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A Demon's Regret


(Y/N) laughed, sounding as deliriously happy as she tasted. It brought a strange, new warmth to my chest, to see her sated and joyful, knowing I was capable of performing such acts out of love. I felt liberated by her.

Indeed, I found that now, instead of having two twin, warring desires: to take her to feast on her, to taste her, and to take her for my own, selfish gratification, I now felt something new. I still loved her taste, but I already had more of her energy than I could cope with properly. And as much as sowing my seed inside of her was the pinnacle of satisfaction, it was somehow even sweeter to me to please her, to see her as she was then. I could do it my every waking moment, though I’d indubitably have some problems from such an inadequate metabolism.

I let her pull me down to lay by her side. She turned to me, still flushed a fetching pink. “I’m not done with you yet, Andy-man.”

My heart started to beat as fast as a jackrabbit’s when my brazen minx moved to sit upon my hips, pushing my phallus against my abdomen with her cunny. I was at a loss for my customary loquaciousness, so taken was I by the sight of her atop me, the feel of her weight resting on me. “I approve.”

I gripped her round backside and squeezed, hoping in vain not to be teased for very long. She leaned down to kiss me, and it sent a fire crackling through my veins, straight to my pecker. Her bosom touched me as she slid her tongue against mine, tortuously slow, deliberate in her measured pace.

With her heat upon me, pressing, so wet, on to me, I felt my hunger for her sweet, little slit increase. Helplessly trapped by her languorous kiss, I moved to grasp her breasts, hoping to encourage her to action.

(Y/N) chuckled into my mouth, then broke away with a twinkle in her eyes. “Relationships are about give and take-“

Delighted to hear her use the word, something new for me, I interrupted her. “-A relationship? Is that was we are in?”

She blushed once again, and I tasted a spurt of her insecurity, so I continued on. “It thrills me to hear you speak of me so, mistress. That you would use such a weighty, human word for I, your lowly, demon slave. If, indeed, you are my partner, then I feel now is clearly the time for you to take! My loins veritably throb with desire for your naughty, little bits. Do they not cry out for me as well? I could swear I feel their tears!”

She responded by smoothly sliding her pelvis over my erection, and the situation became intolerable. “Temptress! Why do you tease me so? Have I displeased you?”

She grinned as she did it again! “It’s fun to watch-“

I huffed. “-It is torture to experience!”

At last, my protests were acknowledged, as she raised herself up and bent to reach for my length. Holding the base of me fast, she moved herself down upon me, and she became everything! Her taut walls parted eagerly for me, hugging me, as I surged through her moist desire. Delicious nether-kitty!

As she leaned forward to plant her delicate hands on either side of my head, I brought one of her ripe cantaloupes to my mouth, suckling on its blushing nipple. She groaned as she began to move, and I gripped her chest more firmly, trying to stay anchored in the moment.

She worked me slowly, but with such intensity my breath was taken away. As she moved her hips back, taking all of me inside of her, I could feel the kiss of her smooth, slippery cervix. As I was withdrawn, I could taste her unwinding from my little accouterments, caressing every ridge of her hot, wet sheath.

It was the perfect embrace, her tight channel coiled around me, her calves clasping my hips, her nipples rubbing against my chest. Pits, I loved her, I loved this woman and I would do anything to see her satisfied and happy! I grabbed her fine, curvaceous ass as it toiled with her dance, reveling in her silky skin.

I could taste an abrupt intensification of her pleasure, her heart rate increasing as she began to tighten around me, and I felt proud that she should enjoy me so. I let her have her way, content to lay prone and receive her benediction, to watch her pant with her lips slightly parted, her eyes glazed over with lust.

She bent to kiss me, hurried and eager, and this time her kiss was hungry. So great was her momentum that our teeth even briefly clacked together as she veritably ate me alive, plunging her tongue into my mouth and stoking my flame.

I felt her cunt grip me, and when she pulled away, she started moaning lowly as she moved. I gathered her hair, then gripped it in my fist and pulled back, forcing her to arch her back a bit, to display her fine, heaving chest. Perfection.

The sight, the feeling, were incredibly erotic, and I felt the promise of discharge from the pressure in my manhood beckoning. My mistress had increased her tempo to such a rate, I felt set to burst at any moment.

I released her hair and drew her face down for a quick kiss. Her moans were sweet, and I cherished nothing more than the taste of her impending climax. Impulsively, I spoke my heart, “I love you.”

(Y/N)’s eyes rolled back in her head, and I felt her gripping me in a veritable vice. “Uhnmm!”

The feeling was so intense, the taste, it washed over me, I was, any second I would, “MINE!” The stars accelerated into infinity; every sun spent its energy and burned out in a neverending moment. The woman I love rocked slowly, the ebb of her orgasm delicious, as her sheath milked still more from me, taking all I had to give.

She may have been mine, but I was hers, utterly and for eternity. She slumped to lie against me, still panting onto my neck, and I had never felt better, life had never seemed so beautiful. The moment was nevertheless heightened even more when I heard her whisper, “I love you too.”


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