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A Demon's Regret


My nerves were frayed beyond belief! Father had arrived at 11:50 am, and I had moved to entertain him by showing him the delight of soda pop. He was apparently already familiar, but accepted the offering with a nod, expertly popping the little tin open. It was impressive, his mastery of that small tab!

I was grateful Father had done away with his horns for the moment. I didn’t want (Y/N) to be any more frightened that she already was. However, when Metatron arrived, it occurred to me that I probably should have thought to prepare her a little more. Oops.

She sat stock-still, staring at the behemoth from her seat on the divan. I could taste her fear; it was rather unpleasantly sour. Metatron folded his wings primly and looked around until he spotted Chris by the kitchen island and went to join him. “Good afternoon, brother.” His voice was very low and resonant.

I took a seat next to (Y/N), taking her small, delicate hands in mine. “Do not fret, my love. That is only Metatron, see his feathered wings?”

(Y/N) looked like she had just sucked on a lemon inadvertently. “He’s tall.”

I smiled guiltily, “Forgive me, it slipped my mind; I should have debriefed you regarding his unusual dimensions in advance.”

(Y/N) was looking at the massive angel dubiously. “Uh, it’s ok. But you should probably offer him a soda too.”

Ever the dutiful lover, I rose and approached Metatron and my father. They were exchanging pleasantries. I gave Father a look indicating he should introduce us.

Thankfully, he noticed. “Metatron, this is my son, Andy. The reason we are here.”

Metatron turned a bit to look down at me and nodded, not responding to my extended hand. “I know. Shall we begin?”

I felt flustered and insulted, being rebuffed, “My brother, Ashley, isn’t here yet. Would you like a soda pop while you wait? They are fizz-”

Metatron shook his head. “-No. Too much sugar.”

Prick! I was about to offer him some water when I saw Ashley pop through dimensions over near where (Y/N) was sitting. Instantly my hackles were up and I unceremoniously abandoned my father and our ill-mannered guest to go have a few words with Ashley before things got under way.

His freakishly round-pupiled, brown eyes found me as I headed towards him, and immediately he looked ill at ease. As well he should. His tail started to wag uncertainly.

I reached him and stood a little closer than generally socially acceptable to make a point. “Ashley.”

Undeterred, he stared right back at me. “Andy. Look-“

I cut him off, wanting to get my two cents in, “-(Y/N) is mine. If you so much as touch her, I will kill you.”

Simultaneously, I heard (Y/N) calling out in disgust from the couch, “Andy?!?” and Chris calling from by the kitchen island, “Boys! Silence!” I felt my mouth slammed shut, beyond my control, but I held Ashley’s gaze until he broke away first. Lecherous fiend!

I turned to find my father shooing at me to go sit down aside (Y/N), and for Ashley to settle into the other settee. Father sat in an armchair, leaving Metatron looming over all of us. “Let us review what has brought us here.”

Metatron pointed rudely at me, “Andrew, biological son of Christopher and Amy, you have lived your life as a lust demon, as you so chose. In accordance with that choice, you have made many contracts with women for amorous services, have you not?” I nodded, my mouth still sealed shut.

Metatron pointed to (Y/N), “And it is the case that you have fallen in love, for the first time, with your latest mark, is it not?” Again, I nodded. "And you, (Y/N), you love Andrew?" I was pleased to see she nodded quickly.

When Metatron moved back to pointing at me again, I decided that he had absolutely no manners, he should be ashamed of himself! “Andrew, Shàngdì has heard Christopher plead your case for aid. He knows you wish to be free, not only of your contract with this human woman, but also of the hunger that drives you to hunt. A hunger you chose to accept as a young man. Not only do you wish for those things, but further still, you wish for immortality for your human lover. We are in agreement that what I have said is true?”

I nodded, starting to get nervous. I felt (Y/N)’s sweet hand close over top of mine, and was grateful for her reassurance.

Metatron nodded as well, seemingly satisfied. “Very well. In his beneficence, Brahman will indeed help you with your troubles. He is pleased with you thus far. However, be aware that nothing shall come to pass, nothing shall change, unless the following instructions are followed closely.”

I couldn’t help it; I leaned forward to listen. “Andrew, you will go to every living woman with whom you have an outstanding contract. You will beg forgiveness, and do so sincerely, for depriving them of any chance of finding contentment in romantic love and having used them as food.”

I nodded, but there was more, “You will start with the most old and infirm, and finish with those who are young and healthy. When we are done here, you will go straight to your home. In it, you will find your map has been altered. It will now lead you to she whom the Almighty wishes you to see next. Only when it leads you here are you to return to this place.”

I wanted to ask about computers, even some kind of fancy cellphone use, but my mouth was shut, and I huffed through my closed jaw. “Urt! Urt!”

My father shot me a warning look before waving a hand at me, freeing me from his grip. “But can I speak to (Y/N)? Send her letters, use a computer for messages, look at her on the cellphone using the camera?”

Metatron freaked me out a little when he smiled warmly at me and answered in a completely different tone, “Yes, my grandson. As you work through your toils, you will be rewarded with correspondence opportunities.”

I kissed (Y/N) on the cheek, excited, as Metatron carried on in his earlier, somber tone, after taking the time to point at Chris. “Lucifer, while Andrew is at his labors, you have agreed to announce him as your heir, and as the son of the immortal, human woman, Amy. You will still carry out this task?”

Chris nodded, “Yes.”

Metatron pointed at Ashley, and I took a moment to gloat over how he was obviously trying to hide that it made him nervous. I couldn’t really blame him, Metatron positively stank of purity and righteousness! “You have agreed, under coercion, to aid your liege and his son in their quest, Ashley.” Coercion? Was it something my father had said? “However, you must make the decision of your own free will. Will you stay here, in Andrew’s place, until he finishes his task?”

Instantly, unthinking of my pride, I was on my knees at Ashley’s feet, “Please, brother, please! There is no other hope for me, no other way! (Y/N) has my heart and I will die without her love, she is but mortal-“

Ashley looked wildly uncomfortable. “-Get up, man.”

Hope started to die in my chest. “Please?” I bent and kissed Ashley’s filthy shoes.

Ashley shifted away from me, “Dude, fine! Fine; stop that! But how am I going to eat? What if my contracts lessen, and I’m not getting enough energy-”

Metatron interrupted him, seeming to ignore him, “-You are all in agreement, as is Amy, the immortal human?” He waited for all of us to nod, though Ashley was hesitant. “So be it.”

I felt funny for just a second, a little nauseated, perhaps? “As of this moment, the two of you,“ of course he was pointing at Ashley and I, “are free of your hunger, for the time being.”

I blinked. How novel.

Metatron turned to me, “You may leave here now, go straightaway to your abode in the Underworld. You will have one night and one day to begin your quest before the Infinite One will assume you have changed your mind.”

I held up a hand from where I knelt at Ashley’s feet, “Please, can I gather just a few things?”

Metatron nodded, “You have one night and one day, Andrew.” And with that, he was gone.


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I try! ;3


Working on it! <3

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I hope you're feeling better!

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Oh, coolness... can't wait to read that chapter! :)

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I know, right? Haha! I think it might be even fluffier than my Santa oneshot. But never fear- I never provide fluff unbalanced by filth. Heh.

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