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A Demon's Regret


I pulled my gloves off, set them on a side table by the balcony, and winked into (Y/N)’s bedroom. Instantly, upon seeing (Y/N)’s enticing, nude form in her bed, I felt carnal desires stir, insistent and impatient. I had to make a considerable effort not to frown at what I knew I couldn’t have. That was so unusual for me, I’d seen so many unclothed women before. They were generally about as stimulating as a good, sturdy pair of socks, until I started to work on them and they started feeding me, giving me something to actually get excited about.

But (Y/N) was totally different. She made me feel unlike the others had, she had brought a whole slew of strange feelings. I hadn’t known that was possible at my age; I had been confident I was quite experienced in the entire range of sensations that the cosmos had to offer.

She also, even now, resisted me. She apparently had no desire for some of my services. Though that stung more than I cared to admit, I couldn’t remember any woman, human or not, having resisted me for so long, I had to force myself to let it go. I refused to let my wounded pride get in the way of relishing the rest of the matchless joys (Y/N) was offering me willingly.

“I fear the effects of the toxin on your skin. Though I don’t enjoy disturbing your sweet repose, I admit I am only passing familiar with the practice of tooth brushing. May I beg assistance?” I was a bit embarrassed. Surely (Y/N) thought me a barbarian now, but demons usually just-

She giggled, and it tinkled through me delightfully. “Sure! Do you want to use my toothbrush or do you want your own?”

I followed her to the bathroom, but was horrified at the suggestion. “I cannot contaminate your toothbrush! Please, do you have a standby, for polluted mouths?”

(Y/N) reached behind the mirror, into the medicine cabinet, and opened a brand new package. “This one can be yours.”

Ah! My very own toothbrush! I eyed it appreciatively. It was a nice, clean plastic, with many soft bristles. Several were of a different color, though I wasn't certain what that signified. “I am eternally grateful, mistress.”

(Y/N) smiled, fetching her own toothbrush. “First, you apply toothpaste.” I watched her take a tube of oral lubricant and daub some onto the toothbrush. She offered me the little sachet.

I hesitated. “I beg a moment, let me cleanse my hands?” I held my toothbrush with my tail and worked the faucet, then pumped the soap dispenser and washed my hands as humans often do. When they were sodden at the finish, I was frustrated with their dampness. I briefly ignited them to dry, giving off a bit of steam, making (Y/N) smile. Beautiful!

I grasped my toothbrush in one hand and applied some of the minty-smelling mouth emollient to it before handing it back to (Y/N), who nodded in approval.

“Now, don’t let the paste fall off, and brush gently. Mostly up and down is best, not side-to-side. But in circles is all right, if you absolutely must. You want to get the front, the back, and even the biting surface. Like this.” I watched (Y/N) as she brushed. Hmmm…

I put the toothbrush in my mouth, determined that, if up and down was best, I should strive for it at all times, to impress (Y/N). I found I was forced to use some circling motions in order to move to additional areas, despite my best intentions.

(Y/N) spat her toothpaste out into the sink with finality. “Close your mouth when you brush, mine was only open to demonstrate.” I nodded, relieved. The dental paste had begun to fall out of my mouth and onto my chest, which I hadn’t thought was the norm.

“And don’t swallow the toothpaste, it’s not good for you. At least it’s not good for humans, I can’t imagine it’s good for you either.” I nodded to show I was paying attention, concentrating on my technique as I made an effort for the final area: the inside surface. It was exceedingly difficult! What an abysmal idea! The strain! I had to resort to circling several times, much to my chagrin.

“When you are finished, spit it out into the sink. Often, I will swish with water, to get it all out.” I watched (Y/N) gargle with water, making a sound much like the mating call of the yngraxid, and had to struggle not to laugh. Shortly, I spat and followed suit, answering with my own call.

(Y/N) misinterpreted why I was smiling, and patted me on the arm. I sensed she thought I was proud of myself, and that she was congratulating me. Though that wasn’t false, I had also been foolishly musing that I hoped she was charmed my silly, bestial bellowing, since my standard repertoire hadn’t quite been enough!

“Then I usually just rinse my toothbrush off and put it away.” I rinsed my toothbrush, but then looked at her questioningly. (Y/N) smiled. “It can live with mine, silly.” She took it from me and stuck it in a little slot, next to hers, by the sink.

(Y/N) blushed, and I detected her embarrassment. “The truth is that I often brush my teeth in the shower, too. Just because, you know, otherwise, I forget to do it. So this set is for when I remember to do it at night. I have a whole different set for showers. If you want, you can have a shower toothbrush too.”

I was too self-conscious to admit that my kind didn’t generally brush their teeth. We didn’t need to, our bodies worked differently from humans. I could just roast all the problems out of my mouth, generally speaking. If one of us had dental issues, it was from fighting, and we tried to avoid that. I had only cleaned my mouth with paste just now because (Y/N) was special, and I didn’t think that flames would purge all the toxins. At least, not without either setting her apartment on fire or attracting a lot of attention…

I smiled as (Y/N) wiped the oral lubricant that had dripped from my mouth onto my chest off with a washcloth. “I do not require another toothbrush, my lady. However, you still require a massage, and now I am fit to provide you with one, if I may?”

(Y/N) looked demurely at our feet, and if she were any other woman, the signals her body was giving off would have been the clear signal to forget about the massage. And yet, she just nodded, with a faint blush. I actually had to bite down on the very inside of my lip to stop the impulse to grab (Y/N) and take her against the bathroom counter: her heart started to jackhammer, her breathing sped up, her brain started veritably releasing gluts of chemicals in jolts that were hard to handle, and I could hear her womanhood actually contract by the Pits!

I forced myself to act as though I noticed nothing, no change. As if I weren’t completely intoxicated by the sweet pheromones that (Y/N) had suddenly started releasing in massive, heady clots. I could almost wrap my tongue around them!

When (Y/N) turned to put the washcloth away, smiling to herself, I could hear that her sheath was moist! Curses, already? Like a jackass, I tried hiding my burgeoning erection by holding my hands in front of my groin and attempting a casual stance. That worked well enough until I followed (Y/N) back into her bedroom, and realized both that I had developed a very obvious tumescence, and that I had imminent need to use my hands.

(Y/N) laid down before me like an offering, which did nothing to help ease the pressure in my loins. I felt ashamed at having become aroused. What if (Y/N) no longer trusted me?

“My queen… please don’t be angry with me. I… I have an erection.” I moved my hands to show (Y/N), briefly, before covering myself hurriedly again. “I apologize, it was not my intent to make you uncomfortable. My body is reacting to yours, would you like me to dress?”

(Y/N) looked up at me with a pensive expression, and I was confused. Her emotions were hot again; I couldn’t recognize what she was feeling. I knew better than to make the mistake of assuming she was feeling desire, as other emotions could scorch, not least of which were terror and despair.

(Y/N) beamed at me: a wide and genuine smile. She patted the bed next to her. “I know you like to spoil me, silly. But I’d love to just cuddle too, if that’s ok?”

Relieved that (Y/N) was not mad at my inappropriate ‘boner,’ as the humans called it, I climbed happily into bed next to her. For a moment, my fear at (Y/N)’s wrath, or the loss of her trust, had even managed to deflate my rebellious genitalia to a certain extent. I reveled in the clean smell of (Y/N)’s hair, as well as how soft her skin was.

I brought (Y/N) closer to my chest, loving the feeling of her silky skin against mine. I tried to maintain a certain distance between my groin and her plump backside, however. Though it beckoned, I could feel myself involuntarily stirring afresh, just from being close to her, touching her... Curses! Why did it seem that her body, (her brain, her pheromones, all of it), was sending me such a different message from her actions? I knew women loved to ‘spoon,’ it was almost universal, and I didn’t want to ruin the moment with the full return of my unwanted erection.

I wanted (Y/N), to make love to her, as in, with my genitals, so badly, but I knew far better than to say a single word. (Y/N) had, somehow, when she had to, found a way to accept some of my attentions, enough that I could survive. But I couldn’t push her; I wouldn’t. The tastes she had given me were more filling and delicious than anything that had come before her, to the point of being incomparable. Even anal sex in a foursome was no match! I still had no answers as to why everything with (Y/N) was so different in that way…

Regardless, I had to make peace with the bliss I had been given. That definitely entailed that I refrained from pressing my loins against her supple rump, however inviting it might seem. So flawlessly though, did it curve from her buttock, then around, and up to her full hip, then sweeping down to her waist… I fidgeted in frustration, trying not to imagine pressing the head of my cock against the pucker of her little rosebud as I gripped her full ass- Curses!

I slid my arm around (Y/N)’s waist and pressed a chaste kiss to the nape of her neck, pausing to inhale her scent deeply. She sighed contentedly and pushed her bottom against me, rubbing deliberately against my very obviously erect member. Perhaps that was (Y/N)’s way of indicating she wanted more sexual attentions? My goodness, she had quite the appetite! I really should stop her from stimulating me, though; I had only just healed-

(Y/N) took my hand from around her waist and placed it on her breast, still working her hips against me. I couldn’t mistake the sound of her heart speeding up instantly, the concentrated smell of lust. Though, this time, it was a little different. It was almost feral.

Tentatively, I began to massage (Y/N)’s breast, running my thumb over her nipple. In response, she made a joyful, appreciative noise and shot me a flirtatious glance over her shoulder. I felt restless, even as my cock started to ache from her delicious grinding. I needed to please (Y/N) and end this quickly or I’d end up with retention pains. This was a torture I didn’t need.

Just as I moved my hand from her breast to between her thighs, she rolled over, grasped hold of me, and started pumping! I groaned despite my shock. “What are you doing, mistress?”

(Y/N) just answered me with a kiss, working my shaft with her nimble hand, and it took everything I had to seek out her own sex with my fingers. There! She was incredibly turgid and moist with desire already, her clitoris found with ease. Her tremble, her brief immobility and gasp as I began to massage it was everything! I felt a massive surge of approval that tasted delicious!

I changed my angle a little, retracting my claws and moving to slip two fingers in (Y/N)’s hungry, little snatch, and she moaned, briefly clinging to me and tensing. “Andy…” Her gaze was hot, and then her movements increased in tempo. “Fuck, Andy…” Her mind was too hot to sense anything at all already; she was roasting me! All I could feel was an overpowering yearning, verging on need! So unexpected! Had she been waiting for this, planning? The thought excited me, spurning me on.

Abruptly (Y/N) pulled away, off of my hand, releasing my length, though she grabbed me by a handful of my hair. “Please?” She said, as she laid back.

I was more than happy to comply. I moved to taste her, to my rightful place of adulation, when (Y/N) gently pulled up on my hair. “No, not that.” She blushed, and I was confused.

(Y/N) still seemed intensely aroused. Was she… Could she be a fetishist? Did she have special needs?

She averted her eyes, and I tasted shame and fear of rejection along with white-hot passion. “Do you… want to have sex?”

I was momentarily stunned into silence. (Y/N)'s eyes searched mine. Still she loosely gripped my hair. Her thoughts were blistering and hard to sense, but she seemed to be offering herself because she wanted to. (Y/N) wanted me! I had never heard any phrase that sounded sweeter! I kissed (Y/N) with everything I had in me, and started crying, just a bit, like an ass. “Yes! Yes!”

Perhaps a blubbering human man would have cradled (Y/N), checked with her repeatedly, given her the opportunity to let her doubts return and consume her. I was no human. I knew any doubts that lingered would leave (Y/N) within moments of me entering her.

I had no more words for (Y/N), I was beyond them, my desire for her had grown too heavy and clouded my mind. I parted her sweet thighs and looked adoringly at her perfect sex, the seat of my exaltation. Glistening with her nectar; it was flushed, puffy, and pink with her arousal. The aroma was dizzying. I had never wanted to fuck anyone so much in my life. (Y/N)’s consent was the only thing that had remained to me in existence that I had wanted, but lacked. And she had given it to me. MINE, I thought, looking down at her slick, blushing, swollen, little pussy. MINE.

My whole mind was fogged. Normally I had a very precise methodology, routines I used and adjusted when working over a woman’s body. But I couldn’t concentrate at all; I was too overwhelmed by my own lust and something else that felt very raw and sensitive. I grunted in frustration, suddenly apprehensive with the thought that I wouldn’t be able to please (Y/N) as I should. Lasting long enough, obviously, wouldn’t be a problem, but she deserved so much more, and I felt like I’d forgotten how!

I shifted (Y/N)’s hips and she wrapped her smooth legs around my waist. I felt the edges of her entrance with the head of my cock as I positioned myself so I could be closer to her, and the feel of her breasts pressing against my chest was maddening. The vibrant, but delicate, sensation in my chest grew when I felt her hands pulling me closer, on the skin of my back.

I looked into (Y/N)’s (Y/E/C) eyes, surrounded by her soft, pretty lashes, and, again, her brain chemistry was racing, searing hot, but I caught happiness and desire for me.

Wait, what? There! It was fleeting, but I felt it! (Y/N) loved me! Instead of the usual feeling of conquest that gave me, it occurred to me that I would do anything for her, to keep her happy. I would do anything to keep her love. I wanted (Y/N) to be joyful, always, just like this, forever.

(Y/N) may have subjugated me, made a mockery out of every rule and tradition of my kind, but I didn’t care. Freedom had been nothing compared to the bliss that came with submission as a slave to her affections. I closed my eyes and brought my lips to hers.

(Y/N)’s kiss was hungry and passionate, and I felt her flex her hips to tease the very tip of me, slicking me with her fluids. Her wiggling brought out an involuntary groan as I broke away and reached for one of her luscious breasts, giving it a quick squeeze, feeling its delightful texture. I reached between us to position myself.

I watched (Y/N)’s face as I entered her for the first time, and I nearly spent myself right then. The very heart of her opened to accommodate me, drenching me in its holy fluids, clasping me tightly as she moaned prettily. Her mind inundated me with such a flood of sustenance, I thought I might pass out (or possibly seize); it was incredible! She was so warm and wet for me!

When I partially withdrew, (Y/N)’s thighs shook and she threw her head back, crying out, dragging her nails down my back, as my special accouterments fulfilled their function. I grinned like an idiot, almost stupefied, feeling as though I’d taken some sort of drug. (Y/N) liked it! She liked how my dick felt!

Only a handful of thrusts later, and I knew I was close to orgasm. (Y/N)’s mind was unleashing chemicals on my body like I’d never dealt with, and my cock was absolutely going to explode in her delicious, juicy, little pussy. I was going to fill her full of my fucking semen, mark her as MINE, she would have my seed dripping down her thighs in perpetuity! I might be infertile, but my spend didn’t need chromosomes to swim, and my sperm would, it would fill her all the way up to her ovaries, she would be painted everywhere intimate! Her hot, soaked kitty was MINE, MINE, MINE-

Frantic, I grabbed (Y/N)’s hips, driving into her like a madman. Her voice, she was moaning, her desire fluxing from her brain to my taste buds. All I could feel was her, her moistness around me, so fucking heated, as I buried myself in her again and again. I would fill her womb with my semen, fill her so full she would leak! I stared down at her, moaning, shaking with each thrust, she was perfection-

MINE!” I yelled as I came, balls-deep in her hot, rosy slit, then slowly ground through my climax as I pumped my load into (Y/N)’s welcoming, wet sheath.

I stilled for a moment, panting, and bent to kiss (Y/N)’s nose. She looked happy, if a bit surprised that I had met my end so quickly. I couldn’t help but giggle at her. “My beguiling seductress, did you really think I would let you get away so quickly, after how long I waited, and how delicious you turned out to be?”

(Y/N) smiled, but looked confused. “Wha-“ I thrust into her again, to get her attention, making her moan in surprise. Mmmm… A tasty surprise, apparently she hadn’t expected that! She had enjoyed it!

“Ah! My delectable, little plum,” I pumped her again, my erection now in full presence once more, “I’m not human. Did I forget to mention some of the advantages?” (Y/N)’s eyebrows shot up in understanding. I chuckled. Indeed. Advantages I was grateful for.


Signed, sealed, and delivered: intercourse.

An extra-long update for a buddy who's feeling crummy.

Also because I had such an awesome time seeing Andy Black on The Homecoming Tour! :-D

P.S. If you were one of the annoying teenagers screaming disrespectful shit at Andy while he was trying to talk, throwing shit at Andy, or trying to grab Andy: (1) Know that he was a gentleman to you guys, but I think you're brats and pieces of shit. Please don't breed and pass on your dreadful lack of integrity and personal accountability. (2) You are too young to be reading this.

Before anyone asks:

Yes, I met Andy. I have the picture of him holding my lucky two-face coin up on my profile. He was a gentleman. Yanni had a bitchin' hat.

No, I didn't say anything about writing fan fiction. I am a strong proponent of the belief that writers (and readers) of real-person fan fiction should not raise the topic around the 'real person' (Andy), his family/friends/etc., unless, for some reason, s/he brings it up first, as the vast majority of 'real people' about whom fan fiction are written are VERY uncomfortable discussing it.

I don't ever particularly want to discuss it with Andy, as it's absolutely mortifying to say to someone 'yeah, I've written hundreds of pages where you're a protagonist in a heavily fictionalized, erotic way,' and it just seems unlikely that he'd think I'm sane. Maybe, if he'd actually read it & enjoyed it, but barring that, I'd rather not. I just don't like the idea of someone thinking I'm a total creeper, when it really is more like he's a muse than anything else. I guess I just really hate the idea of someone I admire thinking I'm psychotic or mentally ill in a way I'm not (I have plenty of mental illness to spare, I don't need extra, haha!).



I try! ;3


Working on it! <3

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah

I hope you're feeling better!

Naughty Naughty Naughty! :)

Merelan Merelan

Oh, coolness... can't wait to read that chapter! :)

Merelan Merelan


I know, right? Haha! I think it might be even fluffier than my Santa oneshot. But never fear- I never provide fluff unbalanced by filth. Heh.

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