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Jinxx's Dark Side

"I Might Have To Kill Him"

"Fine." DJ said putting her hands over her head like you do when cops tell you too.

"Jesus. Someones P.M.S-ey" DJ said nudging Cheryl in the ribs as the stumbled out of Andy's room.

"Yea." Giggled Cheryl and then fell. DJ and Cheryl had gotten tipsy too, they broke into the peels of druncken laughter when Ashley and Jake came down the hall and seen them. DJ bent over to help Cheryl but fell too, the girls laid on the ground side by side laughing, Ashley and Jake were trying to help the girls, but just couldn't cause they were laughing at them to hard.

Andy was laughing in the room watching the seen, Jinxx noticed.

"Fucking bitches ruin everything." Jinxx mumbled as he walked to shut the door.

"So man," Andy slurrs, "you wanted to talk to your best friend in the whole wide world!" Andy stated, laughing at him self.

"Shut up Andy! You know I hate you! It's not a big fucking secret anymore! Everyone seems to know! Because you told them so! Now you listen to me if you know it's fucking good for you! I want you to hand Black Veil Brides over to me! And leave! I want girls to be screaming Jinxx ! NOT Andy!" Jinxx looked over at Andy, who had his mouth hung open.

"Hahahahahah! You're funny man!-"

"I'm not fucking joking! Andy I want you gone! And I'll do any thing to get you gone!" Jinxx walked across the room to Andy. He pinned him down on the bed and hovered over him.

"Anything." Jinxx then got up and grabbed a lamp on the bed side table smacking Andy in the head with it! He knocked Andy out cold.

Jinxx left Andy bloody and knocked out on the floor. He walked three rooms down to his room.

"Anything." Jinxx said as he shut the door to his hotel room. He immeditly took out his phone and called Sammi, it rang a couple of times before she answered.

"Jinxx baby! I was just thinking about you!" Sammi said into the phone.

"Thats great baby! I just need your help with something. You're the sexiest woman I know, so I need you to do me a couple of dirty favors with Andy, it's not going to get to far...." Jinxx paused and breathed out deep.

"Baby, my dear wife, do you remember how I said I wanted Andy out of the band?"

"Mhm." Sammi replied.

"Well, I think if he tries to you know.... Bang you, and I walk in, and you act like he came on to you, I can get the rest of the band to be mad enough to kick him out of Black Veil Brides. They know how crazy I am about you. And if this doesn't work... I'll have to resort to plan 'B'."

There was a long pause on the call before Sammi broke it.

"Whats plan 'B'? " Her voice cracked as she asked fearful she already knew the answer.

"I might have to kill him." Jinxx answered flattly.


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@Savior and @Your My Savior this account isn't working anymore so i made a new one with the same Jinxx's Dark Side story. Just a lot more chapters.

Jake's girlx Jake's girlx
@Saviour Sorry about that and thanks! :)
Jake's girl Jake's girl
@This_Love_Has_Died Lol yes in the story, he is XD
Jake's girl Jake's girl
@Jake's girl
She was talking about in the story. He is a asshole xD
@Saviour thanks and well it's not true about Andy, he's not an asshole.
Jake's girl Jake's girl