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A Demon's Regret


Ashley’s POV

It was boring as fuck during the day on weekdays when (Y/N) was gone at work. I might not get to bone her, but at least she was decent company. She also knew how to work the device that captured television shows for later viewing.

I took another look at her book collection before deciding that I’d rather work out. I felt like I was losing my mind! I hadn’t left her itty-bitty apartment for some two weeks; everything was blending together! And it drove me to distraction that I wasn’t even getting to eat! Who cared that I didn’t actually have to, it was the principle of the thing.

I was still in the middle of my routine when (Y/N) came home. I decided the timing was great, as I was shirtless and all sweaty. Maybe she’d finally change her mind about ways with which we could pass the time… Not that I didn’t like Drag Race marathons, of course.

(Y/N) took one look at me and raised an eyebrow as she took off her jacket. Hmm, not generally the reaction I got. “What? I’m exercising.”

She bustled off to the kitchen and called behind her, “Man, you stink to high heaven!” Really? That far? “You know you can use the guest shower, right?”

I decided I was done and started stretching my hamstrings. “I have been!” Impulsively, I decided to use some Drag Race slang to lighten the mood, “Why do you have to be such a shady bitch?”

Miraculously, (Y/N) started to laugh at that, and laugh hard. The taste of her merriment was airy and delicious! I’d have to make her laugh more often! I braced myself against the wall as I grabbed my foot to stretch my quads. I decided to keep going, I was on a roll, “Honey, you gotta werk for these abs!”

She started laughing again, and, once again, the taste was incredible! I grinned to myself as I switched legs.

I heard (Y/N) calling out from the kitchen, “I take it you’re ready for more Drag Race?”

Andy’s POV

I was exhausted, worn down to my very marrow. In two weeks of intensive effort, I had only managed to seek atonement with ninety-nine women. There were still almost four hundred left! I missed (Y/N) so profoundly, and I had only slept twice! Why could this whole process not go any faster?

My heart ached in my chest, and I was consumed by wretched fear. What if Ashley had seduced (Y/N)? What if she had gotten tired of waiting and simply asked Ashley to leave? Surely I wasn’t worth such a wait to such an incomparable gem of a woman! I pouted in a jumbled heap, legs all akimbo, on my settee.

Ooh, I knew what I needed to do to feel better! I sprang up and made my way towards the mostly empty pantry. I snatched a tuppa ware container of the cookies (Y/N) had made me, and pipped open the lid, taking a whiff. Mhmmmm… Delicate and sugary, still fresh as the day they were made!

Reverentially, I took a single cookie and had a nibble. The taste of (Y/N)’s happiness, along with a pleasant surprise over something, was subtle, but unmistakable. Eager, I shoved the rest of the cookie in my mouth, chewing ravenously as I grabbed two more in my hand before making myself put the container away.

So tasty! Now the echo of her orgasm, now her bashful enjoyment of a compliment, and now her vivid response to my touch. Nyesss… I swallowed the last of the first cookie before shoving another in my mouth greedily. So scrumptious!

After I had finished my cookies and licked away every last crumb, I felt reassured of (Y/N)’s adoration for me. She certainly enjoyed my company! I chuckled to myself, picturing the face she tended to make when she climaxed.

Feeling more confident after my snack, I decided to go to my map room for one last trip before I finally caved and actually indulged in some much-needed slumber. I flicked the table’s switch, and saw the spike was popping out of Cork, Ireland. I had long since given up my earlier game of trying to guess which one of my women it would be when I actually pulled up the information. The fact was that there had simply been far too many for me to remember them very accurately any longer.

I was embarrassed when I didn’t recognize the name that came up at all, one Emily Murphy. She was apparently a fairly healthy woman in her sixties. I brought up her image and it still wasn’t enough for me to remember her by, so I had to access the archives. Looking at the picture of her in her youth, I was able to dimly recall a woman that had complained often and that I’d left after only three or four days. Fabulous.

Taking a deep breath, I moved through the dimensions until I found myself just inside the entrance to a very small, pensioner’s flat downtown. Steeling myself against potential unpleasantness, I knocked on the inside of the door.

A woman with dull, mostly gray hair, and a dour expression turned round the corner. Unlike almost all the others, she showed very little reaction. No amazement, no anger, no happiness, just perhaps mild irritation. She scowled at me as she examined me silently for a moment, making my skin crawl. “What’re you doin’ here, ya divil? It’s been donkey’s years since I seen you, why now?”

I forced a gentle smile and recited the script I’d worked out for myself over time, “Emily, I’ve come to beg your forgiveness for using you as food and ruining your chances of finding love. No one deserves such a fate. But I bring good tidings-“

She snorted at me, waving a dirty-nailed hand, “-Go way outta that!”

I pushed on, determined, “It’s true. Our contract has been broken, and now you are free to find love again.”

She completely ignored me, sitting down on a grimy divan and turning on a television using its controller. I wasn’t sure what to do. While I was still hesitating, she lifted her arm and flipped me the bird, yelling, “Hump off!” while turning the volume of her television up.

Feeling disgruntled, I returned to my maproom. Why I had ever had contracts with well over half these women was far beyond me! Feeling maudlin and ruminating on thoughts of (Y/N), I made my way to my bedchambers. Once there, I peeled off my clothes and tossed them carelessly into a heap on the floor before crawling into my bed, which was far too large for only me.


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