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A Demon's Regret


Ashley was finally starting to get into Drag Race a little bit. I’d also persuaded him to have a beer, maybe that was helping him relax? We were both exchanging a shocked look at the way Rebecca Glasscock reacted to her constructive criticism, when my phone rang.

Ashley looked at me, “Do I need to pause it?”

I waved him off as I stood to go find my phone, “Nah, I’ve already seen it. Only if you get to the runway and I’m not back.”

I found my phone still in my work jacket. It had been a few rings already, so I took a chance and answered it without checking to see who it was.

(Y/N): “Hello?”

Andy: “Beloved! How musical it is to hear your voice!”

Warmth exploded in my chest. I felt weak in the knees and had to sit down.

(Y/N): “Andy! I miss you so much; are you ok?”

I noticed Andy hesitate a moment before replying.

Andy: “All is well. Indeed, everything is as I should have only anticipated. And how do you fare, my sweet? Has my brother-“

Not wanting Andy to work himself into a frenzy, I cut him off.

(Y/N): “-No, no, he hasn’t touched me! I can’t even get him to unwind-“

Andy: “-He has absolutely no need to ‘unwind!’ I will see to it that he is well compensated for his time once I am through with these trials and we are no longer parted.” He sighed dramatically. “My queen, I wilt without your company! I feel as though my own home has become a charnel house, a tomb, a prison! Without your shining light to guide me, I cannot see the beautiful things around me, the very value of existence, only despair and decay!”

I started to tear up a bit at the genuine distress in Andy’s voice.

(Y/N): “I miss you too. But you can do this, we both can! How are things going?”

Andy paused for a second before answering.

Andy: “I will confess that it is difficult; I feel heavily taxed. But I would go through each one a thousand times over to earn the privilege of standing by your side.”

I could hear how weary he sounded. Though I didn’t want to stop talking to him, I was worried about his health.

(Y/N): “Andy, how much sleep have you been getting?”

Andy: “None, but-“

(Y/N): “-But nothing! I want you to promise me that, as soon as you get off the phone, you’ll go get some sleep.”

He sighed.

Andy: “Anything you ask of me, my darling plum.”

Feeling the sorrow of being parted from him start to well up and take over, I decided to cut the conversation off, before I started bawling.

(Y/N): “Alright, well, off to bed with you.” I choked back a small sob. “I love you.”

Andy: “As I love you, mistress.”

I hung up and immediately started wailing. Ashley came running out of the guestroom, “It’s alright, they haven’t gotten to the runway yet!”

Seeing my distraught expression, he recoiled in fear. “Uh… uh…” He spun about on his heel and left! That made me feel even more alone, so I started crying even louder.

But to my surprise, Ashley returned promptly, carrying a roll of toilet paper. He gestured at me with it. “Bathroom paper.” He took on a defensive air when I didn’t immediately take it, wagging his tail with indecision. “Because you are weeping,” he offered up as an explanation.

His tone was so blunt, I couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. Ashley looked pleased with himself, doubtless as I was no longer in tears. Demons!


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