at DJ. "But baby, Andy did loose a lot of blood. I read once, that if you loose to much blood you get memory lose." Cheryl began to cry harder. "WHAT IF HE FORGETS US JAKE? THATS ANDY! HE'S LIKE A BROTHER!" DJ gasped and realized that what Cheryl said was making sense. She too began to cry harder.

After half an hour CC, Jake, DJ, and Cheryl made it to the hospital. Jake and Cheryl walked hand in hand towards the hospital. CC trailing behind them, he doesn't like tense situations. It was down pouring, but no one cared. DJ seen Ashley in the emergancy room and she ran towards him. She jumped into his arms in a hug and they spun around. Finally Ashley put her down and they just hugged.

"Is Andy okay?" DJ Whispered.
"Andy is completely fine. He was nearly dead. But we got there just in time to save him. DJ he's fine. Nothing is different." DJ kissed Ashley firm on the mouth.
"THATS GREAT!" DJ screamed wrapped in Ashley's arms.

"Whats great? Nothing can be great." Jake said. DJ ran and attacked Jake with a hug then jumped on Cheryl's back.

"Andy is fine. Just normal Andy." Cheryl squeeled and squeezed DJ's hands. Jake, CC, and Ashley re-joiced into a group hug. Every one smiled and laughed.

"Wait, Cheryl we have to go see him." DJ said getting off her back.

"You can't. Only immediet relations can see him." Said Ashley putting his arm around DJ.

"Well... I'm his wife!" Said DJ throwing Ashley's arm at him.

"And I'm his sister!" Cheryl chimed in. The girls linked arms and skipped down the hall together, making the boys laugh.

"Room 42!!" Called Ashley after them. DJ threw a thumbs up over her head before taking a turn into all the emergancy rooms.

Cheryl and DJ were stopped at Andy's door by a doctor. Andy had seen them though, and had the biggest smile on his face. The one that made thousands of girls all over the planet pass out.

"Sorry. Girls. You can't go in there." Said a doctor trying to push them away from the door.

"What?!" Over reacted DJ so Andy could hear. "I can't go see my husband?" She heard Andy laugh a little.

"And I can't go see my brother?" Cheryl over reacted as well, again making Andy laugh.

The doctor glanced over at Andy who nodded his head.

"Sorry for the misunderstanding girls. Go right ahead." The doctor smiled and walked down the hall.

Cheryl and DJ ran into the room and jumped on Andy's bed. DJ and Cheryl both took turs hugging and kissing Andy.

"How you feelin, buddy?" Cheryl asked.

"Good. But my head kinda hurts." Andy smiled a little rubbing his head. "I have 4 stitches, it's kinda cool. Like my warpaint." Andy laughed, so did Cheryl and DJ.

"So, who's all hear? You know, in the waiting area." Asked Andy.

"Me and Cheyl." Said DJ.

"Ashley and Jake." Said Cheryl.

"Oh! And CC!" Said DJ.

"Oh? ... Where's Jinxx?" Said Andy looking At Cheryl then DJ.

"I don't know." Said DJ

"We haven't seen him sense he left your room last night." Said Cheryl grabbing a hold of Andy's hand.

"Yea, what was that all about?" Said DJ taking a loose piece of hair from Andy's face.

"I.... I can't.... I can't remeber, really." Said Andy.




@Savior and @Your My Savior this account isn't working anymore so i made a new one with the same Jinxx's Dark Side story. Just a lot more chapters.

Jake's girlx Jake's girlx
@Saviour Sorry about that and thanks! :)
Jake's girl Jake's girl
@This_Love_Has_Died Lol yes in the story, he is XD
Jake's girl Jake's girl
@Jake's girl
She was talking about in the story. He is a asshole xD
@Saviour thanks and well it's not true about Andy, he's not an asshole.
Jake's girl Jake's girl