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A Demon's Regret


I could feel Andy’s whole demeanor shift. The arm he had around me pulled me in to hold me closer, and he reached to caress my nipple with the claw of his thumb. I heard him begin to purr as his tail curled around my leg, gradually gliding upwards.

I glanced up at him, flattered by the attention, while trying to hide my girlish, mushy reactions. “Are you hungry?” Andy licked his lips and raised his eyebrows before smiling winsomely. “I mean, for sex-“

Andy gripped my breast firmly. “-I know what you mean, my most delightful enchantress, and I fear you do not quite grasp why I find you so mouthwatering.”

Andy’s gaze intensified. “I don’t just crave you for sex, I could have that from any woman I chose.” Andy wasn’t exactly modest, not by a long shot. “No, indeed, when I take you, it far exceeds the bounds of any carnal pleasure heretofore in existence! Your supple body is a delight, and the taste of your perceptions is intoxicating nectar on my tongue. When you feel ecstasy, I sense it ten-fold. Your mind and form are Eden to me; you are the goddess to whom I come to pray and offer my dedications. And so, indeed, I beg that you allow me to come worship at your temple again. That is what I really wish to ask.”

I blushed. “Um, ok.”

Andy grinned victoriously. “Excellent.” The few heated seconds that passed before our lips met left me feeling totally in his thrall with anticipation. I wasn’t disappointed when, an eternity later, our kiss began. I was swept away by the sweet touch of his lips, the feeling of his long, lithe tongue entering my mouth and stroking against mine. I felt almost dizzy just making out; it seemed impossible to feel so good just from kissing someone!

But Andy was somehow able to multi-task in the face of even the most insanely pleasurable acts. I felt him groping my breast insistently, before he grew impatient and pulled the cup of my bra down, spilling my boob out into his hand.

He broke away, looking excited, as he squeezed it briefly, before easily unclasping my bra and tossing it on the floor. Feeling self-conscious, I moved to cover myself, but Andy was having none of that. “Uh-uhn!” He used his tail to yank me off of his lap, onto my back on the couch next to him.

I was still flailing for balance as he crawled on top of me, purring loudly. “Pretty…” He murmured into my neck, in between little nips. He kneaded one of my tits, and I could just feel his pointy claws. His erection pressed urgently against my underwear.

I decided to be bold, and I reached for his cock. Andy grunted with surprise when I wrapped my hand around it and started stroking. “Mistress, what are you doing?”

Worried, I stopped. “I… I’m sorry.I wanted to make you feel good too. Are you too hungry?”

Andy looked down at me for a moment, as though I had just blown his mind. “No. I’m just unaccustomed to such attentions. I exist to serve you, to please-uh!”

I started stroking Andy again, fed up with his nonsense. “That’s bullshit.”

I honestly wasn’t expecting as much of a reaction as I got! Andy groaned, really getting into it, as he squeezed my boob roughly. I could feel him stiffening further in my hand! “Ugh, you sultry temptress! You dare fan the flames of my desire for you, already so blistering hot?”

He thrust a few times into my hand, purring lowly. I felt incredible pride when Andy closed his eyes for a moment, panting lightly, before opening them to stare down at me and grin wildly.

Andy chuckled. “You make me burn for you, my little goddess. See what your touch has wrought.”

I watched as Andy trailed his hand down and hooked it, palm outward, through the leg of my panties. I involuntarily jumped as I felt warmth and saw Andy sizzle right through the fabric in his palm as he chortled. “Turn a bit on your side, my brazen seductress, that I not scorch the divan.”

Wordlessly, I turned, too shocked to protest at the destruction of my clothes. Andy burned right through the other leg of my underwear before plucking it off of me and tossing it on the floor. He stared transparently at my genitals, making me squirm a bit with discomfort.

Andy shook his head. “I’ll not tolerate you feeling ashamed of such a divine source of pleasure and joy for us both. There is no holier place, my lady.”

I was shocked when Andy took my hand and placed my fingers on my clitoris. “Here, within its rosy cave, lies one of my greatest allies. You have so many nerve endings here, and the songs they sing are delightful music to taste.”

He moved my fingers lower, interlaced with his, to trace my inner and outer labia, slick with my fluids. “And here, the sentries, the guardians of your sacred passage. They never rest in their caretaking. They, too, deserve attention, and are too often neglected. They have their own song, though it is softer and more refined.”

I gasped lightly as Andy gently pressed my middle finger a short ways into my vaginal entrance. “Here. Here is where I beg entry to offer you my tribute. Only from here can I reach your womb, the source of life and creation. It cradles the organs that directed your body to take its succulent form. Only from here can I coat your sacred walls with my seed. The song your womanhood sings, when it approves of my offerings, is the sweetest I have ever tasted.”

Andy took my hand and brought it to his mouth as he hovered over me, sucking my desire off of my finger. He smiled. “Much of your body can bring delicious sensation, but I’ll not have you feel shame over your delectable sex.”

I was completely tongue-tied, overwhelmed with emotion. All that remained to me was instinct. I wrapped my legs around Andy’s waist and put my arms around him, tugging him closer, hoping he would get the hint. He did.

After a moment’s pause as Andy stiffly probed for my entrance, I felt him slide into me, bringing Paradise with him. I groaned with satisfaction and curled my legs more tightly around him.

I had to grip Andy’s back tightly as soon as he began to pull back for his second thrust; I started to feel like my insides were melting from pleasure! I was barely able to participate as I felt his lips meet mine, the area between my thighs already felt like it was emanating liquid bliss in waves, pulsing throughout my whole body.

I could feel Andy’s length as he moved, tortuously slow, pushing so deeply within me, stroking my most intimate places. The low purr in his throat became more of a muted growl, and I felt his claws gripping my breast possessively.

I glanced up, and immediately Andy’s eyes were boring into mine. The heightened intensity started to send me spiraling, but Andy distracted me with a demand. “Tell me how you feel!”

I felt a burst of confusion. Again? But wh-

“Tell me or I’ll stop!” The look on Andy’s face was incredibly passionate, but also conflicted.

It felt so good, I wanted to cum! I was so close! I had to confess! “I love you- uhn!” Andy went crazy as soon as he heard the words.

“Yes! Yes! MINE!” He started thrusting into me with such incredible fervor, all I could do was hang on and moan. “MINE!”

The feeling between my legs was so incredible, it was consuming me! In a silent explosion, euphoria detonated throughout me, spreading and overtaking every part of my body. “MINE! Ngn!”

I don’t know if I called out, or if I moved. I felt the sensation of total jubilation overcoming me, thrilling through me. My muscles went lax and I went totally limp.

Dimly I was aware that Andy was shooting his warm seed inside of me, could still feel him thrusting gently through the completion of our peaks. Eventually, I became conscious of the fact that I was blinking. Then, that Andy was resting against me. A sense of deep contentment followed.


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I know, right? Haha! I think it might be even fluffier than my Santa oneshot. But never fear- I never provide fluff unbalanced by filth. Heh.

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