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A Demon's Regret


With coaxing and kisses, I slowly guided (Y/N) back to her bed with me. She protested weakly, making excuses. That she had yet to shower, to brush her teeth. But such perceived obstacles were easily overcome with a little skill.

Soon we were naked and tangled in each other, our kisses growing heated and fervent. I curled my tongue around hers, then went deeper to lick against the ridges of the roof of her mouth. Her lust was so savory and delicious!

I was eager, frankly impatient, as I prodded (Y/N)’s thighs apart. I scratched at her pubic mound with my claws before retracting them and moving to her sex, probing for her entrance. Finding her already wet and wanting, I slipped a finger into her sheath.

(Y/N) broke our kiss to moan. Her warm breath on my face, her enjoyment as she tilted her hips to receive me gladly, were both positively scrumptious! I adjusted so I could rub her tiny ladybutton with my thumb while still moving my finger inside her welcoming sheath.

For a moment (Y/N) clung to me, biting her full lip and panting, before she snaked her arm between us to grasp me! The sensation of her working me, the dedication in her touch, I felt a much greater urgency, a need to answer her sweet siren’s song.

I struggled not to focus on the feelings (Y/N) fingers brought me, to remember my earlier resolve to take her passionately, to mark her as her man. I slipped a second finger into her and increased my tempo, kneading her firm, little pearl faster.

I didn’t get the reaction I wanted nor expected when (Y/N) pushed me away roughly with both hands! Shocked, my mouth fell open, and I stared at her, goggle-eyed, like an idiot. What the-

(Y/N) shoved me onto my back and quickly climbed on top of me. She kissed me feverishly, which was good, but I was still confused. I didn’t dare touch her privates again, perhaps I had been wrong? Did she only want to suck face? I would surely get retention pains at that rate!

She glided her pelvis against my length, running her slick womanhood over me, and it was torturous! She broke away, gazing at me with hungry, (Y/E/C) eyes. “I want you…”

In the moment, all I could some up with was less than seductive. “Me too…” I nodded and optimistically pressed my hips up against her.

She smiled down at me, and I decided I didn’t care if I took her like an animal or lay prostrate to receive her consecration. I just wanted her desperately! I gripped her hips, anxious and aroused. “Please?”

When she raised herself up to give me space, I gladly reached to grip my member and slick it with her fluids, positioning it at her entrance. The sweet sensation of the walls of her womanhood giving in to the pressure as she lowered her hips, of entering her muscular channel, was a relief for us both.

And yet my devilish, little minx was not through with her coy teasing! She moved to seat herself fully upon me, and then simply ground herself against my pelvis. In my selfish desire to spend myself in her as many times as possible, it wasn’t what I wanted. The slight movements of her hot wetness around me, her delicious enjoyment of the friction against her swollen, hungry pearl were agonizingly enticing!

Staring at (Y/N)’s face, her eyes closed in pleasure, her breasts so far from pressing against my chest, I lost my patience. She was so ripe and moist, utterly prepared for a fucking. I couldn’t abide by her insanely erotic dance on my pecker any longer, it was cruel. Enough!

I grasped her hips firmly, tipping her forwards towards me, and started actively thrusting up into her hungry, luscious cunt! She moaned lowly and let her nipples bounce along my chest as I plowed into her, sensation blossoming for the both of us. Yes! MINE!

I scowled in concentration, wanting nothing more than to explode in her perfect pussy, to spill my seed and cover her womb with a glaze of my spunk. (Y/N) was MINE! I would cloak her blessed womanhood in a mantle of my spend, it would leak from… ughnn

MINE!” I grabbed her fiercely, ramming up into her heat, smacking my thighs against her spread legs. “MINE!”

A searing lightning ran through my whole body as I started to ejaculate. “Nhhnghhh!” My ecstasy was tripled when I was hit with the unanticipated force of (Y/N) achieving a zenith of her own. I saw nothing as I felt her squeezing me, spent myself in spurts, heard her cries, and her bliss coated my tongue.

As we slowed, (Y/N) brought herself down to rest on my pelvis, keeping my length inside of her. She leaned forward and laid her head next to mine on the pillow as we both panted, exhilaration and satisfaction swimming through us both. I hugged her to me, enjoying the feel of her body against mine, the closeness in those moments of vulnerability. Dimly, I mused that she might well be mine, but it seemed that I was hers as well.


Don't forget, pears like 'likes,' comments, and all that jazz too!

As my arch-nemesis has also mentioned in her notes recently, there is a petition online to ask the electoral college to change their votes to reflect the will of the majority/popular vote. They certainly are allowed to do this, and even in states where they are not supposed to, they only need pay a fine. Additionally, in several key states ('won' by trump, including Pennsylvania), the validity of the electronic voting has recently been called into question.

Thus, it is the only just course of action to sign the following petition. It already has the support of well over 1% of the USA's population, which is record-breaking:

Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19, 2016



I try! ;3


Working on it! <3

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I hope you're feeling better!

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Oh, coolness... can't wait to read that chapter! :)

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I know, right? Haha! I think it might be even fluffier than my Santa oneshot. But never fear- I never provide fluff unbalanced by filth. Heh.

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