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A Demon's Regret


I awoke in a bedchamber that was not my own, but without female accompaniment. Odd. I took a second to look around me as I let myself recall everything that had transpired the previous evening.

Hmm… (Y/N) was indeed very atypical for prey. She must have gotten ready in the dark and let me sleep. Most women, especially immediately after signing a contract, were rather more apt to waking me up for my bodily services.

I wondered if she had already left for her workplace entirely. I found the thought… bothersome. I was much more accustomed to women who quit their jobs, abandoned their families and friends as soon as their contracts were signed. Occasionally it got really exciting, with multiple murders (I chuckled fondly at a few old memories). I didn’t like the idea of a producer that didn’t even ask for a kiss before she left for work. Hmph!

Feeling cheeky, I decided to stroll out to investigate without donning any clothes. I was greeted with a pleasant odor once I left the bedroom, and I saw (Y/N) at work in the kitchen, doing womanly food preparatory work. She was dressed in business casual in a nice, deep burgundy, one of my favorite colors. The color of casualties. Lovely! It suited her.

“You are as becoming in morning’s light as under the moon’s soft glow, my sweet enchantress.” In response, (Y/N) turned and shrieked hideously, not quite what I was going for.

“Ahh- shit! Andy, I’m sorry, you startled me!” She laughed, and that was rather becoming, as her cheeks grew flushed with embarrassment. “I didn’t know you were up!”

(Y/N) noticed I wasn’t dressed at that point, and her whole face grew red as she looked at me, shocked. I just smirked at her and raised an eyebrow, daring her to tell me to put clothes on. She didn’t, of course. “Uh, I know you don’t have to eat food, but I thought I’d make you some waffles to nibble at during the day. Would you mind making a list for me, before I leave for work, so I can pick you up anything you would like? I have a pad and pen on the island, there.”

I took a seat on a stool and hummed to myself. I liked being bought things; I liked it a lot. What did I absolutely want the most? I couldn’t flood her with too many requests, only the bare essentials at first… Eventually I came up with:

-Skippy super chunk peanut butter
-Marlboro Gold 100s
-Ritter’s white chocolate squares with almonds
-Peppermint patties
-Bleu cheese (variety)
-Cotton candy
-Organic coconut water with no pulp
-Monster Ultra Black, Monster Assault, or Monster Rehab Peach Tea
-If you want to spoil me:
-Fountain pen that can take both cartridges and bottled ink
-Bottle of Noodler’s Ink ‘Black Swan in English Roses’
-Bottle of J. Herbin’s 1670 ‘Rouge Hematite’
-What I want more than anything: for you to have some vacation time off during the next month!
I finished the list up with a little smiley face, complete with tail.

(Y/N) brought me a plate of fresh waffles, butter, syrup, and honey. She tore off the list and glanced at it. Towards the end her eyebrows went up. “You like fountain pens, Andy?” I nodded, prepared to defend myself. “I’ve always preferred demonstrators with flex nibs myself, what do you like for body and nib style?”

Instantly, my esteem for (Y/N) quadrupled. She could give great head AND talk to me about fountain pens! I snatched her hand and placed a kiss on it impulsively. “I, too, prefer demonstrators. It’s like watching the flow of blood through an organ. However, I generally go with a fine nib, to allow attention to detail.”

I played with (Y/N)’s fingers, looking at them, enjoying what I felt coming from her brain, how she was responding. “I understand the allure of a flex nib, though. Watching the changes in the mark you make with the ink, all in response to a change in pressure. Perhaps I need to expand my repertoire and develop a better mastery of touch?”

I pushed gently in between (Y/N)’s fingers, rubbing a bit. As expected, she was quickly becoming aroused, and when I smiled at her, her whole body went haywire. Delectable!

She pulled her hand back. “I think you’re doing just fine, Andy! I have to run, I’ll see you later this evening.”

I was horrified! No kiss?!? I couldn’t abide by this! “Surely you’ll not deny me a parting kiss goodbye?”

(Y/N) looked shocked. “I didn’t think you’d care to have one-“

I was next to her instantly. “You thought wrong, my pet.” I curled my arms around her waist, smelling her hair. “With your permission?” I forced myself to wait, the smell of pheromones starting to get dizzying.

“Um…alright-“ That was all I needed. Then I was kissing (Y/N) like I kiss a woman I covet, not foodstuff. MY heart was racing when it shouldn’t have been, I was taking it further than I had intended, pressing her against the wall, filled with want. (Y/N) was MINE, why hadn’t I had her? Why was she so confusing? Why did she run away from me, not towards me as she should?

Some part of my brain recovered somewhat, and I realized I was engaging in a heavy make-out session, complete with breast-fondling, when (Y/N) presumably needed to get to work. I tore myself from her lips with an effort, literally gasping. “I’m so sorry!” I panted, confused. “You’re so, I mean, I became carried away because kissing you is very,” I struggled for the right word, “erotic to me.”

That sounded so asinine! Furthermore, I realized I was actually lifting (Y/N) off the ground! I set her down, flustered. “Uh, would you like one of my waffles?”

(Y/N) quickly straightened her clothes, her cheeks bright pink. She briefly looked, wide-eyed, at my erection, then pretended not to have noticed. “Ah, no, I really have to run! Thank you, though! Later, Andy!” She grabbed her purse, the list, and practically ran out the door.


This fellow looks a bit like one of Andy's kind, but his ears are too prominent, and his tail doesn't end properly. Close, though...



I try! ;3


Working on it! <3

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah

I hope you're feeling better!

Naughty Naughty Naughty! :)

Merelan Merelan

Oh, coolness... can't wait to read that chapter! :)

Merelan Merelan


I know, right? Haha! I think it might be even fluffier than my Santa oneshot. But never fear- I never provide fluff unbalanced by filth. Heh.

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah