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Jinxx's Dark Side


**Andy's POV**

I came off the stage done singing, my fans yelling my name. While Ashley, Jake, CC and Jinxx followed behind me. Jake ran and kissed his girlfriend Cheryl while she congradulated us. Girls wanted my autogragh they wanted hugs and pictures too. Same with Ashley, CC and Jake. People never wanted anything from Jinxx. People always thought he was scary because he looked like killer clown, Jinxx has always been jealous of me.

Even though Jinxx doesn't admit to it, even Cheryl and Sammi know. The reason why he is jealous is only because I'm the leader of Black Veil Brides, and because all the sluts go to me and never him. I don't get why he would care so much about the girls, he's got a wife!

Everyone is about to leave for the after party when the crowd starts screaming my name.


"Don't you just love that sound man!" Ashley yelled over the crowd.

"I bet he fucking does! Even thought they should be screaming 'Black Veil Brides' not 'Andy Fuck-Me Biersack'!" Jinxx yelled back at Ashley.

"Now Jinxx. Please, clean your ears and listen. There yelling 'Andy' not 'Andy Fuck-Me Biersack.' Gosh child." I walked over to Jinxx and patted him on the head. His face was burning red, I dissmissed it.

"NOW WHO'S READY TO PARTY!" I yelled over the crowd to the band. I got chants from the boys and Cheryl, in reply.


Hey, this is my first fanfiction! I hope you guys like it.


@Savior and @Your My Savior this account isn't working anymore so i made a new one with the same Jinxx's Dark Side story. Just a lot more chapters.

Jake's girlx Jake's girlx
@Saviour Sorry about that and thanks! :)
Jake's girl Jake's girl
@This_Love_Has_Died Lol yes in the story, he is XD
Jake's girl Jake's girl
@Jake's girl
She was talking about in the story. He is a asshole xD
@Saviour thanks and well it's not true about Andy, he's not an asshole.
Jake's girl Jake's girl