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Jinxx's Dark Side

"What Are You Doing In Andy's Room?"

The party has started, Jinxx never went to the party because Andy gets all the girls and all of the attention. While the party is happening DJ and Ashley were still making out and Cheryl and Jake started to make-out too and CC was with girls. Andy was alone he never seen Jinxx anywhere, Jinxx was nowhere to be found.

The party is over, it's 11pm. Everyone is gone and DJ and Ashley, Cheryl and Jake are done making out. Andy was drunk and he was tripping and falling in the halls while he tried to get to his room, but he kept on falling, then he seen cheryl and DJ walking down the hall.

" Do you need any help?" DJ and Cheryl asked, "yeah, i would like that" Andy replyed.DJ and Cheryl picked him up, put his arms around their shoulder's and carryied him to his room.

When they open they seen Jinxx sitting on Andy's bed with a weird exprission on his face. They were surprised, they thought that Jinxx was in his room but he wasn't, he was in Andy's room.

"What are you doing in Andy's room Jinxx?" Cheryl asked, "yeah, we thought you were in your room" DJ said.

"I got bored in my room, so i came here and waited for the party to be over" Jinxx said." Andy was confused what was happening, he never said anything, he wasn't sleeping, he was just staring at Jinxx.

"That doesn't explain why you're in Andy's room Jinxx."DJ said.

"Fine, I need to talk to Andy!" Jinxx said yelling at DJ and Cheryl.


Wrote By: Jake's Girl


@Savior and @Your My Savior this account isn't working anymore so i made a new one with the same Jinxx's Dark Side story. Just a lot more chapters.

Jake's girlx Jake's girlx
@Saviour Sorry about that and thanks! :)
Jake's girl Jake's girl
@This_Love_Has_Died Lol yes in the story, he is XD
Jake's girl Jake's girl
@Jake's girl
She was talking about in the story. He is a asshole xD
@Saviour thanks and well it's not true about Andy, he's not an asshole.
Jake's girl Jake's girl