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Jinxx's Dark Side

"What happen?"

Sammi was shocked, she didn't know what to say, Jinxx was still on the phone with her, going on about what was going to happen, Sammi was just listening, she didn't say anything. She didn't know what to say, the man she loved was planning on committing murder!
Mean while, CC, Ashley, Cheryl, DJ and Jake hadn't seen Andy yet today and it's 2:00pm, he was usually up before anyone. Andy was nowhere to be found so everyone split up. On a serch for Andy, Jake, Cheryl and CC went searching around in the halls and in Andy's room, Ashley and DJ were around asking people if they had seen him. 10 minutes later......
Jake and Cheryl finish looking around the halls, with no sign of Andy.
"Maybe he's hung over and still in bed" said Cheryl
"Maybe, babe. Good thinking". Jake replied walking towards Andy's room.
Jake and Cheryl walked up to his door and knocked 'kNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!'
Jake, Cheryl, and CC waited for a few seconds glance back and forth at each other with nervous eyes. There was no answer.
Slowly Jake and Cheryl walked hand to hand into the washroom, kitchen and the living room.
Andy was nowhere to be found, but there was 1 room left..... The bedroom.
Jake and Cheryl walked in the bedroom, while CC rechecked the previous rooms.
They checked the closet, there was no Andy.
Jake and Cheryl walked around the corner, seeing Andy out cold on the floor!
"AHHHH!!" Cheryl screamed and began to cry heavely. She fell to the floor beside Andy grabbing his head and putting it in her lap.
"Oh my god!" Jake said.
"Hey babe? Did you hear Cher-" Ashley started to say but DJ already took off running to Andy's room.
DJ got to Andy's room alittle sooner and seen Andy on the bed out cold. She too broke to the floor crying beside Cheryl. She grabbed Andy's hand and started kissing it threw the tears.
"WE DON'T KNOW!" Yelled Cheryl back.
DJ grabbed Cheryl's hand and the girls cried over Andy together, while Jake cried softly rubbing Cheryl's back.
"What happen to Andy!?!" Ashley yelled pulling DJ into his arms She tighted into his chest and cried there. Cheryl did the same with Jake.
"I don't know" Jake replyed. "But I'm worried! There's a lot of blood!"
Jake got his phone and called 911, Cheryl sat down beside Andy, so did DJ they never left his side until the ambulance came.
"What happen?" The perametic asked.
"We don't know, he was missing for awhile, so we went looking for him, and when we came in here we found Andy on the floor out cold." Jake said.
"We don't have enough time to get him to a strecher!" The perametic called to his workers.
The ambulance got help from Jake and Ashley to bring Andy down to the truck, they put him onto a strecher right after they got to the truck and they closed the back doors.
"Can I ride with him?" Ashley asked the perametic. The perametic eyed him and nodded.
"Kay. You guys take my car!" Ashley said to all the others and threw Jake the keys. He walked over to DJ and kissed her softly on the head.
"I'll see you at the hospital." DJ nodded and Ashley hoped in the truck. the rest ran to Ashley's car.


Wrote By: Jake's Girl, this almost made me tear up/cry. Hope you guys love it!


@Savior and @Your My Savior this account isn't working anymore so i made a new one with the same Jinxx's Dark Side story. Just a lot more chapters.

Jake's girlx Jake's girlx
@Saviour Sorry about that and thanks! :)
Jake's girl Jake's girl
@This_Love_Has_Died Lol yes in the story, he is XD
Jake's girl Jake's girl
@Jake's girl
She was talking about in the story. He is a asshole xD
@Saviour thanks and well it's not true about Andy, he's not an asshole.
Jake's girl Jake's girl