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A Demon's Regret


Luckily, I was able to use some leave I had accrued on short notice, and take the afternoon and tomorrow off, giving me a long weekend. I spent part of the afternoon shopping for Andy. I knew it was a silly, girlish thing, but I desperately hoped that getting him everything on his list would make him happy enough to stick around. I knew all of his flattering words were just part of his schtick, I wasn’t an idiot. I needed to do something to try and get him to stay a little longer; I wasn’t appealing enough on my own, with my shabby, little apartment. Hopefully Andy was still there when I got home. Fortunately, all of his basic supplies were easily found.

I usually ordered my fountain pens and ink online from Goulet Pens, so I didn’t really know where to get anything from a retail store. Eventually, I found a stationary and pen store called Appointments on the second floor of the Carew Tower downtown. I picked him up a Kaweco Sport Demonstrator with a fine nib, as well as a plunger converter. Personally, I thought Andy might prefer to convert it to an eyedropper, but we could discuss that later. I figured, in terms of the inks he specified, I could order more online, if Andy really insisted on his own, personal bottles. In the meantime, he could just use mine, as I had them both.

As a little surprise, I decided to get Andy a rose. I felt he definitely needed a blue one. Blue roses didn’t occur naturally, so they symbolized the unattainable and impossible, and a single rose represented devotion.

I didn’t know what it was about Andy that drew me to him so compellingly. I mean, this whole thing was completely, totally, batshit insane! But he had a gentle manner, and he didn’t press me. And he, he seemed to want, or at least pretended to, um… I felt like an idiot even thinking that, because it seemed so impossible. But I had seen, with my own eyes, the reaction he’d had to our kiss goodbye. God! He was incredible!

I unlocked the door to the apartment, worried that I would be disturbing Andy by getting home early, only to hear the sound of muffled sobs coming from the balcony. Was Andy… crying? I set down my bags and purse, locked the door, and ran out to the balcony.

I found Andy sitting in nothing but pants, with a puffy face, looking miserable (but of course still celestially hot). “Andy, are you alright?”

He apparently hadn’t heard me come in, and was mortified. He bounced to his feet, wiping at his face. “I’m fine, just something in my eye-“

I went back inside, with Andy following close after me, sniffling. “Don’t bullshit me! I’ll get you a nice, moist washcloth for that handsome face of yours. You poor darling, tell me what’s upset you, and then I’ll show you your surprise-“

Andy instantly brightened. “-You think I’m handsome? I have a surprise? Gimme!-“ He reached out with his clawed hands, excited, his blue, slit-eyed pupils now bright and eager.

I chuckled as he followed me into the bathroom. “You know very well that you’re incredibly gorgeous. I’ve never met anyone more attractive in my life, Andy.” He grinned proudly, pointy teeth sparkling, his chest puffing up and shoulders squaring out. I had to look away so I didn’t pass out.

As I was moistening a washcloth I felt his tail feeling its way up my leg. “But I like to hear you say it, (Y/N). It means nothing from the lips of others. It’s as if, every other time I’ve heard it, the words lost their meaning on the way to my ears. From others, it’s the same as a compliment on my boots. From you, it means I have a form you find pleasing; that perhaps you don’t find me too coarse and foul to let me woo you, seduce you and have my wicked way with you, my sweet, ripe little peach.”

I held still, suppressing the urge to turn around, as I felt Andy’s tail wandering slowly, so slowly. He was standing close behind me. “If you won’t give me my surprise right away, will you not at least let me give you a proper greeting?” His tail snaked all the way up to around my thigh and squeezed as I felt Andy’s clawed hands grip my hips.

I paused, shy. “What if I beg you, (Y/N)? I have been very bad while you were gone.” Andy was suddenly a lot closer behind me, I could feel him pressing against me, and I couldn’t concentrate.

I could only focus on the bulge of Andy’s erection, caged inside his pants, harder than his legs… and try to concentrate on holding still, suppressing the wanton urges, trying not to pant. I felt his tail squeeze my leg again, harder this time, and for longer.

Andy’s voice was raw and his grip on my hips tightened when he spoke again. “Please, (Y/N). Please, with your permission. At least a kiss. Let me feel your lips against mine once more, please, to welcome you home?”

I let him turn me around. “Gift me at the very least with the gaze of your lovely eyes? I wither without it like a crop during a drought.”

I bit my lip and looked Andy in his strange, enchanting eyes. The slit of his pupil dilated as soon as I made eye contact, and he smiled, cupping my face. “You are so lovely, (Y/N). Though I am not glad that you have been hurt by other men, I cannot help but be selfishly pleased you were so rejected, to have put you in such a position as you are, such that now I have you all to myself. You are unparalleled, my delicate little plum.”

Swept away by his words, I impulsively went to peck him on the lips, but Andy quickly moved an arm to hold me in place, sweetening our kiss and parting my lips insistently with his tongue. I felt like I was going to fall, and clung to Andy’s neck as I swooned from the waves of desire that quickly overcame me.

I was shocked to find that Andy rapidly escalated, as though he were a man about to go to the gallows! He held my head firmly in place and kissed me roughly, though he never used outright force. I felt one of his hands working at my shirt until he was able to get it untucked enough to slide his hand under and knead one of my breasts. I felt something brushing against the outside of my panties and realized it had to be Andy’s tail!

Abruptly, Andy broke away, embarrassed, when his stomach burbled loudly, though he kept supporting me until I had my bearings enough to stand. “I’m so sorry, I… did something foolish that made me very, very hungry again, I didn’t mean to. You’re different, (Y/N), I can’t stop thinking about you. I'm consumed.”

I stepped back, still dazed and not sure what he was talking about. I did notice that Andy definitely looked a little bit gaunt, now that I was actively looking for it. Was this a demonic thing? I passed him the washcloth for his eyes with a smile, confused. “Here you go, handsome." Andy smiled, accepting the washcloth and looking a bit more at ease. "Why don’t you tell me about it while you wash your face?”


This tonkinese cat has eyes a bit like Andy:

And, like the most persistent of infections, I have returned! For those who didn't know, I was working on Bloody Lonely, a story that I wrote as a celebration thingy for reaching 200 followers on tumblr. Please go check it out, the last few chapters are being archived very soon. As always, know that giving me high ratings and such has a tendency to make me update faster. ;3



I try! ;3


Working on it! <3

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I hope you're feeling better!

Naughty Naughty Naughty! :)

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Oh, coolness... can't wait to read that chapter! :)

Merelan Merelan


I know, right? Haha! I think it might be even fluffier than my Santa oneshot. But never fear- I never provide fluff unbalanced by filth. Heh.

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